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image: buy-fineart.com

I used to collect cow-sculptures in South Africa …they were so cute, they didn’t look like this sculpture in this image, but this one is just as cute…cows are characters in many children’s stories/songs..and if you’ve forgotten about “Old MacDonald’s farm”… here’s the Youtube video to refresh your mind..hehe… and do you know the Children’s Classic…”Moomin”!…We used to have a cow on the farm — well, we actually had many, but “Makkie” was a special cow. She LOVED lemons! When we were around, she made her way to the nearest lemon tree – there were three near the kraal – and stood there mooing like mad! –Eilandkind, if you read here…congratulations on your birthday today!!!



“Cow jumped over the moon” –http://www.art.co.uk


“Moo moo” from –http://www.art.co.uk

Image: gimmecorn.com…this looks almost like our “Makkie” hehe..asking for lemons!

When I was little, we called these cows…foxterrier cows!! hehehe…

On this link they show you how to draw a cow…

This is one of my jars with cows…bought in South Africa…and brought with me all the way here! I love them, but couldn’t bring them all….wonder if you can still buy them in shops there!

Image: http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/graphics/photos/
Cattle dipping was great fun on the farm…those tiny little calves…were always so cute when swimming from the one end to the other!

Image: http://home.swipnet.se/mooamp/wallpapers/ …on this site you can get some wallpapers

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