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The Kin is an outstanding book set 200,000 years ago in Africa. The kin are first humans very brave and clever and they can talk. It is a wonderful story of their journey in search of new life and land. In between the chapters are Oldtales about Black Antolope and other creatures that make the Earth. The book travels in four stories with Suth, Noli, Tinu, Ko and Mana. They are the Moonhawk Kin trying to find new Good Places as the kins are dying. You will come to fighting with lions and demon men to meeting new people that can’t talk. I loved this book. I was thrilled in Dickinsons great ideas and vast imagination. I could not put it down and I am looking forward to reading many more of his fantastic books.
I agree 100% with the comments of this person on Amazon’s website!
Author: Peter Dickinson

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