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This is just a mix. Books I found people like to read on the Underground whilst travelling into London and some other news.

Review 1: Amazon.co.uk ….Margolan, so prosperous and peaceful under King Bricen’s rule, has been reduced to starvation in less than a year. Everyone knows of the usurpation of the crown of Margolan by “Jared the Tyrant”. He and his fire mage, Foor Arontala, have also broken the truce with the Blood Council and are hunting down all vayash moru (vampires). Things are going from bad to worse as the night of the Hawthorn Moon approaches. On that night, half a year from now, Jared and Arontala plan to feed all the souls captured in the Soul-catcher orb to the Obsidian King. Once accomplished, the Obsidian King will have the power needed to break free of the prison, which the Summoner named Bava K’aa had thrown him into, and evil will claim the entire Winter Kingdom.

He is Prince Martris “Tris” Drayke, son of Bricen of Margolan, Summoner and mage-heir of Bava K’aa. However, anyone looking at him would never imagine that he was more than a simple peasant enduring hard times, just like everyone else. The Sisterhood grudgingly agree to train Tris for his upcoming battles, but there is no guarantee that he will survive the training. Arontala is not only a strong fire mage, but is using blood magic (via sacrifices) to increase his power. Arontala will also draw power from the Obsidian King once he is freed.

Tris may very well be the strongest Summoner since Bava K’aa, but it is still going to be a royal battle indeed.
Review 2: Amazon…———–This story lacks the vigour, pace and imagination of the first book in the series. It feels as though the story has been padded out to achieve a deadline and had less enthusiasm from the author than the first book.
I have around 3 chapters to go to finish it and I will do so, however, it is proving necessary to force myself to complete the book. Perhaps the finale will change my view, if it does I’ll come back and amend this.
That all aside, it is readable if you have read the first one but I would have preferred to buy this second hand!

Review: Amazon.co.uk …This book was a fabulous read! It’s entertaining but also informative. It’s a great balance between fun & useful, and isn’t dumbed down to cater to the uninitiated – it’s just explained better than the average scientific text.

It’s funny, insightful and fascinating! Highly recommended for anyone with the slightest interest in discovering our universe.

Review: Amazon.co.uk…..If you’re looking for a PS I Love You part two, then you will be sadly disappointed. Instead you step in to the world of Rosie Dunne and her best friend Alex Stewart. Rosie is an ordinary woman trying to get on with her day to day life who quite simply misses her best friend. What starts out as an innocent childhood friendship turns to love, yet neither of them realise it.
This is a beautifully written tale of two people who share a deep rooted friendship who are seperated at a young age. It is a cleverly written story told in the form of emails, instant messages, letters and text messages which span 45 years. It contains a variety of emotions, one minute you are laughing and the next you are wiping away the tears, but throughout the book you carry the hope that this time they really will get it together. Quite simply, you’d be really stupid to pass up the chance to read this novel.


In today’s The London Paper on page 8, the headline of a newspaper article: Mandela off terror list
“Nelson Mandela has finally been removed from the US’s terror-watch list. The 90-year-old former South African President was in a national security immigration category which classified him as a terrorist …..”




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‘Blatant lies’ in history book
13/05/2008 19:48 – (SA)
Durban – The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) is arranging a series of protests to stop the use of a Grade 12 history book it describes as “biased propaganda… poisoning the minds of children”.

National protest organiser Albert Mncwango said on Tuesday that the book titled In Search of History is currently being used by schools throughout South Africa.

“The IFP is protesting viciously (about) biased propaganda masquerading as Grade 12 history,” he said in a statement.

“This Grade 12 history book, which is being used in some schools as a prescribed work, tells blatant lies and deliberately distorts facts about the role of the IFP and the contribution made by its leader, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi,” he added.

He said protests would start in KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday.

“We cannot allow our children to be poisoned with this… abominable propaganda and the deliberate twisting of history to distort who did what, when and where.”

He stressed that schools should be places of learning and “not propaganda incubators where learners are brainwashed”.

Two protests are scheduled to take place on Wednesday in Empangeni and Port Shepstone where a memorandum is expected to be handed over to representatives of Education Minister Naledi Pandor.

Well done, Buthelezi…I’ve always thought you’re a better leader than “some” other leaders in South Africa…for standing up/speaking  out  for what’s wrong…and wished that more of our young children in other countries could have been better informed about South Africa too…as they are also getting brainwashed about “certain” facts which is in my opinion…wrong…some of those facts …e.g. is…that ALL white South Africans are racists…and that we in South Africa used to have slaves in our “modern” days…they don’t know that slavery was undone in the 1800’s by the British…this is only two of about twenty or more facts….EISH!! …..
Read article

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One of my friendly colleagues I’m working with, was so kind to bring me the SATimes this morning. This is a SA newspaper that’s available in the UK …see their website too…www.satimesonline.com…and it was at a station on her way to school. I was, of course, glad to have something “made by South Africans” hehehe…in my hands…

When I turned to page three, this article caught my eye and I asked my colleagues if they know that Mugabe is a knight….and then…suddenly… about five/six  people around me shouted…”WHAT!!!??” at once. “Yep, you heard me….” ….. “What did he do to deserve it…!” shouted about three of them….very shocked……and kind of angrily…..”Well, you tell me!” I replied…”..as I have NO idea what so ever…” Wonder if anyone reading here knows…”But did he not buy it!?” asked Nell (not her real name) in astonishment…”…did you know that you can buy it!” she continued, still in a state of “shock”.  “Actually, no, he didn’t buy it…not according to this article…”

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Mugabe rival ‘clear victor’ – US

We all know this! We all know why Mugabe didn’t want to make the results public… we are not stupid! Who does he think he is! Why couldn’t Zuma nor Mbeki tell it in his face to him… is it a matter of…”birds of a feather…flock together…” ?..

Read the news article HERE on the site of the BBC.

….WHAT??? do I need glasses for reading this….

Meanwhile, the leader of the governing ANC in South Africa, Jacob Zuma, is refusing to blame Mr Mugabe for the violence.


Quote from THIS article.
On THIS LINK you can see a video of the torturing going on, slide down on the page to watch the video.

image: BBC

“Blood Brothers”…?

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I usually don’t like to talk politics…but feel I must voice my disgust and contempt for our President, Thabo Mbeki for what he says…. I see him as a coward… he can’t speak up…. he won’t!! We all know why he’s reacting like this…he wants to do exactly the same in SA..(already busy!) and it’s easier if he’s got Zimbabwe’s support……if you don’t know what’s going on in SA… then…read at least THIS BLOG , but be aware, you won’t like what you read/see…but it’s the truth…don’t read this blog if you are under the age of 13.

