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On our way back from Aber, we planned our journey especially to go through this town! It is a town full of bookshops! Unbelievable! This first photo, is a bookshop in the open, but secondhand books….and they trust you to leave the money in that box! Every second shop in this town is almost about books! Wow…if you’re a booklover like me, this is really the place to be! One bookshop has all the classics…and the books were really expensive, but I spent more than an hour just paging through books in awe… in some shops you can really get books quite cheap…very cheap…but then it’s not really the books you might be interested in…the area is beautiful. We had tea/scones – our favourite – and there were a bunch of old ladies sitting nearby…they all spoke Welsh…as this town is on the border of England and Wales! It’s an English town, but we’ve heard that it’s more Welsh than English….
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