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Chess game 21


 I’ve thought to blog a few games which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and not necessarily because I think my play was good/fantastic/brilliant… in each game I will highlight what I like about the game. I will soon start to blog some Master’s games too… so keep watching… at the moment I am blogging them on my blogger-site (link on my blogroll), as the i-frame does work in the Blogger-platform.

In this game – a rated game – I played white and both our ratings were very close. My rating is like a yo-yo literally… but I do play many friendlies too against players with higher ratings to keep improving my play.

If you play through the game, you might also wonder why my Rook wasn’t taken with move 27, but the Pawn instead….perhaps he wanted to save his Knight…like I sometimes like to do…or he had something else in mind… With move 49 I offered my Knight…something I do not like to do most of the time! …but I saw an opportunity…. see move 52…I like move 55…my Knight was really save…can you see why I sacrificed my Rook with move 56?… the “girls” rule in this game… like one player said to me…see the end of the game to see why he said that… 😉

Click on the link to play through the game…Nikita1 vs. Papakudos

The next game was really a tough one. My opponent was a 350+ stronger than I am…and I played black. Early in this game my King was in trouble and later in the game we  swapped Queens.  For quite a time from move 32 on…. it was a matter of who’s going to give in first… lol! With move 54 my Knight was saved…. Move 58…. I offered my Rook… can you see why….look at move…. 59…. my opponent resigned the game when he realised there was no way he could win the game…- more games to follow –

Click the link to play through the gameab33 vs. Nikita1 

In the next game, which was a friendly, I played  against a player with a rating with 300+ higher than mine.. I played black….I still have to comment more about this game as we’re still busy with another game nearing its end and I will add it to this post with comments in the next couple of days… I used my Knight to support my Queen in the checkmate position, plus a Pawn I was lucky to have to complete the game checkmate. Click on the link to play through the game:chowds vs. Nikita1

I promise to have some comments on this game too later on this week…this was a rated game – I played black – and my opponent’s rating was about 250 higher than mine… he resigned the game… Click on the link to play through the game:WOZ619 vs. Nikita1

Die woord ‘skaak’ kom van die Persiese woord ‘sjah’, wat koning beteken. Ook die woord ‘mat’ is Persies en beteken ‘dood’.

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