Update: Sept 22…read this link…and read all of the comments too….and enjoy!

Update- October 2012 – see link near the bottom with image. Enjoy

I also think you would find THIS LINK interesting…where the USA still have Mandela on the list as a terrorist! See a link on the side bar of my blog too. 


Click on the image for a clearer view. Image from the link above.
But…not only is Mbeki a coward…but read my message at the bottom of this post…more “leaders” in this world …..

Update: 7th April 2008
Critics say seizures of white-owned farms that began in 2000 triggered a fall in food production and the collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy.
HERE for VOA-news.

News from BBC…
Armed police in Zimbabwe have prevented lawyers from the opposition MDC from entering a court to file a petition on the country’s presidential elections.
The MDC wants the High Court to force electoral officials to release the result of the poll, held a week ago.

The party believes its leader Morgan Tsvangirai won the ballot.

His opponent President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party has said it will back him if a run-off is called.

MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) spokesman Alec Muchadehama told AFP news agency the party was doing “everything in our powers” to have its petition heard on Saturday at Harare High Court.

The MDC has also called for international help to prevent possible violence if a second round is held.

But speaking in the UK, South African President Thabo Mbeki said that now was not the time to interfere, and the international community should wait to find out the outcome of the election.

Read the entire article HERE

Read this next article HERE on the BBC’s website and there are more links to follow….this was written in Sept 2007…so, why has nothing been done by the international community to stop this crazy man!

Mugabe is Racist
Anu Anand 17 Sep 07, 04:32 PM

The Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu has called Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe ‘the worst kind of racist dictator’, and likened him to the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. He said Britain’s prime minister Gordon Brown should lead a coalition of countries in mounting stricter international sanctions against Zimbabwe and said the time for ‘African solutions’ is over.

And …the next article can be read in fully HERE …from a journalist in South Africa… worth reading!

This made me angry. As it turned out, the Sunday Times changed the tone and meaning of Mbeki’s words by selective quotation. For example, it used an innoccuous ellipsis to omit a crucial caveat: “but by no means everybody who is white”. So contrary to the impression left by the report, Mbeki wasn’t calling everyone who complained about crime a racist.

Worth reading
The ogre of Harare here on this link.
This is a brilliant image of Thabo Mbeki …supporting Mugabe!

On THIS LINK here, you can read…unfortunately in Afrikaans only … how farmers in Zimbabwe were forced to leave their farms…despite what’s going on in the country!!! THREE news articles…but only in Afrikaans..about this outrageous situation!

Update: Read this article HERE …where 60 mostly white farmers have been evicted from their land…

Harare –
More than 60 mostly white Zimbabwean farmers have been evicted from their land by war veterans loyal to President Robert Mugabe since the weekend, a farmers’ union said on Tuesday.

“The situation is very severe. The evictions are continuing right round the country.

“We have over 60 farmers evicted as of this morning.

“Every couple of minutes my phone is ringing with another case of eviction,” Commercial Farmers’ Union President Trevor Gifford told Reuters.

The veterans have been used as political shock troops by President Robert Mugabe. Read the entire article on the link!

Click HERE to read about what you see on this image!

WHY IS THE WORLD STILL WAITING!!! I want to call the leaders of this world..COWARDS!!! Come on England…YOU are the one to do something…YOU placed Mugabe there!!! in 1980!!

South Africa’s President –Thabo Mbeki – has resigned as President….update: Sept 2008

By Phakamisa Ndzamela Reuters – JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki has agreed to step down after the ruling African National Congress asked him to resign, his office said on Saturday.

The ANC’s decision to remove Mbeki, who was favoured by investors for his pro-business policies, could raise political instability in Africa’s economic powerhouse 14 years after its transition from the end of white minority rule.

But a smooth process to replace him may calm investor fears.

“Following the decision of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress to recall President Thabo Mbeki, the President has obliged and will step down after all constitutional requirements have been met,” the presidency said in a statement.

The ANC’s National Executive Committee, its top decision-making body, earlier decided to recall the president following years of infighting since his decision to fire his then deputy Jacob Zuma in 2005.

“After a long and difficult discussion the ANC decided to recall the President before his term of office expires,” ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe told a news conference.

The decision must now be ratified by parliament, which should be a formality, given the ANC’s two-thirds majority.

Mbeki, who has ruled South Africa since taking over from Nelson Mandela in 1999, was due to leave office in 2009.

He lost the leadership of the ANC to Zuma last year.

Zuma, who is popular with leftists within the party and with its trade union and communist party allies, is the frontrunner to succeed Mbeki.


It was unclear whether he would immediately step into the breach left by Mbeki. He would first have to be appointed to parliament and the cabinet.

Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka could assume the presidency but she has signalled she will resign with Mbeki. Cabinet ministers and the speaker of parliament follow in the succession line.

It is generally expected that parliament, which is dominated by the ANC, will elect a new president within 30 days. Baleka Mbete, the speaker of parliament and a Zuma loyalist, has been mentioned as the most likely one to lead the transition.

Mantashe said the ANC would ask Mbeki’s cabinet ministers, including Finance Minister Trevor Manuel — who is widely respected by markets — to remain in their positions in the transition period for the sake of stability.

Manuel’s office told Reuters he would not step down — a decision that should calm some investors fears.

“If you have the continuity of the cabinet staying largely intact I would not expect a major market reaction,” Citigroup strategist Leon Myburgh said.

“But you will have to see how individuals react…key decision-makers like Finance Minister Trevor Manuel will be key to how the market reacts.

Mbeki and Manuel have presided over the country’s longest ever period of economic growth — a decade.

Mbeki’s presidency ended after a heated debate within the ANC executive committee over his future in the wake of allegations he had meddled in a corruption case against Zuma.

Trade unions and ANC members have accused Mbeki and his aides of plotting to smear Zuma and derail his hopes of succeeding Mbeki. The South African leader has consistently denied any involvement in the prosecution.

Last week a judge dismissed the charges against Zuma, which were linked to an arms deal, and suggested that there had been high-level political involvement in the case. The ruling spurred Zuma militants within the executive to demand Mbeki’s head.

(Writing by Paul Simao and Gordon Bell; editing by Angus MacSwan)

And on this link HERE you can read about the 1983 car bomb in Church Street, Pretoria, where the ANC killed 17 people and more than 100 were injured. People like you and me… minding their own business on a normal day. Oliver Tambo admitted planting the bomb.

