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Green Point Stadium Cape Town South Africa

Green Point Stadium – Cape Town

Green Point Football Stadium

Green Point Stadium Cape Town - South Africa

I was sent these three beautiful pictures of the football stadium in Cape Town and the subject line of the email said: Cape Town: lights turned on last night. I assume this is the Green Point stadium. Beautiful! Click on the images for a larger view. Is dit nie mooi foto’s nie! Hoe beny ek julle wat in Kaapstad bly!

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Man in the News: David Beckham

I don’t have anything against football… I will watch it, only if it’s the world cup, only then and I won’t watch all the countries and if I miss a game, it’s not the end of the world…but,  I love rugby, won’t miss one single world cup game and when I’m in SA, the Blue Bulls are my favourite… when I was a student…it was WP!!! (think it might still be…hmmm…wonder..) WP stands for Western Province…or just…”PRO….VINCE!”… anyway… this football thingy is just one too much (in London.. I’m not in SA)…. ask any boy from the age of 8 what he wants to be one day…and the answer comes… “I wanna be a footballer”… ok, nothing “wrong” with it… but, hey…there is more in life than to mess up your education and think…hey, I’m gonna be a footballer and will pocket zillions of pounds… many boys in secondary schools…don’t really take education seriously as they think..”football” is waiting…they don’t care about their own education because all that matters…is football. At some stage somebody should wake them up! There’s more in life than that…stop dreaming, you’re not all good enough, you should realise at a certain age that you are not good enough to be the “golden boy” and should focus on your education instead…but no, they still believe in that “football dream” even though they are 16 and not even in the school’s football team! Read in this next article about David Beckham…if you read the  sentence… then you know why so many boys have a “don’t care” attitude..because David Beckham wasn’t good at school (if you read the article, that’s what they say), so why would they care to be “good”… if you take rugby players…well, when I say this, I can only say it by thinking about the Springbok-team… they are all qualified and settled in a career of their own, they are people you can look up to, they are not just “rugby players”, fullstop..they are more than just that…some of them are doctors! teachers…attorneys…Bryan Habana studied at the Rand Afrikaans University…Percy Montgomery studied at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology…Victor Mattfield…Pretoria University…etc etc.. this is only three of our players…for more CLICK HERE …and I’m quite sure this is the case about rugby players from other countries too.

One biographer laments: “He hasn’t said an interesting sentence in his life.” Beckham, a banal genius, became a vehicle for debating Britain’s dumbing-down.
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