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It is time for the Chess Olympics!
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Over a 160 nations take part in the Chess Olympiad this year – and with the London 2012 Olympics – about 205 countries are taking part. I agree that Chess should be part of the Olympics. The IOCC acknowledges it as a sport – since 1999. During the 1936 Olympics – in Berlin – Art was seen as a ‘sport’. You can click here to see the countries who took part and the results table too. What a youngster said about Archery as an Olympic sport: ‘These people are not getting exercise, how can it be a sport?’ – coming from an eight year old girl. So, if you stand still on one spot to shoot – you can do the same with Chess. -hmmm…I can see what you think. Chess has its own Olympics…why not merging the two – and voilá!

Here are the entries for the South African team. Good luck and bring us back some ‘gold’! We want another Grand Master!

South African team – Open

South African team – Women

SA Chess Moving Up!

Posted by Kenny on September 10th, 2012

We have come to the end of the 40th edition of the World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul which also marks the beginning of a new era for South African Chess! The Open tournament went down to the last round with Russia & Armenia coming out on top to share the Gold. Russia also won the Women’s section by narrowly beating China on a tie-break in the end.

Our Men Ladies have done us tremendously proud with great overall perfomances from both sides and many individual brilliancies! We take a moment to once again congratulate Kenneth Solomon for his sterling performance on board 1 for SA achieving himself his 3rd GM norm and becoming a GM elect.  Woman’s Grandmaster Melissa Greeff scored an outstanding 7/11 points at number 1 for the Ladies which makes her SA’s best performer in Turkey.

The men lost to France in the last round placing them in overall 62nd position and our ladies at 65th. Other notable performances include Henry Steel’s 5.5/9 (board 3), Daniel Cawdery with 4/6 (board 5) & Cecile van der Merwe 3/5 (board 2). This year SA have taken more GM scalps at the Olympiad than in any other year. Watu Kobese had some amazing results in the end when he beat  GM Kirill (2682) and drew to Super GM Fressinet Laurent (2717) Source: Chessbuddy
Please click HERE to access the chess games in PGN-files

South Africa at the Olympiad – Source: Chessa

I would like to extend me congratulations to the SA Men’s Olympiad team who played excellent chess at the 2012 Olympiad.

South Africa achieved 62nd position after it was initially ranked 73rd. This however does not tell the full story. We did not lose against any team seated lower than the South African team. In fact we achieved excellent results against teams seated higher than the South African team.

In round 2 we defeated the team of Singapore seated 55th with a score of 2½ – 1½. In round 6 we drew with the team of Switzerland seated 43rd with a score of 2 all. In round seven we drew with the team of Chile seated 46th with a score of 2 all. In round 8 we defeated the team of Columbia seated 47th with a score of 2½ – 1½.

The South African team narrowly lost to strong teams such as Turkey seated 31st to whom we lost 2½ – 1 ½ and Brazil seated 24th to whom we lost 2½ – 1½. We took one point from the team of Bulgaria seated 10th when Watu Kobese played his game of the Tournament defeating Grand Master Kiril Georgiev.

Watu was again impressive in the last round where he drew against Grand Master Lourent Fressinet of France regarded as a Super Grand Master.

These teams would have expected to beat South Africa 4 – 0.

It is clear that South African Chess at this level is improving and that the powerhouses of chess no longer consider the team from South Africa as a walkover.

Kenny Solomon scored 5½ points on board 1 beating 3 Grand Masters and drawing 3 more games against Grand Masters. With this performance he insured that he will be awarded the coveted title of Grand Master of Chess. Congratulations Kenny we all look up to you as you did extremely well under difficult circumstances. Your performance on board 1 inspired the team.

FIDE Master, Henry Steele, will be awarded the title of International Master based on his performance at the 2012 Chess Olympiad. We have high hopes that the youngster may attain the title of Grand Master in the near future.

I must comment on International Master, Watu Kobese’s performance. The score line indicates that he had initially struggled in the Tournament. He was however not outplayed by his opponents but lost against himself as we say in the Chess World. In the matches against Brazil and Turkey, Watu had the better position but managed to lose the game. He was certainly not outplayed by his opponents.