Kerkstraat bom



Kerkstraat bom 1983 Images: Whisnews bottom pic: people shocked by what was happening. This is what Mandela organised.




Maroela Media – 13 May 2013 – 30 years on, after the bomb of Mandela. Loved ones and victims remembered…


Image: Die Burger – 30 years on, after the bomb in Pretoria by Mandela where 16 innocent people were killed. It makes me sick to think people think Mandela is a hero!

Update: 2012 – Read on the above link more about the 1983 bomb. Also images available on this link.

Agtergrondinligting: Kerkstraatbom – 20 Mei 1983
20 Mei 2008

Die Polisie-ondersoek van die bomontploffing te Kerkstraat-Wes, PRETORIA, op 20 Mei 1983 om 16:28, het die volgende feite aan die lig gebring:

Die voertuig waarin die bom ontplof het, se bakwerk het geheel-en-al gedisintegreer. Die masjiennommer is afgeskuur. Deur middel van die onderstelnommer wat tussen die rommel gevind is, is die voertuig as ʼn roomkleurige 1982-model Colt Galant geïdentifiseer. Dit is op 19 Junie 1982 vanaf die perseel van mnr. V.A. Sabattier te 6de Laan 5, Edenvale gesteel. Tussen die rommel is ook ʼn stuk van ʼn voertuigregistrasieplaat wat met ʼn “SD”-registrasienommer begin, gevind.

· As gevolg van die ontploffing, is 19 persone gedood – 17 mans (8 swart, 9 wit) en 2 vrouens.

Ernstige skade is aan geboue en voertuie in Kerkstraat-Wes tussen Bosman- en Schubartstraat aangerig. Die skade het ongeveer R4 000 000 in 1983-terme beloop.

Getuienis is bekom dat ʼn roomkleurige Colt Galant met ʼn “SD”-registrasienommer op 20 Mei 1983 om ongeveer 11:00 deur ene Freddi Butana Shongwe van Blok B388, Mamelodi na die huis van Bakayi Ezekiel Maseko te Blok J 2824, Mamelodi gebring is. Shongwe het by ene Jerry Shabangu verneem of die oorsprong van die voertuig nog bepaal kan word indien die masjiennommer verwyder is. Hy het die roomkleurige Colt Galant aan Shabangu getoon waar dit agter Maseko se huis versteek was. Shongwe het aan Shabangu gemeld dat die voertuig vir ʼn “groot werk” gebruik gaan word, sonder om te sê wat die “werk” sou wees. Maseko se vrou Anna het gesien dat Maseko en Shongwe die masjiennommer met ʼn elektriese skuurmasjien afgeskuur het.

Shongwe het om ongeveer 15:50 haastig met die Colt Galant vertrek terwyl Maseko hom in laasgenoemde se Kombi gevolg het. Hulle was so haastig dat hulle die elektriese skuurmasjien buite die huis gelaat het waar hulle daarmee gewerk het.

Vanaf 20 Mei 1983 toe Shongwe en Maseko nie tuisgekom het nie, het hulle familie na hulle begin soek.

Op 28 Mei 1983 is Maseko se Kombi agter die Poyntonsgebou in Schubartstraat, Pretoria gevind. Die voertuig was nie gesluit nie. Binne die voertuig is ʼn baadjie van Shongwe gevind wat hy op 20 Mei 1983 aangehad het. In die voertuig is ook ʼn papiersak met ʼn draagbare radio in, gevind. Nadat die voertuig met die inhoud verwyder is, het die familie begin vermoed dat Maseko en Shongwe onder die slagoffers van die ontploffing kon wees. Maseko se liggaam is daarop by die Staatslykhuis uitgeken. Maseko se liggaam is aan die noordelike kant van Kerkstraat regoor die ontploffing gevind.

Na die ontploffing op 20 Mei 1983 is verskeie liggaamsdele gevind wat oor die toneel versprei was. Op 13 Junie 1983 is die voete van hierdie persoon deur sy moeder as dié van Freddie Shongwe uitgeken. Shongwe se vrou het ook ʼn stuk broek en lyfband wat op die toneel gevind is, as die eiendom van Shongwe herken. Uit die verspreiding en gedeeltes wat aan die voertuigwrak gevind is, is dit duidelik dat Shongwe tydens die ontploffing in die voertuig was.

Volgens die verklaring van ʼn getuie wat op 20 Mei 1983 voor die Nedparkgebou in Kerkstraat-Wes, Pretoria in haar motor gesit het, het ʼn roomkleurige Colt Galant voor haar stilgehou. Pas nadat die voertuig tot stilstand gekom het, het die ontploffing gevolg.

Op 7 Julie 1983 het Anna Maseko die elektriese skuurmasjien, asook die draagbare radio aan die ondersoekers oorhandig. By ondersoek is gevind dat die draagbare radio wat in Maseko se Kombi gevind is, van ʼn ingeboude afstandbeheerkontrole voorsien is. Hierdie afstandbeheerkontrole is deur deskundiges in werkende orde bevind. Dit was ook in staat om plofstof oor ʼn afstand te laat ontplof. Volgens deskundiges is die frekwensie waarop die afstandbeheerkontrole ingestel was, baie sensitief, en kon dit deur ander faktore wat binne die beheerafstand kom, geaktiveer word.

In Maseko se klere by sy huis is kontant ten bedrae van R3 000 gevind, waarvoor Anna Maseko geen verklaring kon vind nie. Sy het van die geld vir die begrafniskoste gebruik.

Shongwe en Maseko het vorige veroordelings weens “huisbraak en brandkasdiefstalle” gehad.

Shongwe en Maseko het by meer as een geleentheid saam na Swaziland gegaan. Shongwe het Swaziland soms tot twee keer per maand besoek. Getuienis is gevind dat Shongwe aan huis van bekende lede van die African National Congress (ANC) in Swaziland gesien is. Shongwe is die neef van ʼn opgeleide ANC-lid, Johannes Mnisi. Volgens inligting het Shongwe en Maseko met bogenoemde in Swaziland skakeling gehad. Dit is ook vasgestel dat Shongwe Swaziland laas van 16 tot 17 Mei 1983 besoek het.

