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I think dogs are wonderful animals and really your closest friend. We’ve had several breeds of dogs as pets in South Africa and I can’t make up my mind about the best breed, but I think, if I really have to choose a favourite, which is of course very difficult as I loved them all so much, then it should be Jackie – our last doggie. She was a cross between a fox terrier and a Jack Russel. She had some more Jack Russel and ways of doing things/manners. We used to have a few fox terriers on the farm, so that’s why I know she had some little more JR-manners. Do take  a look at her on this pic! She was so cute and so clever! She loved raisins and when I discovered that very early after we’d rescued her from a plot, I taught her to stay, sit and paw in one night! It took me about 30 min…and that’s really no joke – of course with the help of the raisins! – but please, don’t feed your dog raisins as she died due to a heart attack and the vet said it’s due to the raisins she got caused heart problems! 

This little basket she’s in, was her favourite to chew for those baby teeth and you can see how much  she loved to be in it! Jackie reminded me of the Afrikaans children’s story I’ve read to children in school, the book’s title is “Koningskind” and it was translated into English with the title  “Prince”…if you can get hold of this book about an English Bull dog written by Anita du Plessis, you should do so, as it is written from the dog’s point of view and you will laugh yourself into stitches when reading it!

If I ever have to get another dog, it will surely  be a Jack Russel. When we got her as a pup, many people warned us, because of their behaviour. Maybe because she was a cross-bread, she was more “well-behaved”…but I always say — and I think I’m right! – that pets are like your children. If you discipline them, they are lovely otherwise you will have to suffer the consequences. I can truly say that none of our pets had ever caused us any trouble of any kind. Give your pet the love they need and they will be those “dream” pets!

Jackie as a pup on the bed – her favourite spot to take a nap!

Image: historic-scotland.gov.uk
Please click
HERE to read my post about Grey Friars Bobby and how he looked after his ‘master’, even after his death! There was also a movie about Bobby! Another book I couldn’t resist but do read my post about this book it’s worth reading about the history so many people don’t know about!

Oor die boek: ‘Koningskind’ deur Anita du Plessis.
In hiedie verhaal wil Keiser, die naam van die hond, baie graag “goed bedoel” met als en hy probeer “help” waar hy kan, alhoewel hierdie “help” nie altyd positiewe gevolge het nie. Koos, die kat, het hom ‘n paar keer gekrap en Keiser ervaar dit as “steek met daardie drade” (kat naels) wat dit skreeusnaaks laat klink. Een hoofstuk wat ek baie amusant gevind het, was die hoofstuk oor “Kalkoene, katte en Kerk”. Keiser het altyd vir die kalkoene gekyk en met die tyd het hulle groter geword, maar eendag het een uitgekom en hy het probeer “help” deur die kalkoen te vang, maar hy het ook geglo dis al sy “gekykery” wat hulle laat “groot” word het. Dan die Kerk-episode wat ook verskriklik snaaks was waar hy die familie Kerk toe gevolg het en toe hy die dominee hoor preek, het hy gedink die dominee raas met die gemeente. Toe die gemeente sing, het hy gedink hulle huil! Hy wou die dominee stil maak, maar die dominee wou nie stil word nie.

red indian in the cupboard

The  Indian in the cupboard. – Afrikaans title: Die Rooihuid in die kassie

Three bestselling stories about Omri, and his friend Patrick, who turns his plastic Red Indian, Little Bull, into a real miniature person. The Indian in the Cupboard Who’d want a boring little plastic Red Indian as a birthday present? Omri doesn’t — until his brother gives him a very special cupboard which can make the Indian come alive…Return of the Indian Omri is unexpectedly reminded of his beloved Red Indian, and can’t resist making sure he’s still all right. But when he opens the cupboard door Little Bull is wounded, nearly dead, and Omri must find help. The Secret of the Indian Omri’s friend Patrick goes back in time to the Wild West, and keeping the secret safe becomes even more difficult for Omri…

Die verhaal van Omri is ook in Afrikaans verkrygbaar en as jy kinders het wat lief is vir lees, ouderdom 8-11/12…dan moet jy vir jou “Die Rooihuid in die kassie” kry…deur LR Banks. Daar het sowat ‘n paar jaar gelede ‘n film gedraai met die Engelse titel, ek weet nie wie van julle het die film gaan sien nie. Ek het ‘n gedeelte gesien – dis ook op youtube – my ondervinding met die films is dat dit terleurstellend is, die boeke is gewoonlik baie snaakser. Dieselfde het gebeur met “Skaapvark” – “Sheep pig”.. ek het die boek vir kinders voorgelees lank voor die film en ek was vreeslik terleurgesteld toe ek die film sien. Daarna het ek weggebly van films as ek reeds die boek gelees het. “Skaapvark” is baie snaakser as die Engelse boek ook. In hierdie boek, “Die Rooihuid in die kassie”, kry Omri ‘n “charm” as ‘n geskenk by ‘n maat en ontdek ‘n kassie waarin hy dit kon sit. Sy broer kry ‘n sleuteltjie wat toevallig hierdie kassie oop-en-toe kon sluit…en dit is daar waar die pret begin! 

On THIS LINK – on my blog – you can read about other children’s books I’ve blogged before  and books written by Dalene Matthee. Her books translated into English and her target group  is more the adult audience .


Hierdie boek, ‘Where the Wild things are’ – is ‘n oulike storie waar die seuntjie bed toe gestuur word sonder kos. Hy verbeel homself dat hy in ‘n woud is en sy kamer verander in hierdie woud waar hy in ‘n bootjie is oppad iewers heen. Hy kom by ‘n eiland waar hy op die spul vriendelike monsters afkom. Hulle is almal sy maats en kroon hom as hulle koning. Toe hy moeg gespeel is, besluit hy dat dit huistoe gaan tyd is en klim terug in sy bootjie. Uiteindelik word hy wakker met ‘n bordjie warm kos langs sy bed. ‘n Prettig prenteboek wat jong kinders baie geniet.

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I have the book about Greyfriars Bobby, exactly the one in the pic here. I bought it in Edinburg and isn’t Edinburgh the most wonderful place in this whole of England! Easy to drive, a clean city! Beautiful scenery….historical buildings that speak their stories by just looking at them! Wow….Edinburgh! I fell in love with you and it won’t be long before you see me, permanently! Hopefully! To come back to the book….this statue is in Edinburgh and two people living there couldn’t tell us about it and incidently, I saw the book in a shop…just an ordinary shop selling all kinds of furniture, with a few toys/books and…my book was on sale for just about £1!! And it is a RED FOX book!! I love my Bobby book and he reminds me of South Africa’s Jock of the Bushveld… our own true story about a Staffie…
I’ve got two links here, one with the story about Bobby….and the other with pictures. Oh, of course, the grave in this one pic, is Bobby’s master’s grave, but read the story, I don’t want to tell more…it is a bit of a sad story, if you haven’t seen the movie…you better read the story!
Follow THIS link for Bobby’s story ………..and THIS LINK for the photos. Enjoy!

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