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Judith Polgar was born in Hungary on 23 July 1976. Her childhood consisted of an extensive chess education from her father and her sisters, and she began to compete internationally as early as 1984. In 1991 she became an International Grandmaster by winning the “men’s” Hungarian championship. At fifteen years and five months of age, she was the youngest grandmaster in history, breaking a record that Robert James Fischer had held for over 30 years. She has been the highest-rated woman ever since FIDE’s January 1990 list, and in 2003 she entered the overall top ten. In 2005, she became the first woman to take part in the final of the FIDE World Championship (see World Chess Championship (2005)). However, she finished last out of the eight players and fell to 14th in the world rankings after the event.
Polgar’s career-best tournament performances include four victories at Essent (twice shared), clear first at Madrid 1994, and clear second at Corus 2003. She currently lives in Budapest with her husband and their two children. Her sister, Susan Polgar, is also a grandmaster and you will find her blog-link on my blog on the Chess Blogroll…..
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Name: Peter Svidler
Age: 31 (6/17/1976)
FIDE Title: Grandmaster (gained his GM norms in 1994)
Current ELO rating: 2763 (FIDE rating list)
Current Chess960 rating: 2733 (Chess960 rating list)
Current coach: IM Andrei Lukin
Hobbies: Listening to good music, reading, cricket and any kind of billiards


* Chess960 World Champion (Mainz 2003, 04 & 05)
* FIDE World Chess Championship Semifinalist (Moscow 2001)
* Russian Champion: 1994, 95, 97 & 2003
* Olympic Champion: 1994, 96, 98, 2000 & 2002 / Silver medal: 36th Chess Olympiad (2004)
* Co-winner of Tilburg 1997 & Dortmund 1998 & 2006
Read more about Peter Svidler HERE on his official site.

Click on the link to play through the game – played in 2005 Corus A-tournament- of Judith Polgar and Peter Svidler Polgar vs. Svidler – Corus A – Round 1, 2005

Judith Polgar shocks Anatoly Karpov

January 16, 2003 19:48 IST

World Cup champion Vishwanathan Anand did not require even a single original move to earn a comfortable draw with veteran Dutch Grandmaster Jan Timman while Judith Polgar shot into sole lead after a thumping victory over Anatoly Karpov in the fourth round of 65th Corus chess tournament in Wijk Aan Zee (the Netherlands) on Thursday.

Polgar, the world’s best women’s player, produced an amazing display of her attacking prowess against the former Russian world champion to take the sole lead with three points.

The Russian duo of Braingames match winner Vladimir Kramnik and Evegeny Bareev, Spaniard Alexei Shirov and Anand are close on the heels of the leader half a point behind while as many as five players including Karpov are tied with a fifty per cent score at fifth place.

In the Grandmaster Group ‘B’ tournament, former world junior girls’ champion Koneru Humpy drew with women’s World championship finalist Alexandra Kosteniuk of Russia to take her tally to 1.5/4.
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