Tydens die Waarheids- en Versoeningskommissie (WVK) se werksaamhede is amnestie vir die Kerkstraatbom toegestaan aan Aboobaker Ismail, destydse hoof van Umkhonto we Sizwe se eenheid vir spesiale operasies, en Johannes Mnisi. Ten spyte daarvan dat die ANC reeds in die verlede erken het dat die ANC se militêre vleuel, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), se optrede “ten alle tye aan die politieke leierskap van die ANC onderhewig was”, het geen lid van die ANC se NUK van daardie tyd om amnestie vir die Kerkstraatbom aansoek gedoen nie.
Source: http://www.afriforum.co.za/agtergrondinligting-kerkstraatbom-%E2%80%93-20-mei-1983/
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Image: chessbase

Chess legend Boris Spassky visits rival Bobby Fischer’s grave

Tue Mar 11, 5:13 PM ET

REYKJAVIK (Reuters) – Boris Spassky, the Soviet chess champ who famously squared off against Bobby Fischer in Iceland at the height of the Cold War, visited his former rival’s grave on Tuesday at a small cemetery near the capital.

Fischer, who died in January aged 64, bested Spassky in that headline-grabbing 1972 match to become the first, and still only, American world chess champion.

A clearly moved Spassky bent and dusted snow off the grave and flowers before straightening up and wiping his eyes.

“Do you think the spot next to him is available,” he joked to reporters afterward, adding, “We will see what happens.”

Fischer beat Spassky again in a 1992 rematch played in the former Yugoslavia that defied U.S. sanctions and turned him into a fugitive from his native United States.

He eventually became an Icelandic citizen after coming to the small North Atlantic island nation in 2005.

The former child prodigy was in his later life known as much for his incendiary remarks and his battle with U.S. law enforcers as for his facility at the chessboard.

Although he was Jewish, Fischer often made anti-Semitic remarks and said after the September 11 attacks he wanted to see his the United States wiped out.

Spassky has offered few comments about his former rival in the wake of Fischer’s death, saying only the man was a friend.

The Russian-born former champion, who now lives in Paris, was in Iceland with his wife for a chess event dedicated to Fischer’s memory.

Speaking with reporters in Iceland on Sunday, Spassky said chess now was just not the same as in his day.

“As for the modern chess, I am pessimistic because in my view computers killed classic chess,” he said.

Read article HERE ….

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Read on THIS LINK on my blog about the musical “Chess”…in South Africa.
Tim Rice brings back musical Chess for a Royal Albert Hall concert starring Idina Menzel


Tim Rice has been busy plotting all the right moves to bring his musical Chess back to London.

 The lyricist wrote Chess with Abba’s Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson 25 years ago and it spawned a hit album, featuring Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson, before it began its troubled stage history.



Two of the numbers from Chess – I Know Him So Well and One Night In Bangkok – became international hits.

Now Rice is producing a concert version of Chess, to run at the Royal Albert Hall on May 12 and 13.

The director Hugh Wooldridge has persuaded American lyrical baritone Josh Groban and award-winning Broadway star Idina Menzel – she was in the original London company of Wicked and is also in the movie Enchanted – to perform as the musical’s two lovers.

The show explores a romantic triangle involving two chess champions – Russian and American – plus the American’s lover, set against a backdrop of KGB intrigue.

Tim said one of the problems with the show’s earlier productions was that it was changed too much. Now, he intends to use the original album as a template for the concert in May.

“Rather than set up a £20million production, we want to see how it holds up at the Albert Hall before we move ahead for an incredibly expensive production in a theatre,” the Oscar-winning songwriter told me.

Any such West End show would be cast traditionally, and not on a TV talent show.

“If it was cast on television it would be called I Want To Know Him So Well or One Night In Shepherds Bush,” Rice joked. “I don’t think so!”

He has just finished writing nine songs, set to music by Tchaikovsky, for an epic film called The Nutcracker: The Untold Story.

He joked: “Ideal, really – dead composers don’t answer back.”
Source…click HERE to read.
Click HERE for the London Theatre-guide.

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SkyNews –

Firefighters appear to have contained a fire which has ripped through the top floor of a world famous London hospital leaving patients and staff desperately trying to flee the flames.

It is believed some patients, who were undergoing surgery, had to remain in operating theatres and others who were gravely ill had their rooms filled with smoke.

All of the patients and staff have now been taken to safety.

The roof of the Royal Marsden hospital was engulfed in flames with smoke visible for miles around.

Police have closed off all roads leading to the hospital building.

Some patients were laid on mattresses in an ambulance area on a nearby street, with nursing staff in attendance.
Read the rest of the article HERE on Yahoo.


Cancer hospital evacuated after fire
Read the news article HERE

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Click on this Christmas-link to download a big pdf document with about 10 Christmas images. It will open in a new window and it does take a few secs to downlaod as it’s a big file.

Read about people being stranded at Heathrow due to bad weather! Hope you all are soon where you want to be! The link will open in a new window.

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Will South Africans have to steel themselves for the future? Read the article at the bottom of this post and try answering this question!


This Battle took place on 16th December 1838. For some South Africans, like myself, the 16th December will always be a day to “remember”…a day to commemorate….on this day, the Battle of Blood River took place between the Zulu impis of Dingane and the Voortrekkkers. On this picture you can see the Voortrekker laager in a D-shape. That was because of the two rivers that meet there, the Donga – and the Ncome rivers. Sarel Cilliers, a Voortrekker leader and a preacher, had promised God that they will build a church and commemorate this day as a Sabbath day to thank God for helping them. God intervened in this Battle and till 1993, this day was always a public holiday in South Africa to commemorate the events of that day. Today, after 1994, it is now called  a day of “Reconciliation”. Read HERE about it. On the  first image you can see information about the two groups and on the Wiki-link, you can even read more….
This is a fantastic site to read more and there are really great pictures to see too…CLICK here to read more and you can even visit other historical sites!

On THIS link there is a time line and you can see all the kings of the Zulu, very interesting reading!

“On December 16th, dawn broke on a clear day, revealing that ” ‘all of Zululand sat there’ ,” said one Trekker eyewitness (Mackenzie 1997:74). On his deathbed 30 years later, Sarel Cilliers recalled that before the battle commenced, the Trekkers had made a vow to God that if He should deliver them, they would build a church and commemorate the day as a Sabbath.”

Read HERE about the Battle of Blood River between the Voortrekkers and the Zulu impis of Dingane.

From the news front:News24.com

South Africa

2007-12-16 22:13

Johannesburg – Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille has slammed the singing of Umshini wam (Bring me my machine gun) by delegates at the African National Congress’s 52nd national conference in Polokwane. “What will the world conclude about delegates who sing Bring me my machine gun – and that on the official Day of Reconciliation?” asked Zille.

