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Chess game 16

Chess is such a stimulating game to play! Every game I’m playing, turns out differently and every player is different! Did you know….chess is the sport with the most books written about? and…I’m quite sure about my following statement…chess is the sport with the most websites! Go and check them out…! You’ll come back and agree with me….
In this game, I played black. I haven’t played this player before and wasn’t sure if I would have the upperhand in this game as it seemed that he was a very strong player. Sometimes I “feel” my way through a game with a “new” player, because I believe players have their own “styles”…and tricks of course! This game is part of a 4-play-all tournament. If you look at the image of the game, you will see why I said I wasn’t sure if I had the upperhand…sadly he lost his Queen later in the game and then resigned. In both games you will see why I LOVE my Knights so much!! I don’t mind losing my Bishop…but those “horseys”! They are just  fun to have!!

Please click Robert1979 vs. Nikita1 HERE  to play through the game. The game will open in a new window.

In this next game, the same opponent and tournament as the above game, I played white and I think I just got lucky in this game, although I got the idea later on in this game that this player was having a good Christmas or…he wasn’t focused on the board. I think you will agree with me when looking at the image and playing through the game too. He’d made some moves that I think could be prevented by examined the board firstly and by looking at the position of my pieces, but, I myself make some really bad moves from time to time and I would like to post a game or two where I really lost very badly against one of my favourite players! So, check back to see that game! I promise you a good laugh! In this game my opponent also resigned when he realised his Bishop was in danger and that there was no way out.


Please click Nikita1 vs. Robert1979 HERE to play through the second game and it will open in a new window!

As I promised earlier in this post…have a laugh when playing through this next game!! Please click NHRon vs. Nikita1HERE to play through the most silliest game I’ve ever played against one of my favourite players! I played black and you will see how he chased my King all over the place! We always play friendlies and always have about 5 games going at any time…and I think we play each other for two years now!! At the moment, we’re having a very tight game and I nearly lost my Queen and miraculously got her saved!! Just play through the game on the second link and you will see what I mean!! though we’re still busy playing!!

Now…click Nikita1 vs. NHRon HERE to play through the game we’re  still busy playing! and see how I try to save my precious Queenie!!

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