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This picture was sent to me by Braam…he is a South African living/working in Azerbaijan. He’s found my blog for the recipes and in particular the
buttermilk rusk recipe…
and he’s baked his own and he sent me pics of the evidence too…which I will upload on the post with the recipe…and he’s also tried my own pizza-recipe … HERE  he’s thought to send me this pic to make my day…and being a catlover…he really HAS made my day!! This is soooooo cute!!!  btw…he’s also in Baku!!! –and I’m so jealous!! as Baku is the city where the Chess tournament was held a couple of weeks ago and if you’ve seen my posts about it…you will remember the beautiful pics of the old city…and hopefully Braam is going to send me a few pics of Baku too!

If you’re a cat-lover…try getting yourself this book! It’s really a fantastic book to have!

“The Cat Lover’s Companion”

And…this is me, of course!!

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