“The contest for the top job has become a battle for access to perks of various offices and the institutions of state to use against other opponents” she said in a statement.

Zille could understand why ANC president Thabo Mbeki and others lamented this state of affairs.

Read the complete  News article here.

This next poem is about Blood River…
source: http://365spore.blogspot.com
Deur Theo Wassenaar
Die Slag van Bloedrivier
==16 Desember 1838==

Die Ooste gloei. Dit is die dag.
Wat vóór die Ooster-poorte wag
En aarsel om die donker waas,
Waar voor sy oog hang, weg te blaas:

Want o, wat sal sy oog aanskou –
Dan bloed, dan bloed, dan moord en rou?
Maar nee, hy skeur die sluier oop…
Dáár word Suid-Afrika gedoop!
Wat is dit, wat ek ginds gewaar,
Daar langs die donker berge, dáár?
Dit is Dingaan se swarte drom,
Dit is Dingaan! Die Zoeloes kom!
Gryp, Trekker, gryp jou kruit en roer
En staan jou man, jou naam is Boer!
Beskawing moet hier segevier,
Of Afrika is vir die dier!

Hul kom! Hul kom met woede aan,
Soos vuur, in hoë gras geslaan,
Wat, op die wind se vlug gedraag,
Al knett’rend oor die grassaad jaag,
En vir geen pad of vóórbrand stuit;
Die vlamme-arrems gryp vooruit,
Verteer al wat hul beet kan kry,T
ot as alléén nog orig bly.

Hul kom! Hul kom soos aasvoëls aan,
Die wye vlerke oopgeslaan,
En bek en pote rooi gekleur
Van prooi, nog pas uiteengeskeur.
O hoor hoe dreun dit, soos hul kom!
Die woel en wemel rond en om,
Van skildvel, assegai, barbaar!
Van Zoeloes, Zoeloes aan mekaar!

Hul storm! Hul storm! Die swarte drom,
En skreeu en bokspring soos hul kom.
Maar in die Treklaer is dit stil,
Want elke Boer weet wat hy wil:
So oog hou wag; sy hart herhaal
Die vroom gelofte elke maal,
En naas hom staan sy Sanna klaar,
Die kruit en koeëls lê bymekaar.

Hul kom! Hul Kom! . . . maar ry aan ry
Stort neer om daar vir goed te bly.
Die Sannas bulder, die osse brul
En hardloop rond, met angs vervul;
Dit kletter hier, dit knetter daar,
Dit reën asgaaie op die laer.

Hul kom! Hul kom!. . . maar deins weer trug.
Hul kom! . . . maar kom met weifelsug,
Hul kom! . . . maar weifel weer, weifel,
Hul kom! . . . dit was die laaste keer.

Dis moed, wat volhou na begin,V
ertroue is dit, wat oorwin.
Sou vier maal honderd Trekkers dan
Vir twaalf maal duisend Kaffers kan
Verslaan? Aanskou die water maar,
Aanskou die sloot, die vlakte dáár:
Drie duisend lyke daar lê daar rond! . . .
Pretorius alleen is lig gewond.

O hart, wat blydskap het gesmaak,
Wie kan die trotse dag genaak,
Van Afrika’s beskawingsdoop,
En koud bloed deur sy hart laat loop?
Ja, Stem van donker Afrika,
Ons, wat jou naam met eer moes dra,
Ons woon hier op ‘n wêrelddeel,
Ons moes regeer, en is verdeel!

Persone wat aan die Slag van Bloedrivier deelgeneem het/People taking part in this battle
(lys is nie 100% bygewerk nie, maar die volgende persone is reeds geverifieër)
Source: http://www.boerevryheid.co.za/forums/showthread.php?t=11001
Andries Wilhelmus Pretorius

Assistent Hoofkommandant
Karel Pieter Landman

Johannes H de Lange (Hans Dons), Jacobus Potgieter, Pieter Daniel Jacobs, Stephanus Erasmus, Jacobus Uys, Lukas Meyer

Albertus Pretorius (ook kanonnier), Lourens Erasmus, Piet Moolman (Rooi Piet), Christoffel Cornelis Froneman

Johannes C Steyn, Gert Viljoen, HA Pretorius, Gert van Staden, Stephanus Lombard, Jan Scheepers, Hermanus Fourie, William Cowie, Casper Labuschagne, Jan Joubert (ook kanonnier en godsdiensleier)

