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I think dogs are wonderful animals and really your closest friend. We’ve had several breeds of dogs as pets in South Africa and I can’t make up my mind about the best breed, but I think, if I really have to choose a favourite, which is of course very difficult as I loved them all so much, then it should be Jackie…our last doggie, she was a cross between a fox terrier and a Jack Russel. She had some more Jack Russel “blood”  and ways of doing things/manners. We used to have a few foxterriers on the farm, so that’s why I know she had some little more JR-manners…but do take  a look at her on this pic! She was sooooooo cute!! and sooooo clever! She loved raisins and when I discovered that…very early after we’d rescued her from a plot, I taught her to stay, sit and paw in one night! It tookme about 30 min…and that’s really no joke!… – of course with the help of the raisins!! This little basket she’s in, was her favourite to chew for those baby teeth! and you can see how much  she loved to be in it! In this pic you can see that she spotted something and was looking at it…I think it was the hoopoe …as there was always one near the house…she never chased any bird/cat, but could sit and watch them for hours…she reminded me about the Afrikaans Chidrens’ story I’ve read to children in school, the book’s title is “Koningskind” and it was translated into English with the title  “Prince”…if you can get hold of this book..about an English Bull dog…written by Anita du Plessis, you should do so, as it is written from the dog’s point of view and you will laugh yourself into stitches when reading it! If I ever have to get another dog, it will surely  be a Jack Russel. When we got her as a pup, many people warned us, because of their behaviour. Maybe because she was a cross, she was more “well-behaved”…but I always say — and I think I’m right! – that pets are like your children. If you discipline them, they are lovely…but if not…well, you have to suffer the consequences then… and I’ve seen people on TV with their pets and they way their pets behave and if you look at the people, the way they speak and behave, well, then you know why they have all  those troubles with their pets! I can truly say that none of our pets had ever caused us any trouble of any kind. Give your pet the love they need and they will be those “dream” pets!

Jackie as a pup on the bed! her favourite spot to take a nap!

This pic is one I’ve found on the internet and this is what our foxie looked like when I was a child…Scotty…and we had one before him, Spotty! This is now a dog you can trust! Scotty used to spend hours with me in the mountains…on the farm…he used to LOVE it when we went for a jog during the evenings…he was going crazy and would run up and down the room when I was getting my trainers or “tekkies” like we use to say in Afrikaans.

Image: historic-scotland.gov.uk
Please click
HERE to read my post about Grey Friars Bobby and how he looked after his master, even after his death! There was also a movie about Bobby! Another book I couldn’t resist…but do read my post about this book…it’s worth reading about the history so many people – even in England – don’t know about!

Oor die boek: Koningskind…deur Anita du Plessis..
In hiedie verhaal wil Keiser, die naam van die hond, baie graag “goed bedoel” met als en hy probeer “help” waar hy kan, alhoewel hierdie “help” nie altyd positiewe gevolge het nie. Koos, die kat, het hom ‘n paar keer gekrap en Keiser ervaar dit as “steek met daardie drade”… wat dit skreeusnaaks laat klink…een hoofstuk wat ek baie amusant gevind het, was die hoofstuk oor “Kalkoene, katte en Kerk”.. Keiser het altyd vir die kalkoene gekyk en met die tyd het hulle groter geword, maar eendag het een uitgekom en hy het probeer “help” deur die kalkoen te vang… maar hy het ook geglo dis al sy “gekykery” wat hulle laat “groot” word het…dan die Kerk…daardie episode was ontsettend snaaks…die dominiee met sy “lappe” wat swaai as hy preek en Keiser wat die “gehuil” probeer stilmaak…wel, ek gaan niks meer sê, kry die boek en lees dit…kinderboek of te nie! Dit verryk jou siel! Ek het hierdie boek vir 9-11 jariges voorgelees met trane in my oë soos ek gelag het.. op party plekke kon ek nie eens lees nie, want soos ek vooruit sien wat ek moes lees, het ek myself ‘n papie gelag …natuurlik sit die kinders dan en giggel-giggel-lag-lag….maar weet nie waaroor nie…want ek het nog nie gelees wat so erg snaaks was nie…..hahaha…

