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apartheid America

Apartheid America 1

Apartheid America 2

Ruby Bridges, the first black student to integrate an elementary school in the South – of America – is 63 today.



Just wonder about this quote by Prince Bernhard, 1954? I haven’t seen this before. Interesting!

Apartheid America 3

Apartheid America 4

Sometimes things in the world happen and you just want to shake your head and sigh, tap your fingers and roll your eyes. If I mention ‘apartheid’ and you picture in your mind all the familiar images out there on the web that we all know so well and you look at these in this entry… well, I ‘m thinking, why do they look so very much like the ones you see about South Africa? 

Then, why is there so much hate between certain races in so many other countries, other than South Africa? And there I thought everybody loves one another to bits – all these years! – Really? Was I then in a coma all these years, thinking the world is such a wonderful place and everybody loves everybody else? Why then the hullabaloo about South Africa? We loved one another in South Africa. No? Yes, we did and we still do. Everybody knows we’re the rainbow nation and there’s love everywhere.

I’ve blogged before about my experience during the ‘apartheid’ years. If you want to know and you haven’t read about it on my blog, please feel free to ask and I can direct you to an entry. What really angers me is the fact that the outside world has no cooking clue what it really was like. #Irestmycase

Anand vs Kasparov

chess kasparov vs anand

The two legends – finally playing each other. #GrandChessTour2017

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chess kasparov anand

Anand vs Kasparov

chess kasparov

Kasparov vs Nakamura

chess kasparov vs anand draw

Anand vs Kasparov  1/2-1/2

chess kasparov 1

George Santayana

George Santayana said, “Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it.”  We can forgive other nations for the past and for the wrong doings, but you should never forget. Memories should be kept alive in order not to repeat what happened and to always remind us not to repeat it. Warsaw uprise is a good example where Poland commemorated what happened 70 years ago last week. What are your thoughts? 

R.I.P. – Cowboy


What a beautiful voice from Refentse and he is singing in the most beautiful language – Afrikaans, the second easiest language in the world to learn – after Dutch. This song is called: Sonvanger – suncatcher. 

Grand Chess Tour playoff

Magnus: “I found some life again after I won the last game against Wesley.”

magnuscarlsen game playoff

Final playoff game

magnuscarlsen grandchesstour 2017

grandchesstour Vachier lagrave

grandchesstour Hikaru Nakamura

Grandchesstour - Alexander Grischuk

Grandchesstour - Shakhriyar Mamedyarov

grandchesstour Sergey Karjakin

grandchesstour Wesley So

grandchesstour Fabiano Caruana

grandchesstour Veselin Topalov

Grandchesstour - Etienne Bacrot