Charl Cilliers, Jan du Plessis

Piet Rudolph, Gerhardus Pretorius

Aucamp Piet
Badenhorst H
Badenhorst P
Bantjes Jan Gerritze
Beneke J
Bester Barend
Bester Lourens
Bester Paul Michiel
Bezuidenhout Daniel P
Bierman Isak
Biggar Alexander (kolonel)
Bodes Barend
Bornman Johannes Jurgens
Boshof Jan
Botha Ernst Adriaan Lodewyk
Botha Hendrik
Botha JC
Botha L
Botha PJ
Botha PR
Botha Theunis
Botha TF
Bothma Carel A
Bothma Daniel
Breytenbach Chris
Breytenbach Johannes Jacobus
Breytenbach Jacob Coenraad
Breytenbach Johan Hendrik
Bronkhorst Jacobus
Bronkhorst Johannes Jacobus
Bronkhorst Sam
Bruwer Eduard CD
Bruwer Hans
Bruyn Piet
Buitendag CH
Burger Jacobus J
Buys Piet
Claassens Christiaan
Coetzee J
Coetzer JJ
Coetzer Phillippus Jeremias
Coetzer Thys
Crombrink G
Cronje Abraham
Cronje Piet
Henning Dafel
Jan Dafel
Thomas Richard Dannhauser
De Beer Abraham
De Beer Christiaan M
De Beer C (sr)
De Beer Jan Christiaan
De Beer Johannes A
De Beer Stephanus A (sr)
De Beer Zacharias Jacobus
De Clercq Abraham
De Clercq B
De Clercq C
De Clercq J
De Jager A
De Jager Frederik J
De Jager Izak J
De Jager JW
De Jager Lodewyk
De Lange Adriaan (jr)
De Lange Robert
De Wet Kootjie
De Wet P
De Winnaar S
Dreyer C
Dreyer F
Dreyer I
Du Plessis Francois
Du Plessis Jan
Du Plessis P
Du Plooy Wouter
Du Plooy Hendrik
Du Plooy Willem
Du Preez PD
Dysel F
Engelbrecht Adriaan
Engelbrecht E
Engelbrecht Gerhardus
Engelbrecht H (Jong)
Engelbrecht HH (sr)
Engelbrecht Johannes Hendrik
Enslin Johannes Jacobus
Erasmus Antonie
Erasmus Barend
Erasmus Cornelis
Erasmus Daniel Elardus
Erasmus Hans
Erasmus Jacobus
Erasmus Pieter
Erasmus SE
Esterhuizen Jan
Ferreira Marthinus Stephanus
Fick Hendrik
Fisher Jan
Fourie Christiaan Erns
Fourie Dirk
Fourie Hermanus
Fourie Philip
Geer Carel
Giesing F
Gouws Daniel
Gouws J Marthinus
Gouws Jacob J
Gouws PM
Grove Hermanus
Greyling Jan
Grobbelaar Nicolaas Johannes
Grobbelaar Pieter Schalk
Hammes PJ
Hattingh C
Hattingh F
Hattingh JH (Hans)
Herbst M
Heydenreich Cornelis Frederik
Human PG
Jacobs Gabriel
Jacobs J Daniel
Jacobsz Jan
Hanse Willem
Jordaan Willem
Joubert Abraham Benjamin
Joubert Jan (Jacobus seun)
Joubert Jan (jr)
Joubert Pieter J
Joyce Robert
Kemp G
Kemp Jacobus
Kemp Petrus J
Klaassen P
Klopper Jacobus
Klopper H
Koekemoer C
Koekemoer Marthinus
Kritzinger Lewis
Kruger Jan
Kruger PE
Kruger TJ
Laas Cornelis
Laas Matthys
Labuschagne JP
Labuschagne JH (Jan Groen)
Labuschagne Willem Adriaan
Landman Jan AKP (sr)
Landman Jan (Doringberg)
Le Roux D
Le Roux Nicolaas
Liebenberg C
Liebenberg C (sr)
Lindeque P
Lombard Hermanus Antonie
Lombard Hans
Lombard S
Lotter J
Ludick MJ
Malan David D
Malan DJJ
Malan Jacob Jacobus
Malan Stephanus
Marcus F
Marais Coenraad
Marais Johannes L
Marais Stephanus Abraham
Mare Wynand Wilhelm
Maritz Pieter, Maritz Salmon Gerhardus
Maritz Stephanus
Martens Hendrik Jacobus
Martens J Thomas (sr)
Martens J Thomas (jr)
Marx Frans
Meintjies Albertus Jacobus
Meintjies Jacobus William
Meintjies Schalk
Mey Christiaan Lodewyk
Meyer Jacob
Meyer Lukas
Meyer Jan
Meyer Theodorus
Mienie Carel Johannes Hendrik
Mienie Jan Willem
Mienie Frederik Christiaan
Mienie Willem
Moolman I
Muller Christiaan
Naude Francois Paulus
Naude Jacob
Naude Philip Jacobus
Neethling Hendrik Ludolf
Neethling Schalk Willie
Neethling Willem
Nel LJ
Nel Theunis Jacobus
Nel Willem Gabriel
Nortje Joachim
Oberholzer Jan Albert
Olivier O
Olivier (Lang) Gert
Oosthuizen JJ (sr)
Oosthuizen Jan
Oosthuizen Marthinus
Opperman C
Opperman D
Parker Edward
Pieterse Frederik
Pieterse Nicolaas
Pieterse HJ
Potgieter Cornelis
Potgieter Evert F
Potgieter Hendrik
Potgieter J
Potgieter Matthys
Potgieter Hendrik Theunis
Potgieter Theodorus
Pretorius AP
Pretorius B
Pretorius Dewald Johannes
Pretorius Gideon
Pretorius MW
Pretorius Nicolaas
Pretorius Piet
Pretorius P (P seun)
Pretorius Samuel
Pretorius WJ
Pretorius Willem H
Prinsloo Jochemis (H seun)
Prinsloo NJ
Prinsloo W
Raads D
Raads G
Raath Philip
Raath Pieter
Raath Roelof
Ranger Simon
Reineke Adam
Retief Jacobus
Roscher P
Robbertse I
Robbertse Jan
Robbertse Matthys
Roets Hendrik
Roos Cornelis J
Roos G
Roux Dirk
Rudolph Bernard
Rudolph Pieter
Scheepers Coenraad F
Scheepers Gert
Scheepers H
Scheepers Jacobus Johannes
Scheepers Marthinus
Scheepers M (G seun)
Scheepers Stephanus Johannes
Schoeman Gert
Schoeman Johannes
Schutte Jan Harm Thomas
Slabbert G
Smit C (C seun)
Smith F
Snyman Coenraad FW
Snyman JH
Steenkamp Hermanus
Steenkamp Jan Harm
Steenkamp Piet L
Steyn Johannes Christoffel
Steyn Hermanus
Steyn Pieter
Strydom DJ
Strydom Hendrik
Strydom J
Strydom Pieter Gerhardus
Swanepoel Willem
Swart Pieter Johannes
Uys Dirk C
Uys Jan
Uys JJ (jr)
Uys Piet
Van der Berg H
Van der Berg Isak
Van der Merwe Andries
Van der Merwe C
Van der Merwe Christiaan Pieter
Van der Merwe Frederik J
Van der Merwe Jan
Van der Merwe Josias
Van der Merwe Lukas J
Van der Merwe LP
Van der Merwe M
Van der Merwe Willem
Van der Schyff D
Van der Schyff JD
Van Deventer Jan
Van Dyk Joseph
Van Dyk Sybrand
Van Gass Ferdinand P
Van Gass JF
Van Jaarsveld A
Van Loggerenberg H
Van Niekerk Izak Andries
Van Niekerk JAP
Van Niekerk P
Van Rensburg Lucas
Van Rensburg Nicolaas M
Van Rooyen GF
Van Rooyen Gert Reinier
Van Rooyen GT
Van Rooyen I
Van Rooyen Lukas
Van Rooyen Stephanus
Van Schalkwyk Christiaan
Van Schalkwyk Gert
Van Staden Cornelis
Van Staden VC
Van Straten Jacob
Van Venen D
Van Vuren Janse Lukas Gerhardus
Van Vuuren P
Van Zyl Jacobus
Venter A
Venter PA
Venter WD
Vermaak CI
Vermaak J
Viljoen Christoffel
Viljoen Gideon
Viljoen Johan H
Viljoen M
Viljoen Sarel
Visagie Jan

Bloedrivier is slegs ‘n week voor Geloftedag (16 Desember 2007) geskryf en gekomponeer. Bloedrivier is vir die eerste keer gesing op 16 Desember 2007 op Bloedrivier. Bloedrivier word op DV 18 Januarie 2008 in ‘n ateljee opgeneem waarna hy in CD formaat beskikbaar sal wees.

