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Melissa Greeff

FIDE has recognised the achievements of Melissa Greeff [15] by indicating that she will be awarded the prestigious title of International Woman Grandmaster.CONGRATULATIONS Melissa!! You do us PROUD!  Baie Geluk, Melissa, ons het hiervoor gewag, ons het eintlik geweet jy’s  reeds ‘n Grandmaster, ons het slegs vir die aankondiging gewag! We already knew you were one… we’ve been waiting for the announcement only!! [news:official site: chessa.co.za]

You can see her Fide profile on this link. The link will open in a new window.

Click on this link this link to see her games during the “First Saturday” tournament in Budapest and on this link to play through her games interactively on chessgames and 365chess. Links will open in a new window.

Melissa Greeff01

Melissa – 15 year old student in her school uniform- photo:


Melissa vs Groetz

Melissa vs Groetz at the Arctic Chess Challenge

The same time, congratulations to the Springboks! You are still my heroes when it comes to rugby!

The following message from Jennifer Shahade  to Melissa:

Nikita: Send my congrats to WGM Greef! Her family was so hospitable when I was in SA, hope to visit again sometime soon.

[message on her site: jennifershahade.com]

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SA Women players  fltr: Anzel Solomons, Melissa Greeff, Carmen de Jager and Monique Sischy







Results: Round 3 – top 10


Pairings: Round 4 – top 10


SA Women’s Open: Results after round 4 – top 10


SA Women’s Open: Pairings round 5- top 10


SA Women’s Open CC: Results after round 5 – top 10


SA Women’s Open CC: Pairings round 6: top 10


SA Women’s Open Chess Championship 2009: Final Results of the top 20 positions in this Championship.

Congratulations to Melissa Greeff as winner of the South African Women’s Open Chess Championship 2009.


The Top 4 players in the  SA Women’s Open CC: Melissa the Champion on the far right – image from CHESSA, the official site. Other players frtl:Anzel Solomons, Ezet Roos and Yolandi Sutil are all sharing the limelight with Melissa.


South Africa’s Top 20 Female players as by 28th April 2009. Click on
this link to see the complete list of the Top 100 females in South Africa.


I clearly almost missed out on the SA Women’s Open Chess Championships!  This tournament is taking place at the Woodlands Boulevard shopping centre in Pretoria East. It started the 30th April and it ends Sunday 3rd May! All links will open in a new window. CHESSA is the official body of South African Chess. Please click here to follow the results. – if you follow the link and it’s inactive, then they’re busy updating the site with the results. I’ve tried it this morning – please check back later.Some of our top players like Anzel Solomons, Monique Sischy, Melissa Greeff, Carmen de Jager and Ezet Roos are also playing in this Tournament.


Players at the SA Women’s Open CC…Anzel Solomons and Melissa Greeff on board 1 in round 4 – image: CHESSA the official site.

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