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Sunny Sunday Shoo

shoo (sh)
Used to frighten away animals or birds.
tr.v. shooed, shoo·ing, shoos
To drive or frighten away by or as if by crying “shoo.”

This dictionary explanation is from: The Free Dictionary.com-site. When the kids in class are getting too noisy, I sometimes would say: ‘shoo, ….noise-level…’ and they think it’s very funny and will start getting the giggles. In the movie, ‘Out of Africa‘, Meryl Streep uses the word too, actually twice and the second time was to ‘shoo’ animals away – buffalo – I think.

I took these pictures a week ago, and in Fireworks discovered a little ‘something’ I’ve never used before and thought to play around with it a little bit – frames!  It’s sort of hidden in a menu where you would not usually look for  it, especially when you want to adjust pictures. There’s never really time to get to know the software, like I really want to, and was quite surprised when I discovered it. These are only a few ‘tests’, ;0, so nothing to get excited about, though I do like the second picture. If you haven’t seen ‘Out of Africa’, you can watch some clips on youtube, although not the real movie as such, but it will give you a taster of what it’s like – a movie based on a true story. Oh, these pictures were taken in Cornwall – the second one on the road back. You can click on the pictures for a larger view. PS: I don’t have Photoshop – My Photoshop [Elements] is neither compatible to Windows Vista, nor to Windows 7 – so money down the drain, though I’ve tried to find a fix for Vista – without success. 

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Enjoy the movie . This entry is an updated entry. I wish you all a wonderful New Year for 2009. May it be the best year in your life. The first image is actually an animated image, click on the image to see the “animation”.

This next video is last year’s video.



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