Watu however bounced back and scored 2 points in the last 3 matches, 1½ points against teams of the caliber of Bolivia and France both seated in the top 10. Despite criticism on Facebook etcetera, Watu showed his class and I believe quieted all those who commented on his performance early in the Tournament.

Johannes started well, but ran out of breath in the second halve of the tournament. It would have served us well to rest Johannes after the demoralizing loss against GM Flores Rios of Chile in round 7. Cawdery roped in the points while he played. His opponents found his aggressive style difficult to deal with. I do not wish to comment at this stage on the events which lead to his withdrawal from the tournament, suffice to say that SA felt the loss.

On a personal note, I am thankful for the opportunity to be at the side of the SA team. I had however arranged to return to SA after the first week which in hindsight I regret. There are so many positive aspects to be taken from the tournament that I do not believe we should place too much focus on the negative side of things.

This was certainly the best Olympiad ever for South Africa and despite the final placing of 62nd I believe that we exceeded all expectations.

Marius van Zyl

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See my new post on this link…with the results of round 8  onwards…please click here:  https://chessaleeinlondon.wordpress.com/2008/08/10/final-results-rounds-8-13-world-juniors-in-turkey/
 On this link you can see all the standings and results of the first 10 boards in each round from round 8-13 and the final results.


 You will also find the Official site on this new link! I don’t update this post with results for rounds 8-finals! All new results on the link here!…please follow the new link for new results!

Please click HERE for the Official site. See my new post on this link…with the results of round 8  onwards… please click here:


Pairings for round 8 …tomorrow…10th Aug at 15:00


World Juniors: Standings after round 7…first 10 places


World Junior Girls: Standings after round 7…first 10 places

Click on the images for a larger view. I will update this page with info on a daily basis and more on England and South African players…from round 8 on, I will also blog the top players from both sections…in a new post.  All images of players are from the Official site. The top half of this post is about the Girl’s section and after the banner in the middle, you will find info on the World Junior’s section…

World Junior Chess Championship (Girls)

Pairings and results Girls Juniors- round 7: 8th Aug 15:00

19  HEGARTY Sarah 1966 ENG vs WGM CORKE Anya 2255 HKG–0-1
33 WFM WIID Daleen 1931 RSA vs DAI Irmak 0 TUR–1-0

Pairings and results round 6: 7th Aug 15:00

21 WFM GASIK Anna 2211 POL vs  HEGARTY Sarah 1966 ENG–1/2
30 WFM WIID Daleen 1931 RSA vs  BOYARCHENKO Marie 1895 LUX– +

World Junior Girls…round 6 board 1: Muzychuk vs Abrahamyan move 26

World Junior Girls, round 6 board 2: Harika vs Dauletova move 23

World Junior Girls round 5

more girls having fun! 

Pairings and results: World Junior Girls…round 5: 6th Aug at 15:00

19  HEGARTY Sarah 1966 ENG vs WFM SGIRCEA Silvia-Raluca 2167 ROU–1/2
30  ANTONOVA Nadezhda 1883 TJK vs WFM WIID Daleen 1931 RSA –1-0

World Junior Girls…round 5 board 1 move 24

World Junior Girls round 4 board 1 move 12
1 WGM MUZYCHUK Mariya 2413 UKR vs IM HARIKA Dronavalli 2461 IND

World Junior Girls round 4 board 2 move 5
2 WIM MAJDAN Joanna 2323 POL vs WFM ABRAHAMYAN Tatev 2277 USA

Pairings and results rounds 1-4: Girls Junior….click on the image for a larger view.

On THIS LINK you can view more results of round 2 of the Girls Junior section.
On this link you can see more pairings of the Junior Girls section.
Please click HERE to see more results on round 1 of the Junior Girls of round 1.

Image: Official site

World Junior Chess Championships 2008

Image: World Junior Chess Championships: Pairings and results: rounds 1-4
Please click on the image for a larger view.

Please click HERE to see more results of round 1.
Please click HERE to view more results of round 2 of the Junior Section.

