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Round 7…results…please click HERE to play through the games in round 7…in the women’s section and click HERE to play through the games of the men.

Round 5 results…Please click HERE to play through the games interactively.

The European Individual Chess Championship is now taking place in Bulgaria…men/women are battling for the top positions. On THIS LINK you can view their games live. Round 4 will be played today.

Please click HERE for results and standings where you can view more photos of the participants too.

Tsveta Galunova

GM Miroshnichenko – GM Markos

Image: chessbase

Source: eicc2008.com Bulletin: 4 PDF

Click on the images for a larger view

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Image: chess.com…Yelena Dembo
Click on THIS LINK to play through a game of her played in this tournament in round 8 on the 29th April 2008.
The 2008 European Individual Chess Championships are starting on the 21st April in
Bulgaria. There are separate men’s and women’s titles at stake in 11-round Swiss events.
Click HERE to play through the games interactively.




Participating in the women’s event is Yelena Dembo from the Chess.com site…
You can view her games HERE on Chess.com.
You can follow the games and results HERE





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