“A book entitled “Koningskind” by Anita du Plessis won first prize in the “Daan Retief “children’s book competition. The book was also translated into English under the title Prince. It tells the story of how a bulldog pup joins a family as a gift to a little girl. Out of the 67 entries received the three judges agreed that his adventures, as told by himself, made for an unforgettable read.”..from… chakabulldog.co.za


red indian in the cupboard

The  Indian in the cupboard. – Afrikaans title: Die Rooihuid in die kassie

Three bestselling stories about Omri, and his friend Patrick, who turns his plastic Red Indian, Little Bull, into a real miniature person. The Indian in the Cupboard Who’d want a boring little plastic Red Indian as a birthday present? Omri doesn’t — until his brother gives him a very special cupboard which can make the Indian come alive…Return of the Indian Omri is unexpectedly reminded of his beloved Red Indian, and can’t resist making sure he’s still all right. But when he opens the cupboard door Little Bull is wounded, nearly dead, and Omri must find help. The Secret of the Indian Omri’s friend Patrick goes back in time to the Wild West, and keeping the secret safe becomes even more difficult for Omri…

Die verhaal van Omri is ook in Afrikaans verkrygbaar en as jy kinders het wat lief is vir lees, ouderdom 8-11/12…dan moet jy vir jou “Die Rooihuid in die kassie” kry…deur LR Banks. Daar het sowat ‘n paar jaar gelede ‘n film gedraai met die Engelse titel, ek weet nie wie van julle het die film gaan sien nie. Ek het NIE, want my ondervinding met die films is dat dit terleurstellend is, die boeke is gewoonlik baie snaakser. My kinders het dit gesien en dit was wat hulle bevestig het. Dieselfde het gebeur met “Skaapvark” – “Sheep pig”.. ek het die boek vir kinders voorgelees laaaa…nk voor die film en ek was vreeslik terleurgesteld toe ek die film sien. Daarna het ek weggebly van films as ek reeds die boek gelees het. “Skaapvark” is baie snaakser as die Engelse boek ook. In hierdie boek, “Die Rooihuid in die kassie”, kry Omri ‘n “charm” as ‘n geskenk by ‘n maat en ontdek ‘n kassie waarin hy dit kon sit. Sy broer kry ‘n sleuteltjie wat toevallig hierdie kassie oop-en-toe kon sluit…en dit is daar waar die pret begin! Kry die boek en lees homself! – as jy nog die film gesien het nie, moenie!! kry eerder die boek…

On THIS LINK – on my blog – you can read about other childrens’ books I’ve blogged before  and books written by Dalene Matthee…her books translated into English and her target group  is more the adult audience …


Please click HERE to listen to the BBC program about “Where the wild things are”.

This book is really a MUST-have if you have little children…and I’ve bought it myself again…here in London…as I can’t resist a good book, even if it’s chidren’s books…which any teacher can’t go without…if you teach primary…

Who the Wild Things Are (30 min)
Broadcast on Radio 4 Tue 24 Jun – 11:30

Philip Glassborow explores the origins of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. Featuring readings by Henry Goodman and Jewish Klezmer music.
HERE  for program the program information.

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Read here about the book :”Circles in the Forest” and about “Big Foot”…

Afrikaans…scroll down….
Dalene Matthee was one of South Africa’s most talented authors, the best popular novelist that I know….. She wrote mainly in Afrikaans, but many of her books were translated into 14 other lanuages, such as Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, German, French, English, Icelandic, etc. Two of her books were filmed, “Fiela’s Child” and “Circles in the forest”…  Her first children’s novel…”Die Twaalfuur stokkie”… “The Twelve o’clock stick” was written in 1970. I LOVE this story and used to read the story to children in London-schools! They loved to listen to the Afrikaans Language and I explained the story via the pictures to them. It’s the best children’s story I’ve come across to explain to little children – age about 5-8 – the concept about time and the earth spinning around the sun… by using a stick in the sun. Read also about the memorial that was unveiled in Feb 2008 in honour of her!
HERE to read about Fiela’s Child, the movie.

