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The Isle of Wight click to read more…

This waterfall is in the historical town of Shanklin…..beautiful!

King Henry’s Kitchen…a Restaurant on the Island….He is also the King who beheaded 2 of his 6 wives! Read here… about King HenryHe was King Henry VIII…a vicious king I would say! He was the founder of the Church of England……and he wrote “Green Sleeves”!

In primary schools the children learn this rhyme to remember what happened to his wives…”Divorced, beheaded, died
Divorced, beheaded, survived”. In that order, is what happened…!

Houses and a hotel on the Isle…..I particularly liked the house on this picture…it has some style and character….
A tack shop on a farm where you can do horse riding! Everything horsey in here..!
I had to take a picture from this book! It is in an art shop…a tiny shop…everything is left there…there is nobody…If you want to buy something, you write your name and the amount you leave in this book!! Ha! They really do trust people on this island!! Amazing!!

Graveyard….and daisies….

This place was really enjoyable….this is called the “Needles”…whoops! Look at
THIS SITE and you will see why I say the chair lift is kind of scary!! It was really fun going there…..but be prepared for those chairs…I just closed my eyes and bit on my teeth at one point…!

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METRO newspaper….on the tube…
Thief picks wrong house to burgle
Friday, September 7, 2007

Of all the houses in all of Britain, he had to break into this one.
A bungling burglar was locked up on Thursday after breaking into a flat while its police officer owner was at home. Jason Marshall forced the front door and began sneaking around when Sgt Abdul Haque came downstairs.
In a flash of inspiration, Marshall explained he had come to clean the windows but was told: ‘Not here you’re not. You’re nicked.’ Sgt Haque grabbed him and called for back-up. A search revealed he was carrying 9g of heroin.
The 31-year-old later admitted one count of burglary, possession of a class A drug and asked for 14 other burglary offences to be taken into consideration.
He had recently stolen more than £5,500 worth of property, a court heard. Marshall received a three-year sentence at Portsmouth Crown Court

Read the Metro heretoo.

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Newsarticle from Yahoo

And another herealso on Yahoo.

This dress on this first picture was also my wedding dress! I gave this picture to a friend of mine and she did everything! We changed the neck-line slightly, because I wanted it a little bit different. I didn’t wear a hat though! I can remember that Sunday when the news came about Diana’s death! I sat in front of the TV, soaking up every bit of news coming in, while sobbing! She was a lovely person.

BBC Prince Harrythis morning.

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