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Read here more where I found this picture.

2nd World Champion, 1894 – 1921

Emanuel Lasker was born in Berlinchen, Germany on 24th December, 1868. He was taught chess by his elder brother, Berthold. As a child Lasker displayed a talent for both chess and mathematics. He attended a school in Berlin to develop his mathematical skills further and he later went on to study mathematics at Erlangen University. He achieved the German master title in 1889.

In 1892 he won his first important success in a small but strong tournament in London when he took first place a half a point ahead of Blackburne. Lasker then played a match against Blackburne and when he won decisively he began to think of the possibility of becoming world champion. He challenged
but his challenge was declined. Lasker told him that he should first win a major tournament.

Read more HERE on Chess-corner…there is also a  game  to play through and a link to his game collection! …..and as soon as I’ve found enough info on the Lasker-painting here, I will add the info and a link!

Try to solve this Chess puzzle here.

Read HERE about the game LASCA which Lasker invented.

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In a double blow for the French, English sportsmen have beaten them in the Rugby World Cup semi-final – and the World Conker Championship.
Ady Hurrell, from Whittlesey in Cambs was victorious over Frenchman John Ingram in the final in Northamptonshire. Train driver Mr Hurrell, 36, needed just two shots to smash the nut of his competitor. The annual event attracted over 300 entrants to the village of Ashton, near Oundle. Of those, 13 were listed as French. Contestants travelled to the UK for the 42-year-old event from as far afield as the US, Brazil, Canada and the Ukraine.

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Op hierdie twee foto’s van my wat ek in die park hier naby geneem het, kan die saad gesien word waarmee hulle hierdie kompetisies hou. Dit is van die Horse Chestnut tree. Die saad is kliphard. Aan die boom se tak kan jy die groen stekelrige omhulsel sien wat met die tyd verbruin. Klein kindertjies is soms gek oor die sade, alhoewel hulle nie regtig daarmee speel nie. Min Britte weet regtig hoe om die tradisionele spel te speel (of “sport”) en dit word selde na die kinders oorgedra.

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Napoleon and chess

View Napoleon’s games here.

The work of a chess player is similar to a blast furnace process: it is continuous and demands a heated passion for chess.
— Alexander Suetin

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