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This is again one of my own games played on Chess World… I blog this game due to a couple of reasons. Firstly…to show you how easy you can get a piece trapped…-I played white in this game-…..my Rook with black’s move after move 16 …trapped!  If… he had moved his Bishop to G7… I was Rook-less! Secondly… to show you how one can recover from a few thoughtless moves….really bad moves on my side…and how I gained control again. I captured his Knight… move 17 …..so by the way…if it’s your first time here…then you don’t know it… but I always capture a Knight if I can and I do prefer to keep mine in safety where possible… hey… horses are great animals and they do work for you…even if it’s on a chess board! lol! you should allow them to work for you…I really started panicking and was desperate with move 20 and with black’s Knight-move…ahw…what can I say! For some reason, black missed E5 with move 21 and from there…he missed my Rook too! and preferred to check instead…Move 23…brilliant move by black as I lost a pawn and my poor Knightie! Another desperate move on my side with move 26 and I sacrificed my Rook in order to capture black’s Rook, because I had other plans in my head…. With move 29-30… I saw the checkmate earlier….and was hoping for the right moment…the game was really getting tense and I couldn’t wait to make that devastating move…and with black’s move (32)Qf6… I knew he missed the checkmate and could I perform that last move to close the game. I used to have my Knights most of the time in my end games or in a checkmate…but in this game…very rare for me…I have one of my Bishops to-the-rescue. If you click on the link, the game will open in a new window.

Nikita1 vs. Perry Mason

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