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I was in Hounslow this morning. I was glad I went early as it’s another boiling, hot day today. I ventured quickly through the shops as I knew the sun will start baking down on me and then it’s no pleasure to wander around looking for a bargain or two. All the shops have their specials and it’s quite a good time – now with the credit crunch – to shop as you will even find items marked down 50-70%. This road is only a pedestrian zone, but buses do travel through here for shoppers, which is nice and convenient. I usaully park in Treaty Centre – see the last image – as it’s quite central and you can access all these shops within a few minutes walk from the centre. We normally buy at Tesco’s groceries – and sometimes you find some clothing you like too – Tesco is not in Hounslow, it’s in Osterley, where we live. Osterley is about 5 min drive from this shopping centre and also, Osterley is a small area, part of Isleworth! –very confusing, I know!haha ..Hounslow is also the borough we live in.

On one image you will see Holland and Barret – that’s where we buy our vitamin-supply and all sorts of dry fruits and bars, always fresh. This area is quite leafy and there are a couple of benches where shoppers can relax and have their daily meetings with their friends. (some on their mobiles!) Normally this place is as busy as an ant’s nest! You don’t want to go here on a Saturday, it can get too busy – for someone like me not having too much patience with people not really knowing what they actually want to buy. I also go to this centre when I need to top-up my perfume…at the bottom image, you can see Beauty Base. Debenhams sells a variety of stuff including kitchenware. Come rain!

Die Treaty sentrum is ons naaste inkopie-sentrum, maar ook nie baie ver nie, is Ealing Broadway wat ook baie lekker is om inkopies te doen, alhoewel ons min daar uitkom. Tesco het gewoonlik als wat jy wil hê, selfs klere, maar jy kry mos nie altyd alles wat jy wil hê by een plek nie, daarom sal ons af en toe London toe gaan of Richmond toe gaan. Richmond is om en by 20 min (met verkeer) van ons af en net so heerlik om inkopies te doen, hulle het ‘n groot verskeidenheid van winkels. Twickenham is ook om die draai by ons, maar ek was nog net vir ‘n ete in ‘n Chinese Restaurant daar, nog nie regtig na die winkels gaan kyk nie. As jy ‘n heerlike omgewing soek om te bly, dan is Osterley regtig die plek om te bly. Dit is ‘n vinnige 3-5 min se stap vanaf Osterley stasie – wat op die Piccadilly lyn is – die lyn wat ook Heathrow toe gaan. Van hier af na sentraal London, ry jy per trein so 3/4 uur, dis nou met al die stoppe tussen-in en as daar geen oponthoud op die treine is nie. Gewoonlik is die diens goed op die Piccadilly lyn, maar druktyd kan dit nogal erg raak en kom vertragings tog voor, maar darem nie daagliks nie. Gelukkig hoef ek nie meer op die “Underground” te reis nie, ek dink ek het genoeg gehad van die vier jaar wat ek dit in-en-uit gedoen het. Mens raak bietjie moeg vir dit, maar dit bly ‘n gerief. Jy’t geen spanning van verkeer en verkeersopeenhopings en ompaaie wat jy moet neem as jy op ‘n besige snelweg is waar daar ongelukke was en afritte gesluit moet word. Dit kan nogal ‘n nagmerrie wees. Ons het nou byna vyf jaar hier in Osterley gebly en verhuis na Amersham oor ‘n maand. Google die naam en sien hoe mooi daardie omgewing ook is. As jy planne het om in London te kom bly, moet jy baie mooi seker maak in watter area jy wil bly, want daar is areas waar jy liewer nie wil bly nie, dalk nie eers ook daar naby wil wees nie. Een so ‘n area is Peckham. Met die skoolhouery in London-laerskole – aflos wat hulle hier Supply noem, het ek baie areas leer ken en so die skole ook. Jy wil baie beslis nie jou kinders in daardie skole ook hê nie, nie eers vir ‘n uur nie.

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This is just to say

This is just to say:
I’ve just e
ALL the Mingles
in the box
behind the TV
-which you don’t like
because of the wooden smell-
Forgive me
they tasted so creamy
and I felt so pampered
and rotten spoiled!

This is my version of the poem by Williams Carlos Williams: This is just to say. You can follow this link and read his original poem as well as the “reply” to it…really sweet!

I was tagged by Reisiger to do a shopping list from certain items and where I usually buy it…well, I’ve done a mosaic instead and you will have to click on the mosaic to see what’s on there…and also from which shops I sometimes buy…and what brands etc… I’m quite sure the images are self explainable…

Doritos, my other favourite

This top is a special top…it’s got some sequence on it and I just love the fabric it’s made of and..it’s my favourite colour!  Please click on the image – and zoom in – to have a clear view of it! I’ve bought it at a shop in Sutton. Sutton has got a big shopping centre, called St Nicholas. On the pictures that follow, you can see some really nice South African goodies! I’ve bought these at the South African shop at London Bridge… and they are some of my favourites! You can even buy the Aromat from Tesco’s now. Do try it if you haven’t… I love it in salad and on baked potato! Yum! Oh dear, I will have to go again, as my mouth is watering for that Fanta Grape!!

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