Please click HERE to read about Dalene Matthee.

SA writers mourn Dalene Matthee
20/02/2005 21:20 – (SA)

Dalene Matthee – 1938-2005

Dalene Matthee dies 

Laetitia Pople , Die Burger

Cape Town – “Maybe she just held out until her new book, Die Uitgespoeldes, and its translation was done,” Dalene Matthee’s daughter Amanda said on Sunday after the author died in her sleep. The 66-year-old Matthee died in the Bayview clinic, Mossel Bay, early on Sunday morning. She was admitted to the clinic for heart failure on Thursday.

The death of Matthee – who was especially well known for her forest trilogy, of which the first, Kringe in ‘n Bos (Circles in a Forest, first appeared in 1984 and was reprinted 22 times – is being described as a huge loss for the Afrikaans reading public. “She was one of the most well-loved popular novelists in Afrikaans. “With her books such as Kringe, Fiela se Kind (Fiela’s Child), Pieternella van die Kaap and, more recently, Toorbos, she got the general Afrikaans public reading again, and she successfully bridged the gap between quality and popular literature,” said Eloise Wessels, chief executive of NB Publishers, on Sunday.

Novelist Elsa Joubert agrees. “She succeeded in getting people who never read Afrikaans to read in the language, and that’s been a wonderful contribution,” she says. The literary expert Wium van Zyl believes she was like Langenhoven.

“Like him, she had something to offer the intellectual reader and for the everyday reader. “She exposed the reader to various challenges. She was an ecologist and a mild feminist who considered the poor with attention and respect.”

If there’s someone whom the entire South African writers’ community mourns today, it would be Matthee, said Abraham H de Vries. “The voice of one of the best storytellers has fallen silent.“Only she could have written those forest stories – no one else could.”

Film-maker Katinka Heyns, who directed the movie based on the book Fiela se Kind, remembers how she spent two hours with Matthee in the Knysna forest. “The forest would tell Dalene if I may make the movie. She did not say a word and only sat listening. “And then I had to wait an enitre night before she gave the answer.”

Matthee was famous for the rigorous research she did for her books. She researched only her forest trilogy (Kringe, Fiela and Moerbeibos) for seven years, and Pieternella took three years’ research.

Matthee’s books were translated into 14 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and Icelandic. She won the ATKV prize for good popular fiction four times and was honoured with a Swiss literature prize for her “energetic literary work and her passionate interest in nature conservation” in Zurich in 1993. Die Uitgespoeldes is the story of Moses Swart, a foundling raised by an Afrikaans family after being found under a jacket on the beach. Matthee is survived by her three daughters, Amanda and Hilary Matthee and Toni van der Walt. Her husband, Larius, died two years ago.
Origninal news article HERE as it was reported in 2005.

The forest novels
Kringe in ‘n bos (Circles in a forest) (1984)
Fiela se Kind (Fiela’s Child) (1985)
Moerbeibos (The Mulberry Forest) (1987)
Toorbos (Dream Forest) (2003)

Other published works
Die twaalfuurstokkie (The twelve-o’-clock stick) (1970)
’n Huis vir Nadia (A House for Nadia) (1982)
Petronella van Aarde, burgemeester (Petronella van Aarde,Mayor) (1983)
Brug van die esels (The Day The Swallows Spoke) (1993)
Susters van Eva (Sisters of Eve) (1995)
Pieternella van die Kaap (Pieternella from the Cape) (2000)
Die Uitgespoeldes (Driftwood) (2005)

 Dalene Matthee Memorial


Wow! I was sent SANPARKS-link by a blogger-friend, Chris after he’s read my post about Dalene Matthee and I want to thank him as this is really fantastic!
Dalene Matthee Memorial Unveiled at Wilderness National Park
On Saturday, 23 February 2008, close family, a few selected SANParks officials and the press witnessed the unveiling of a memorial in honour of the late writer, Dalene Matthee. It was Matthee ’s fervent wish to have her ashes scattered in the Knysna Forest and her three daughters saw it as a fitting remembrance to their mom, to have a special memorial erected in the place Matthee so loved.

