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The Peace Treaty of Vereniging was signed at the Melrose House…my great grandad signed it as Acting President of the ZAR. (The Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek)…you can read on this link more…


In the South Africa/British War,  women and children were put in concentration camps. They suffered a lot. During the war houses were burnt down, animals alike and in that way women and children were driven away from the farms. Women supported the men in the war by supplying them with food. The British couldn’t defeat the South Africans and they’ve thought that by doing so, they will force the South Africans to surrender. Well, who would see women and children suffer in those camps without proper food, sanitary and clean running water? Therefore, the South Africans surrendered to end this mindless war and to make more women and children suffer.

On the document, my great granddad’s signature is on the top right: S.W.Burger. Paul Kruger – the President – was in Europe at the time and he fell ill. He died in Switzerland. Follow this next link with extensive information about the Boer War. The link will open in a new window.


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