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You want to know more about the dance? …go to…

On THIS LINK you can read more about Folk Dance and there are links to photos too. If you go down with the slider, once on that link, you will find an English part too.
Please click on THIS LINK for South African traditional songs…only the piano-midi-files…and number 209 (Afrikaners is plesierig) was the one we used. If you click on the musical note, you can download it and on the song name, you can see the words/lyrics.

Year 1’s doing a South African folk dance….(“The Afrikaner are joyful people”)…still practising though…but they were so cute…I taught them 3/4 of the steps, as they are little, they can’t remember all of the steps, but they are doing great!!

Jan Pierewiet in Korea!

 Volkspele on youtube! See more videos there…


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