“After three years this project has fallen into place and the family will be eternally grateful to the Wilderness National Park staff for making it all happen”, says Hillary Matthee, the writer’s youngest daughter.

SANParks contribution included the building of a boardwalk around the memorial, the renaming the big tree to the Dalene Matthee Big Tree and the marking of a circular hiking trail to the “Circles in a Forest” trail. The memorial, tree and trail will now form part of the park’s cultural heritage programme.

Matthee based many of her books, especially Fiela’s Child, Circles in a Forest and Moerbeibos on the life and people of the forest. Her books have been translated into 14 languages.

Dignitaries at the unveiling ceremony included Mvusy Songelwa (Regional Manager of the Garden Route National Parks) who unveiled the memorial, Edgar Nevuvhalani (People and Conservation Cultural Heritage Manager) and Dr. Razeena Omar (Executive Director: People and Conservation), who befittingly mentioned what an honour it is for SANParks to house a memorial for a woman who has done so much to bring nature and the forests to the hearts of all people who read her books.

The memorial, Big Tree and the Circles in a Forest Trail is situated at the Krisjan se Nek picnic site in the Goudveld Forest (close to Knysna), which now forms part of the Wilderness National Park. Jill Gordon, Park Manager, encourages all and especially school groups to come and pay homage to Matthee and explore the beauty of the forests


(Circles in the forest)

(Pieternella from the Cape)

(The Mulberry forest)

Nou wil ek meer oor van haar boeke – en ander skrywers se boeke –  in Afrikaans se… omdat ek van dit self gelees het en self ook ‘n blibioteek-onderwyseres is – Ja, ek het vir 9 jaar uit 2 skole se mediasentrums klas gegee…wat ‘n wonderlike tyd!!! voordat ek na Gr3 oorgeplaas was….wat net so ‘n wonderlike tyd was! Duisende boeke aangekoop… die voorreg gehad om die skole se mediasentrum-begroting by Uitgewers te gaan spandeer! Dit was gewoonlik ‘n daguitstappie! Ek was dan by die skool opgelaai…ja! LOL! wat ‘n bederf…dan geneem na die uitgewer (hulle het my kom oplaai…want hulle het mos geld gemaak deur die skole!) en daar het ek die dag gespandeer, – Juta/Human&Rosseau…(glo nie hulle bestaan meer nie…?) boeke uitgesoek, bederf met tee/koekies… en dan is ek terug skooltoe geneem en die boeke was dan die volgende dag afgelewer… ai tog..waar is daardie dae! Dit was my voorreg om vir kinders boeke te kon kies…in my agterkop het ek altyd die kinders gehad en geweet vir wie ek die boeke kies..jy het altyd ‘n sekere kind wat jy met ‘n sekere boek assosieer en net geweet het wie gaan van wat hou. Jong, en daardie gebakleiery oor die boeke sodra dit uitgepak word, nog nuut uit die boks en hulle het dan gestry oor wie lees eerste watter boek..ja, natuurlik is daar dan sommer met die eerste klas ‘n waglys begin en die medialeiers was baie streng met hul waglyste, want baie wou almal lees en as daardie boek nie betyds kom afhaal was nie, was dit maar tiekets met jou en moes jy jou naam maar weer onderaan die lys kry!

