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I really like the voice of this South African artist: Helena Hettema. She sings the song about her uncle on a farm in ‘Africa’ – he’s in trouble and can’t uphold his payments with the bank and in his letter, he asks to send Mannetjies Roux his greetings. Mannetjies Roux is a legend in South African rugby. You can see him in the video clips near the bottom of this entry. As a rugby-lover myself, I enjoyed watching these clips and wonder if the Springbok team will ever be the mighty ‘power machine’ they used to be a few years ago. I’d seen quite a few games on Loftus Versfeld and haven’t seen the brilliant rugby from the team after the 1995-team of Francois Pienaar. I hope anyone reading here disagree with me as that will give me some hope. Helena sings the very famous and popular song: Send Mannetjies Roux my greetings.

Greetings to Mannetjies Roux

My uncle’s car is an old machine,
He fills it up with diesoline,
And he sings on the roads when he comes to see me,
My uncle is old and I’m just about thirteen.

My uncle drinks coffee and my auntie tea,
I ask about the rain and he says ‘yes, no!’
And he drinks sweet coffee with one eye closed,
And he talks of the try of Mannetjies Roux.

Oh send us just a little rain,
My uncle has a tankful of diesoline,
And bless my mum and bless my dad,
And my uncle on his farm in Africa!

My uncle struggled on the farm,
Because the sun was too hot and rain was little,
The clerk from the bank just nodded his head,
Because my uncle, yes my uncle, was deep in debt.

Oh send us just a little rain,
My uncle has a tankful of diesoline,
And bless my mum and bless my dad,
And my uncle on his farm in Africa!

And in the morning, if you walk through the fields,
Then, you hear my uncle with his car with its ‘clack, clack clack,’
But my uncle, yes my uncle’s eyes are both now closed,
And in his letter he sends his greetings to Mannetjies Roux.

Oh send us just a little rain,
My uncle has a tankful of diesoline,
And bless my mum and bless my dad,
And my uncle on his farm in Africa!

Mannetjies Roux – the rugby player

A true legend

Mannetjies Roux interview – telling how he heard about this song the first time – very emotional.

With this beautiful Afrikaans song about a Summer Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas 2018 and a very happy New Year! May you all be blessed!

These are the lyrics of this song, translated. This is the only song about Christmas in Summer. All countries in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate Christmas in Summer.

Enter in quiet peace filled night
beneath the Southern Cross
Lend now your ear this starlit night,
to whispers from the past.

Do you hear how softly the bells
are chiming, in ancient dialect
Even the evening’s starry silence,
on precious history reflects.

Can you also feel the warmth of His love,
as we celebrate the day
God loved us so much He sent his son,
no other gift as great.


Christmas nears, Christmas nears
Bow before the King
Grant by Your grace in this great land
A bright summer’s Christmas Lord.

In the meantime, I did follow Carlsen’s chess game online and now the London Classic is on. To be honest, I didn’t have time to follow the Classic this year in so much detail as before. I almost went there this year, but bad weather totally got me to change my mind.
london classic 2018
Image: twitter
london classic 2018 lennart ootes
Image: Lennart Ootes – London Classic 2018

A beautiful song. Enjoy!


Golden memories

Instrumental pop

One of the best groups

Barbara’s daughter

Waikiki Man

Everything I want to do

Alan Garrity – and the list goes on…

Golden Oldie Time

This song was popular for many years in South Africa. Hands up if you like this song too!

You remember this one probably too.

The White Farmer

I am fed up! Yes, to sign petitions, to read day in and day out about the vicious and brutal attacks, killings and murders of South Africans and in particular, the white farmers! It’s not always I feel like this, but after reading about more brutal attacks tonight, yes tonight at Hopewell, I felt like crying – and the very young couple, with a month old baby, how they were murdered and tortured! This is my poem based on the very famous poem of Ingrid Jonker: The Child! (Face book has some pages with entries about the killings – ask me links and I can drop it in the comments box. Nothing is made-up about places and events.)

The White Farmer

The white farmer is not dead
at Hopewell nor at Port Elizabeth
not at Kimberley nor at Brits
where he lies with an ax in his head.

The white farmer is the dark shadow of the ANC
on guard with pangas, axes, rifles, guns
and kitchen irons, ready to brutally burn and torture farmer and wife
the white farmer is present at all food markets, charities and schools for black children
the white farmer peers through the hearts of EVERYONE
this white farmer just wanted to feed the whole nation
of South Africa, black and white
the white farmer is brave and a refugee in a whole world
that turned a blind eye.

The white farmer is not dead
at Sabie and Lydenburg nor at Tzaneen
not at Uitenhage nor at Randfontein
where he lies with a bullet in his head
and his wife tied to a chair.

This white farmer supported the community
in every way he could by sharing his belongings with his black workers
on the farm as well as in his shop but laid
dead in his house, brutally murdered by one of those…
in a world where leaders are turning a blind eye!

Nikita (24/8/2018)