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Registration is open for the African Youth Chess Championships – the closing date is 31st August 2012.

The tournament will be held in Pretoria, Gauteng, one of the 3 Capital Cities of South Africa from 28 September 2012 (official arrival date) to 08 October 2012 (official departure date) at the Faircity Roodevallei Hotel & Conference Centre (Roodevallei). Players will be accommodated at Roodevallei.

Click HERE for more details about the tournament. You will also find a link to live games and photos.[All links will always open in a new window on my blog]

The Venue of the African Youth Chess Championships – see the link for more details of the Venue.

Update: 13/10/2012

Phew, what a task to get all these results displayed in a format easier than an excel document! Why should it so difficult to publish results in a table easy for anyone to observe. Well, I’ve done it now and I hope you find it useful to look at the results and to see where South Africa’s future in Chess lies?








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zee skaak3

zee skaak2

These two images were posted on Zee’s blog about a year ago. Her husband helped his boss with a project for his daughter – in Primary School. He made this lovely chess set for her!  Unfortunately, he didn’t get the highest marks as it wasn’t made by the girl herself. [hehe–stoute kabouter!] I think next time she will think twice before asking uncle Zee to do her school project. [*wink]

Connie is one of my online chess-friends – and keen blogreader – and we had some good chats about his 8year old twins. They are both keen chess players and even advised him about his moves against me. He was also informed by them that he didn’t stand a chance in our last game…[guess what, he wasn’t impressed with their prediction, hehe] …two clever girls if you ask me. They took part in a tournament during August – in the Northern Cape region and have been selected to take part in the national Junior Chess Championships which takes place in December. Congrats to him and his family, I know the girls will do well. He’s sent me the tourney details and photos a while ago, but busy me, didn’t have the time to do a proper entry about them. So, here goes! I’ve quoted Connie’s comments here – in Afrikaans.  His twins took the first two places. Enjoy the photos. If you don’t know the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, it is a vast area. You easily travel 400km from one town to another and that makes it difficult for all children to take part in chess activities in the Province, although some parents club together and share the travel costs. There were 7 rounds but u/8 played only 5 rounds and the remaining 3 rounds were only friendlies.

North Cape Chess – u/8 – 21 & 22 AUGUST – DE AAR

Results after round 5

No Name               Score
1 BERNIZE            5.0         

2 MARILIZE         4.0 

3 STETHEN           2.5

4 JESSICA             2.0 

5 CHRISSIE           1.0 

6 ALBERT               0.5

Die doel was om die spelers wat by die ander toernooie goed gevaar het verder uit te sif vir die spanne vir die SA Juniors. O/8 is egter heel oopgestel omdat daar nie genoeg spelers was nie soos ek jou vertel het. Daar was omtrent 180 spelers almal saam, dis nou van o/8 tot seniors. O/8 was daar 8. Een het kort voor die begin ontrek en ‘n ander moes o/10 deelneem omdat hy in voor Des. verjaar. Die ses wat oorgebly het is nou almal in die o/8 span wat gaan deelneem in Des.(4 spelers en 2 reserwes). Daar was 7 rondtes vir alle ouderdomme maar vir die o/8 het net die eerste 5 getel. Die ander 2 was net vriendskaplike spelle.

Hulle het elke spel Wit begin met e4 en swart e5. Daarna was dit of Bc4 of Nf3. Dieselfde patroon ook met swart. Party spelle het hulle sommer Bc4 gevolg met 3. Df3 ( wat ek juis vir hulle gese het nie om te doen nie!) Dit het gevolg dat 2 van hulle 14 spelle nie eens 3 minute geduur het nie.(Scholars mate) Jy sal sien op een van die fotos, toe ek bo by die gallery kom om hulle af te neem, was Marelize reeds klaar. Bernize was in die foto nog besig om teen Stethen te speel.

Die was hulle 4de Amptelike toernooi. Daar was ook ‘n paar vriendskaplike spelle tussen hulle skool, Newton Laerskool, en Kimberley Junior. In hulle skoolspan is hulle nommer 1 en 2. Nommer 3 Ryno Annandale, is die een wat ontrek het by De Aar.

Hulle altwee se gunsteling kleur is wit, Bernize beweer hier dis nie so nie maar haar kwaadgeid as sy swart moet speel vertel ‘n ander storie… Daar is ongelukkig nie voor Desember nog ‘n amptelike toernooi nie. Dorpe in die Noord-Kaap is baie ver uitmekaar. Die 3 groot dorpe is almal omtrent 400 kilos uitmekaar wat die reelings en vervoer nogal duur maak. Noord Kaap skaak beoog wel informele toernooie vir oefening sowel as fondsinsameling. As ek moet skat speel die 2 ongeveer tussen 6 en 8 ure skaak per week. Partykeer minder, partykeer meer. Hulle oefen ook nou op die o/12 juffrou se aandrang saam met die o/12’s.


Please click on the images for a large, clearer view


Connie’s twins can be seen left and rigt at the end-table busy having serious chess-discussions with the boys.


Hmm…shall I move my bishop to D5 or….


Chess tournaments can be very exhausting for any 7-8 year old and the dads were clever to know that…or was it the mums!

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Centurion Open Chess Tournament
30 April, 1 – 4 May 2008

Fide rated

If you’re in the Centurion area and you’re a chess player…or in any other area in South Africa…or even in any other country!! ….you should go to this tournament! Centurion is a stone’s throw from Pretoria and Johannesburg..easy reachable from the Johannesburg International Airport..oops!! it’s now the Oliver Tambo International Airport…names, names, names…!! changes of place names in South Africa!! What a waste of money…anyway…let’s not talk about that issue when we talk chess…you can almost walk from the airport…lol! not really…but almost…Please click HERE for more details of this tournament. There are three sections…see the link for all the details! There is also info on traveling/lodging/people to contact etc. So, you have no problem to not to go and play chess in Centurion! If you really…like in really have problems with contacting any of the about 200 people on the details-list…which I know would not be the case! but if you’re desperate…you can drop me a line here on my blog! Centurion is a beautiful place, I know as I lived there for a couple of years and going there for chess….makes it even better! This tournament will be held at KLEINKAAP and hey…you have to look at this site…the best you can get! “Kleinkaap”…on the images….See more on the link…








Kleinkaap 002





PS: The Lubowski Open tournament takes place in Pretoria 9-11th May 2008.  The Pretoria Open chess tournament takes place on the 10th May in Centurion. The Gauteng Open chess tournament: 23/24 May. Click on THIS LINK for a complete calendar on Chessa’s website.


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