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D J Opperman

Ons eerste liefde was
‘n wit galop van hingste
kniediep deur die gras:
ontdekkings, avonture
in die grot te, ‘n geil slaap
in holtes langs rooi vure.
Nou starend van die koue krans
voed een bron ons vergesigte –
‘n hoër vreugde, dieper angs.

This poem is an Afrikaans poem by one of our National Poets. As you can see from the title, it’s about Mount Aux Sources! Thank you Kop for the poem!

Mount Aux Sources is the highest peak of the Drakensberg Mountain range in South Africa. Note: the highest peak of this mountain range is actually Thaba Ntlenyana (thaba means “mountain” in Sotho) and this peak is in Lesotho, an enclaved country in South Africa.

Image: the dailykitten.com…beautiful kitty!


On the 22nd April 2009, all Saffas are going to vote..again. Saffas outside South Africa can vote on the 15th April. Please read HERE on the site of South Africa House, London, for more details.

Please click HERE for the Elections website and to check if you are registered to vote! You need to send in your VEC10-form by Friday 27th March to be able to vote! The form is available on this link too! Links will open in a new window.


Wow! I like this chess position! I’ve just resigned the other game as I haven’t had any chance to win it…I lost my Queen a few moves ago! but this game is an exciting one….just look at that fork! Usually I like to castle in my games, but for some reason, I didn’t castle in the two games against this player. He’s rating is a bit more than mine, but a few months ago, his rating was about 500 higher than mine. I guess you figured out that I played white in this game…


And…here’s the final position, my opponent has resigned. Click on the link to play through the game. The link will open in a new window.
Nikita1 vs. P79

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