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This footpath starts about 100m from our house. When walking about 50m down this muddy, slushy footpath, you suddenly get a sight that punches you in your face! You would never expect it, especially after this walk that  literally feels like walking on the farm through a mix of cow pat and mud! Hmm…never mind, I grew up on a farm and that didn’t bother me at all, but we had to walk carefully, as this path is descending slightly and it was very slippery too.


This is the sight that pops-up into your face!  The one moment, you’re in town, the next moment…country side!


As far as you can see, there are little footpaths where you can walk. Many dog walkers walk these paths and you have to keep your eye on the path… I guess you know why!




Gates, all different sizes and types to pass through. I love gates. I love bridges too and mountains and trees and wild life and… but this is not wild life! This is only country life.


The yellow looks beautiful and even more while the sun is setting. I have thought it looks very much like our Kakiebos – Stinking Roger – in South Africa. On the next two images you can see what the Stinking Roger looks like and the name explains everything! You can see what the seed looks like on the next image.

Stinking Roger –  image: DK Images


The yellow flowers from nearby…now you can see why I say it reminds me of the Kakiebos. Have I said Kakie?…I wonder if you know about this word! Well, if you’re English…haha…I don’t have to say more…


Wow, this is a beautiful colour…and you’ve thought I would say something about the bees in the UK? They are massive!


Are you a good spotter? What’s in this image?



Second question…can you tell what’s happening in these two images!?


In South Africa it’s a public holiday as it’s Women’s Day today. Rush to Woollies and spoil yourself with some of these chocs! – and send me some too! If you’re a Saffa reading here..enjoy the day!

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