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It’s time for the South African Open 2009. It’s also time for you to enter this tournament, follow all the links which will open in a new window.

Click here for the Official site of Chess South AfricaChessa – and click here to enter the SA Open 2009 that takes place in Cape Town from the 3-11th July 2009. Now is the chance to grab this opportunity to play chess and to see the country the same time! The venue is Wynberg Boys High School in Cape Town. Click here for the venue-details.
Chess Cube
is a South African chess site, another site where you can play chess online. I’m quite sure you will be impressed with the interface of Chess Cube.

Chessa chess calendar. Follow this link for all details of  chess tournaments in South Africa throughout the year.



Top 40 Chess players in South Africa, Anzel Solomons (F) is in position 41 with a rating of 2043
On this link you can see the complete list of the top 100 chess players in South Africa as by 28th April 2009.

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