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I have received a PDF document from my sister with the words, ‘…you will be interested to follow up the links in this document and read more, as you like to write as well. I think it runs in the family.’  Well, yes, I like to ‘write’, but where is the time if you haven’t got it? I wish I had all the time in the world! When I read the following paragraph about what AP Brink said about Barend Toerien, I thought by myself, hey, but this is me too! I love mountains and hiking in the mountains – I’ve done several  trips in the Drakensberg and the Wild Coast. I am a qualified librarian teacher, who LOVES libraries and books! Last, but not least, I’ve done some translations… not really something to get excited about, but at least one poem that got published… Barend Toerien grew up in Porterville, the ‘home‘ of my Grandma.  It’s great to know about your relatives and what they have achieved, it makes you feeling better about yourself ….hehehe!! Ok, I am proud of him, to be honest. 

 Please click here to access the PDF, which is in Afrikaans only. This PDF contains a number of news articles from various newspapers about Barend Toerien and MC Toerien. Both were writers/poets. 



Uit: Momente (herfs)


Sê nou die koue maan

ruk hom los

en tuimel agter die trekganse aan?


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