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Ceremony sham – Little girl ‘too ugly’ to take part in Olympic showpiece

I was asked on the chess site if I watch the olympics. My reaction…no, but I’ve watched only the swimming, as I know we have a few South Africans that are really  great swimmers. I agree and feel the same as Eilandkind in her Afrikaans post about China and the Olympics. I actually have no intention to watch the Olympics like previous years. I do enjoy athletics and always used to watch any great athletics, but you won’t find me this year in front of the tele watching any of it, I would rather spend my day with my research about  Jane Austen or Emily Plummer, which is the name on the grave on the pic which is posted on my previous entry! Two reasons for not watchinng…for what’s going on in Tibet and having read a few articles the past two days, I think China is a disgrace! The world should have boycotted China’s Olympic fully! Read this article which I found on the Metro’s website.

Shame on China!

Olympic organizers refused to let a seven-year-old sing at the opening ceremony because she was too chubby, it has been revealed.

Lin Miako, the little girl who stole the show on Friday, did not actually sing a note and was miming throughout.

Instead, the voice heard by millions around the world was that of seven-year-old Yang Peiyi, who was ditched from the ceremony because of her chubby face and uneven teeth.
Chen Qigang, the general music designer of the ceremony, said: ‘The reason why little Yang was not chosen to appear was because we wanted to project the right image, we were thinking about what was best for the nation.

‘The reason was for the national interest. The child on camera should be flawless in image, internal feelings, and expression.

‘Lin Miaoke is excellent in those aspects. But in terms of voice, Yang Peiyi is perfect, each member of our team agreed.’
Organizers also admitted parts of the lavish opening ceremony were pre-recorded.

The ceremony won rave reviews around the world for its use of fireworks and a series of perfectly choreographed sequences, watched by an estimated 1 billion people.

Some of the fireworks though did not actually go off that night.

‘Some footage had been produced before the opening ceremony to provide theatrical effect,’ Beijing Games Executive Vice President Wang Wei said.

Among the sections that were pre-produced were parts of a stunning fireworks display across the city, a series of fireworks “footprints” that led to the Bird’s Nest stadium where the four-hour extravaganza was staged.

A night-time aerial shot traced the consecutive explosions on the ground as they approached the stadium.

‘There were footprints of fireworks,’ Wang added.

‘Some of them were genuinely produced. Some maybe were used from previously recorded material.’


Read this article about Tibet and why the Chinese are there…


The Chinese government claimed human rights would improve in Tibet and China if Beijing won the right to host the 2008 Olympics. Instead of improving, the human rights situation in Tibet has deteriorated. As Beijing counts down to the Opening Ceremony, the Chinese government is already plotting to punish Tibetans for daring to call for freedom. Read tons of news on this link.

Ryk Neethling is one of our swimmers and you can follow his blog – from the Olympics – here:


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Image: Beautiful South Africa by Tessa Jouhin

Vryheid – Freedom
In the Gregorian calendar, 31st May is the 151st day of the year.

This day is also a very important day in South Africa’s History. The day when South Africa became a Republic.  

republic SA 1961

31 May was a significant day in South African history, being both the day in 1902 on which the Treaty of Vereeniging was signed, ending the Second Anglo-Boer War, and the day in 1910 on which the Union of South Africa came into being, which then came to an end and was re-established as the “Republic of South Africa”.

Enjoy this piece of music by Handel

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