World Juniors…round 4, board 6…David Howell…move 8

David Howell, round 4 move 59

Board 6…England’s player…David Howell vs Hrant Melkumyan
Pairings and results: World Junior Chess….round 5 : 6th Aug at 15:00

1 GM HOWELL David 2561 ENG vs GM SAFARLI Eltaj 2527 AZE–1-0
35  CONSTANTINOU Peter 2225 ENG vs  ENCHEV Ivajlo 2367 BUL–1/2
46  VAVRIC Pavel 2218 MDA vs RAMSURRUP Pratish 1809 RSA–1-0

World Juniors…round 5…board 1…David Howell move 29

World Juniors…round 5…board 2

World Juniors round 5 board 1

Pairings and results: World Juniors: round 6: 7th Aug 15:00

2 WGM HOU Yifan 2557 CHN vs GM HOWELL David 2561 ENG– 1/2
34 IM KARTHIKEYAN Pandian 2402 IND vs  CONSTANTINOU Peter 2225 ENG–1/2
51  RAMSURRUP Pratish 1809 RSA vs  OZTOSUN Gorkem 0 TUR– 1-0

World Junior Chess board 2 round 6: David Howell, move 23

World Junior Chess board 1 round 6: Le Quang Liem vs Li Chao..move 22

Pairings and results: World Juniors round 7: 8th Aug 15:00

1 IM BRAUN Arik 2533 GER vs GM LI Chao B 2590 CHN–1-0
2 GM HOWELL David 2561 ENG vs GM RAMIREZ Alejandro 2531 CRC–1-0
31  CONSTANTINOU Peter 2225 ENG vs  CASPI Israel 2412 ISR–1-0
48  SOUSA Ricardo 2133 POR vs  RAMSURRUP Pratish 1809 RSA–1/2

Junior Chess round 7 boards 1 and 2…final position…click on the image…

Schedule of the Championships


The championships will be held in Gaziantep from 2 August 2008 (arrival day)  to 16 August 2008 (departure day). The venue is Şehit Kamil Municipality Sport Hall in the centre of Gaziantep.

Image: Wikipedia…Province of Gaziantep in Turkey


South African players that will take part in the World Junior Chess Championships

The South African team that played at St Lo, France early in July

Image: SAJCA.com

Image of the old town…farm3.static.flickr.com

Image: farm1.static.flickr…Gaziantep museum

Our wish came true when we found these four houses, each older than 100 years, in the heart of the old city. They were built out of the soft stone, quarried in and around Antep and known for their capacity to keep the habitats cool in the heat of the summer and warm and easy to heat in the winter. With their 4 meter high walls surrounding the courtyards, the old houses in Antep were designed to reflect the cultural and religious background, which put high priority on privacy. Once in the courtyard, you are cut-off from the sound of the busy city right outside.

Gaziantep, the biggest city in the Southeast of Turkey and the sixth biggest in Turkey, is one of the first settlements in Anatolia.
Ruins which belong to the Stone Age, Chalcolithic and Copper ages; Hittite, Mitani, Assyrian, Roman and Byzantine, Islam and Turkish – Islamic Period can be traced everywhere in the area
The region was under the Hittite control in the 1700s BC. The ancient city of Duluk, which is north of the city today, was an important religious center of the Hittites. During the period of Caliph Omar, as a result of the religious wars to spread the Islam out of the Arab Peninsula, the Muslim troops defeated the Byzantine army at the War of Yermuk in 636 under the command of lyaz Bin Ganern. The area, including Gaziantep region became Muslim soil, its people converted to Islam and Omeriye Mosque was built in this period as a symbol of the conquest.
After the Manzikert victory in 1071, Suleiman Shah conquered Antep and its surroundings in 1084 and annexed the area to the Seljuk Empire. On August 20,1516 Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan came to Antep and stayed here for three days. After the Mercidabik victory against Memaluks in 1516 the city came under the reign of the Ottoman Empire.
Gaziantep and the surrounding area, which was occupied by the French and English troops after the World War I, received recognition everywhere in the world for its defense and unique heroism which amazed the world. TheTurkish Grand National Assembly granted Antep the “GAZi” (war hero) title on February 8, 1921 because of this achievement.

Gaziantep, which was called Ayintap, Antep, Kala-i Fusus, Hantap,Antep and finally Gaziantep got its name from the depth of its history.

Source: Follow this link and you can  click on the “Gallery” link to see more fantastic images… enjoy! http://www.anadoluevleri.com/default_eng.php
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