Bloedrivier – die liedjie

Resource: http://www.bravoland.co.za/forum/index.php/topic,207.msg30967.html

In 1838 is God se hulp gevra om die boere in hul nood te steun, te behoed en te bewaar
‘n Monument sal hulle bou en die dag sal heilig bly,
Hul enigste wapen – hul geloof – met die Here aan hul sy …

Die nag was kul en donker, die impi’s staan en wag,
die lampies op die ossewaens soos Mahlozi’s in die nag
‘n Strandwolf sluip daar tussendeur, hy’s onheilspellend daar
Die mis sak toe, die vyand druis, hul wag op die bevel.

In die geslote walaer, in ‘n see van heidendom
is daar ‘n lig wat helder skyn – die lig van Christendom.
Die stemme van ‘n mannekoor weerklink deur digte mis
Psalm agt-en-dertig, stel almal weer gerus.

Maar dieselfde God van Bloedrivier is steeds ons God vandag
Hy verstaan ons grootste vrese, Hy staan by ons deur die nag
Kom ons almal vat weer hande, erken sy grote Mag
Want dieselfde God van Bloedrivier is steeds met ons vandag

Twee skote van ‘n dubbel-loop, die stryd het pas begin
Die isilongo kondig aan Dingaan – ons sal oorwin
Maar God ons Vader is met ons, die vyand word verslaan
Die veld drink bloed, soos op Golgota – dit moet ons verstaan

Maar dieselfde God van Bloedrivier is steeds ons God vandag
Hy verstaan ons grootste vrese, Hy staan by ons deur die nag
Kom ons almal vat weer hande, erken sy grote Mag
Want dieselfde God van Bloedrivier is steeds met ons vandag

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 How safe is it nowadays to go and do shopping, not knowing what’s going to happen to you or family-members, relatives/friends next!? This is so horrible!! How selfish was this person!

OMAHA, Nebraska (Reuters) – A gunman opened fire inside a crowded shopping centre in Omaha, Nebraska, on Wednesday, killing eight people and then himself, police said.
Five people were wounded in the rampage at the Westroads Mall, two of them critically, according to hospital spokesmen. One man with a chest wound was in surgery.

Witnesses reported hearing as many as two dozen gunshots, telling a local television station the gunman shot one man in the head from a third-floor balcony and others at point-blank range as he moved through the shopping centre
Read more
HERE on Yahoo.

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Heart surgeon Dr. Christiaan Barnard illustrates a point while addressing a group of journalists in Cape Town, South Africa, on Dec. 10, 1967, a week after performing the first successful heart transplant operation in a human. Barnard’s patient, Louis Washkansky, died of pneumonia 18 days after the operation, but within weeks, other doctors began to perform similar surgeries.

Dr Barnard: “For a dying person, a transplant is not a difficult decision. If a lion chases you to a river filled with crocodiles, you will leap into the water convinced you have a chance to swim to the other side. But you would never accept such odds if there were no lion.”


The first patient, 24-year-old Denise Darvall, had suffered severe head injuries earlier that day when she was struck by a car as she walked to a bakery to buy a cake. A neurosurgeon declared her brain-dead, and her father gave permission for doctors to harvest her heart. Barnard’s team draped the woman, sterilized her chest, and confirmed that their heart-lung machine, which keeps cells alive, was operational.

Midnight passed, and now it was Dec. 3, 1967.

Barnard’s assistants opened Darvall, connected her heart to the machine, and began to cool her body. When it had reached the proper temperature, they excised Darvall’s heart and placed it in a bowl of ice-cold solution. Unlike the woman’s brain, the heart was perfectly healthy.

Barnard was in an adjacent operating room with the second patient, 55-year-old businessman Louis Washkansky, who had been anesthetized after signing a consent form that essentially rendered him a guinea pig. Washkansky suffered from debilitating coronary disease for which there was no cure. Without a transplant, he would soon die.

Although an American doctor in 1964 had sewn a chimpanzee’s heart into a person who lived but a few hours, no one had ever tried to transplant a human heart — but several surgeons, including Barnard, had experimented with transplanting a heart from one dog to another. By December 1967, Barnard, 45, was ready to leave the lab.

Barnard opened Washkansky, connected him to a separate heart-lung machine, and quickly cut out his damaged organ, replacing it with the young woman’s. Then he tested the sutures. They held strong. Washkansky’s new heart had stopped beating, but the cold had sustained it and one shock of electricity restarted it. Barnard slowly weaned his patient off the heart-lung machine. At 8:30 a.m., Washkansky was wheeled out of the operating room. The beat of his new heart was strong.

Word of the operation had been leaked to reporters, who awaited its outcome at the hospital. One doctor told the Associated Press that jolting Washkansky’s new heart back into action “was like turning the ignition switch of a car.” Barnard told another wire service that Washkansky deserved the credit. “If it had not been for this man’s courage and will to live,” he said, “the operation would never have succeeded.”

Reports of the operation made headlines around the world, including front-page stories Dec. 4 in The New York Times and The Providence Journal. Pneumonia would kill Washkansky 18 days after his transplant, but a new era had arrived.

Forty years later, untold thousands of people who would have been in their graves now are leading normal lives.

Jim Taricani, who received a new heart in 1996 after years of progressive heart failure, is one of them.

This did not seem his future when Taricani, 58, now an investigative reporter for Channel 10, was a young man. He smoked and had high blood pressure, but there were no other clues into what fate held for him. He exercised regularly and had never experienced any of the typical symptoms of heart disease: angina, shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness. To his knowledge, only one relative had a history of cardiac disease: his maternal grandmother, who died at the age of 78 during her fifth heart attack.

At 3:06 a.m. on July 9, 1986, pain that he would later compare to an elephant on his chest awakened Taricani. He thought he’d pulled a muscle the day before while lifting weights at his gym, and he left his bedroom for the kitchen, where he hoped stretching would soothe him. It did not. The pain intensified and spread to his left arm, not a promising sign. He woke his wife, Laurie.

“I think you’d better take me to the hospital,” he said.

I’m going to die, Taricani thought to himself. I’m only 36, and I’m going to die.

