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On the photos you can see South African chess players and on the video you can see short clips of players, including South African players, all busy with round 5. In the next movie, you can see players from round 4! More movies here

Click here for the movie that was not imported after my blogmove from Blogger.

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The World Youth Chess Championships takes place from the 17th-29th November 2007 in Turkey…see link on the side bar to the official site! There is also an Excel file with all country’s players’ names. Here is a list of the South Africans who are going to take part and I want to wish them good luck!!! You are the “Springboks” of our country!!
Earle, Adam Christopher U- 18 Boys
De Waal, Ingrid U- 18 Girls
Kruger, Eitel U- 16 Boys
Van Wyk, Laetitia U- 16 Girls
Meyer, André U- 14 Boys
Crouse, Lise Alet U- 14 Girls
Roberts, Marcel Jude U- 12 Boys
Van Niekerk, Lara U- 12 Girls
Crismann, Alessandro Claudio U- 10 Boys
Reddy,Trisha U- 10 Girls
Weideman, Hendrik Jacobus U- 18 Boys
Marais, Coenraad Hendrik U- 16 Boys
Dole, Anant U- 14 Boys
Kannemeyer, Werner U- 14 Boys
Modi, Jaishil Bhadrashil U- 12 Boys
Loots,Pieter Hermann U- 12 Boys
Van Vollenhoven, Stéphan U- 10 Boys
Ramsurrup, Yetish U- 10 Boys
Roos, Ezet U- 16 Girls
Hattingh, Angelique U- 16 Girls
Scholtz, Scholtz U- 14 Girls
Govender, Kamenee U- 14 Girls
Amra, Tasnim U- 12 Girls
Louw, Surine U- 12 Girls
Jansen van Rensburg, Monica U- 10 Girls
Jeena, Cheshni U- 10 Girls

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