So is die volgende  boeke dan van my  gunstelinge vir kinders ouderdom 11-15/16…dalk ouer ook! Die Sakmense!! – Deur Maretha Maartens!  Wat ‘n fantastiese boek!!! Miriam…ek onthou darem nog haar naam!! was ‘n meisie met ‘n donker gelaatskleur wie se familie onder “sakke” gebly het en groente/vrugte verkoop het om aan die lewe te bly… nou kan ek nie eers meer die hoofkarakter se naam onthou nie..in elk geval, sy was ‘n meisie met slegs een nier!! Sy het ‘n sakkie gehad in die plek van die tweede nier! Daarom die titel met ‘n tweeledige betekenis…”Sak+mense”… dis ‘n hartseer verhaal, maar dit leer jou ontsettend baie van die lewe wat so ‘n persoon het om te lei……. Miriam was nie veronderstel om te werk nie, nog minderjarig en daarom het sy ook gejok oor haar ouderdom, net om die werk te kry om die gesin te onderhou. ‘n Wonderlike boek wat ‘n MOET is…al is jy ‘n volwasse persoon…ek het die boek vir kinders voorgelees…om hul te prikkel…en ek kan onthou hoe ek gelees-huil het…waarlik ‘n boek wat enige persoon kan lees… Dan is daar “Potvol Winter“..wie onthou die  boek en die film? 

Die tweede boek is “Die Boemelaars“… ek het nooit die boek gelees nie, maar kan onthou dat die kinders nogal erg was oor die boek! “Plek van die dolfyne“…was gewild…en selfs “‘n Pakkie mieliepitte” ook!  “Die Inkvoel” is weer vir jonger kinders…so 8 -9 jaar…’n goeie boek! “Geagte mej Snob“… het ook heelwat kinders gelees, ook ‘n boek wat ek nog wou lees…


Voordat ek vergeet…kry bietjie van Marilee McCallighan se boeke om te lees…daar was ‘n boek…”Wedloop teen die wind!” – dit is ‘n boek vir kinders so 12-17 jaar…ek weet die boek was ook voorgeskryf vir ‘n sekere graad in die Hoerskool…so ‘n paar jaar gelede…dink dit was gr9 of gr10…nie meer seker nie…… Arno is die seun-karakter in die storie …kan ek onthou…sy pa was ‘n prokureur en hy was ‘n puik atleet…soos ek die storie kan onthou, het hy toe epileptiese aanvalle begin kry en moes hy na ‘n spesiale skool gaan, wat ‘n groot vernedering vir die pa en ma was…veral die ma! Hulle was gesiene mense in die omgewing en sy kon nie verwerk/aanvaar dat haar talentvolle seun dit moes oorkom en na so ‘n skool moes gaan nie. Dit is ‘n PUIK boek! Marilee is ‘n suster van een onderwyseres saam met wie ek skool gehou het in Centurion en ek het haar eendag skooltoe genooi om met die kinders te kom gesels…sy is ‘n wonderlike mens en die kinders – ek natuurlik ook – het daardie dag baie geniet… hulle het, soos gewoonlik, miljoene vrae gehad en almal wou skrywers word daarna! 🙂

Ek wens so ek het “Die twaalfuur stokkie”  – deur Dalene Matthee – die tweede keer toe ons hierheen gekom het, saamgebring, dan kon ek nou sy voorblad hier gescan het en opgelaai het!  Ek was gelukkig om ‘n nuwer uitgawe te kry, kleurvolle prentjies wat pragtig die teks ondersteun. Die kinders hier in London het nou regtig daardie boek baie geniet…

As jy nou regtig wil lag dat die trane loop…kry vir jou “Koningskind” deur Anita du Plessis…H&R was die uitgewers… en dit gaan oor ‘n Engelse bulhond…ek het my slap gelag saam met die kinders vir die hond en die boek is uit die oogpunt van die hond geskryf… Keiser.. was die hond se naam… dit was my eie boek wat ek altyd vir daardie laate 5 min van die periode gespaar het en ek kon partykeer nie lees, soos ek gelag het! veral die hoofstuk oor “kalkoene en kerk”…. Keiser het geglo hy moet die kalkoene oppas en soos hulle groter geword het, het hy geglo HY het hulle groter “gekyk”… kry die boek en lag ‘n bietjie… die orrel word in die hoofstuk “die gehuil” genoem… die dominee wat so preek en tekere gaan , het hy geglo wil die “gehuil” stil maak… en Keiser wou hom help!! hehehe…dis snaaks!!

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