“You’re in the middle of a major heart attack,” an emergency room doctor said when Taricani arrived at South County Hospital. A blood clot in an artery to his heart had stopped the flow of blood, killing substantial tissue. But the doctors saved Taricani, and he was transported to Rhode Island Hospital, where he stayed for 16 days. A few weeks later, he returned to work — and, he hoped, an ordinary life.

In February 1987, he suffered a second heart attack.

Cardiologists at Providence’s Miriam Hospital took charge of his care, prescribing drugs and admitting him when his heart lost normal rhythm, as it did repeatedly. As the 1980s ended, Taricani was becoming short of breath. His energy flagged and his abdomen bloated as his kidneys deteriorated. He’d entered an early stage of dying.

In November 1993, Laurie returned home to find her husband collapsed on the floor. When an ambulance delivered him to Miriam Hospital, his cardiologist, Dr. Richard Shulman, said: “You need a defibrillator and you’re going to need a heart transplant someday.” Heart transplants are not performed in Rhode Island and Shulman referred Taricani to Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, where doctors implanted a defibrillator, a device that would automatically shock his heart back into normal beating with a jolt of electricity when it lost rhythm. A transplant was inevitable now.

Taricani was 44 years old, and scared.

Oh my God, he thought, a heart transplant. Somebody’s going to cut my heart out — they’ve got to get a donor. Why me?

BARNARD INTENDED to be a general surgeon when he enrolled in a training program at the University of Minnesota in the mid-1950s. But working with the university’s open-heart pioneer, Dr. C. Walton Lillehei, headed him in another direction. He returned to his native South Africa, where he specialized in heart surgery — and briefly attracted attention, in 1960, when he transplanted a second head onto a dog. Barnard was a technically flawless surgeon, though no prominent innovator. But he had an ego.

On a visit to the United States early in 1967, Barnard became familiar with the experimental work of Dr. Norman Shumway, another surgeon trained in Minnesota who was a professor at California’s Stanford University School of Medicine. Shumway had devised an ingenious heart transplant operation — with dogs. He planned eventually to move to humans.

Using Shumway’s methods, Barnard beat him — unfairly so, many said. Shumway might have accomplished the first human heart transplant if his superiors had not thought he was restricted by California ethics laws — ones that did not apply in South Africa — regarding the definition of death.

Barnard’s transplant operation on Dec. 3, 1967, inspired his colleagues worldwide. Just three days later, a New York City surgeon cut a heart from a baby born without a brain and sewed it into a heart-crippled infant who died hours later. Barnard performed his second transplant on Jan. 2, 1968. Four days later, when Stanford’s administrators lifted their restriction, Shumway performed his first.

By the end of 1968, surgeons in Bombay, Paris, London and elsewhere were transplanting hearts. Barnard had become an international sensation.

WHENEVER HIS implanted defibrillator went off, the shock would kick Taricani halfway across a room. It went off only a few times in 1994 and 1995, but more frequently as 1996 progressed.

He was shaving on the morning of July 19, 1996, when his heart lost rhythm once more, activating the defibrillator and knocking him to the floor. He stood, and the defibrillator fired again. He crawled out of the bathroom, and the machine went off a third time, flipping him onto his back. He was turning blue.
Read more on this link…
Photo and article of Dr Barnard here. The Link will open in a new window.

“He was one of our main achievers, a pioneer in heart transplant” ++++++Nelson Mandela
” We owe him a great debt of gratitude ” +++++Mikhail Gorbachev
JOHANNESBURG (AFP) – Forty years ago, in the middle of the night at a Cape Town hospital, South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard rewrote medical history when he carried out the first ever heart transplant.
The operation captivated the imagination of the world, catapulting Barnard and South Africa onto the world stage and leading to hundreds of similar operations around the globe.

Dene Friedman, who was in the theatre during the groundbreaking operation, assisting with the running of the heart-lung machine, remembers the surgery “as if it were yesterday”.

“Nobody took a photograph, nobody did anything … We didn’t think of the publicity side of it,” she told AFP.

Barnard had not even told the hospital that he would be attempting the operation, giving little thought to the reaction his techniques would generate.

“Professor Barnard told them in the early hours of the next morning. He just gave a phone call,” remembers Friedman.

“We just thought that we were doing something worthwhile for the patient,” she said of Louis Washkansky, a 53-year-old diabetic with incurable heart disease who had suffered three heart attacks.

Barnard had already practised the basic surgical technique for the transplant — that was pioneered by other surgeons on animals — in the laboratory. He only needed one donor to put this knowledge into practice.

On the night of the December 2, 1967, a 25-year-old woman was fatally injured in a car accident.

Her blood type matched that of Washkansky’s and her father agreed that her heart could be donated for the surgery.

“We entered the theatre in the middle of the night and left at 8 am the next morning,” said Friedman.

“It was very impressive, exciting and scary. As it had never been done before, we weren’t sure about the effects in a human patient.”

The 30-strong medical team looked on in rapture as the transplanted heart gave its first few beats, making medical history.
 here more about Dr Chris Barnard.

Another link about Dr Chris Barnard and his transplant.

image: gis.deat.gov.za

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World Aids day

 Mandela: halting new HIV infections key

By CELEAN JACOBSON, Associated Press Writer

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The world must not grow complacent about AIDS because the number of new HIV infections still outpaces the number of those being treated for the disease, former South African President Nelson Mandela said at a benefit concert Saturday.

Since stepping down as South Africa‘s first black president in 1999, Mandela, whose son died from the disease, has championed the cause of people with AIDS. On Saturday, he drew a crowd of about 15,000 to his fifth international awareness concert, held this year to coincide with World AIDS Day.

Read here more.
Click here for a movie about news/aids
….and for a movie to see Mandela at the Aids-concert.

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London relief

toilet.jpgLONDON (Reuters) – First came SatNav for lost drivers. Now there’s “SatLav”, a toilet-finding service to help people caught short in central London.
On Thursday, Westminster City Council launched a new text message service that will guide Londoners and tourists to their nearest public lavatory.

Anyone who sends the word “Toilet” to 80097 will receive a reply giving details of their nearest public convenience.

Student Gail Knight, 26, came up with the idea for an innovation competition run by the council.

“When I’m out with friends we’re always ducking into McDonalds or department stores to use their loos but we feel a bit bad about it,” she said. “I thought a text service would be really useful for people on the move.”

The service is available across the Westminster, an area that includes many of the capital’s most popular sights, such as Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.
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on yahoo .

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