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 In chess you have to think about a good opening when you start your game…I don’t know many openings…and know that’s one weak point which I have to work on seriously…most of the time I like to play how I feel! but will always start with my Knights/King-Queen-pawns… and if I can play the Dragon…I’m happy…..and you don’t know about the Dragon?….you can look at the image below and follow THIS LINK too!

Click on THIS LINK and it will take you to Wikichess…you can play through different openings and see what percentage of players playing white/black plays a specific opening…interesting…
More HERE on chess openings….really a good site to visit!

On the image you can see the Dragon-Variation…of the Sicilian opening….
On this link HERE you can read more about the Sicilian/Dragon, which is one of my favourites…


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