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Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa…actually, one of 3 capitals! Bloemfontein and Cape Town are the other 2 capitals. Johannesburg is the city where all international flights are going to and from there to Cape Town and other cities, therefore most people think that Johannesburg is the capital city of South Africa! I’ve even had a lady said to me that at school she was taught that Johannesburg is the capital of South Africa…….wonder why….Pretoria is the capital for ages!

History of Pretoria – (today also called Tshwane–the “Metropolitan” area) – was founded in 1855 and declared the capital of the South African Republic, which was the Boer republic in Transvaal. The president of the republic, Marthinus Pretorius, named it after his father, Andries Pretorius, who had become the national hero of the Voortrekkers after his victory over the Zulu kingdom in the famous battle at Blood River. Read HERE more about Pretoria’s history.
On this link HERE from Wikipedia, you will find more interesting facts.


These pictures were taken last year July/August when we went on holiday to South Africa. These pictures were taken from Pretoria and Akasia mainly. Akasia is a suburb to the North of Pretoria….it’s got its own municipality.  These pics  are not the best pictures, as I had to take them whilst in the car. You can imagine stopping every now and then to take a picture!! Other motorists will freak out! So, I hope you can still enjoy what you see and get the “picture” of what Pretoria is like, but…. these are not from the inner-city! If you want to go shopping in Pretoria, you have to go to Kolonnade Centre as this is really a HUGE shopping centre!! This shopping centre is also in the North of the city…. if you go to the Wonderboom-area. Wonderboom is a bigger area “neighbouring” Akasia.
Please click HERE to visit one of Pretoria’s websites where you will find links to places to stay, things to do…etc.

One exit at Wonderpark Shopping Centre, (Akasia) North of Pretoria.
HERE for the website of Wonderpark.


Pretoria Zoo…in Boom Street. “Boom” means “Tree” in English. Pretoria Zoo is really worth a visit! I’ve been to London Zoo and it’s not a patch against Pretoria’s Zoo!!  Much more to see and enjoy and very spacious for the animals to move about. Pretoria’s Zoo has got more interesting layouts and there is lots of space to have a picnic without feeling intimidating or feeling you are all squashed in!
See their website
HERE and enjoy!

Akasia…North of Pretoria…near Wonderpark Shopping Centre


Pretoria, on your way to the Zoo from the North…Flower Street can be seen where the arrows indicate to turn…






Pretoria, descending to Boom Street…..and the Zoo…or the central of the city if you don’t turn left in Boom Street.


Pretoria… Langenhoven High School turn-off on your left ahead…further on…Boom Street, the Zoo….or central city…


Pretoria, not the business area yet…


Pretoria…traffic in Gezina-area. Gezina is more close to the inner-city…also one of the suburbs.


Mabopane highway-traffic….Mabopane is not very close to Pretoria…. and we all know this highway takes you to Mabopane.

Mabopane highway…. from Wonderpark to Pretoria

Jacaranda trees in Pretoria during winter…this is Boom Street! During Spring these trees are covered in purple blossoms….BEAUTIFUL!!

Gezina, suburb in Pretoria, if you turn left…Pretoria and other destinations if you continue…traffic early morning…10 o’clock-ish.


Akasia, traffic….about 10 o’clock – 10:30 -ish in the morning.

Business-area opposite Wonderpark….Akasia Hospital on your right….too.


Akasia…the buildings on your right are some office-buildings.
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Update: This is my post from 1 October 2007…It’s the 1st of October and in the top images you can see what Pretoria, the capital city usually looks like during October! On this link – which will open in a new window – you can see more images.

Leipoldt, C. Louis, 1880-1947
Leipoldt is a South African poet, one of the BEST poets…he describes in this poem the month October. He says October is the most beautiful month…for South Africa, that’s the truth of course if you look at my previous entry’s photos!



Viooltjies in die voorhuis,
Viooltjies blou en rooi!
Viooltjies orals op die veld,
En orals, ai, so mooi!

Dit is die maand Oktober,
die mooiste, mooiste maand:
Dan is die dag so helder,
so groen is elke aand,
So blou en sonder wolke
die hemel heerlik bo,
So blomtuin-vol van kleure
die asvaal ou Karoo.

Dit is die maand Oktober:
die varkblom is in bloei;
Oor al die seekoegate
is kafferskuil gegroei;
Die koppies, kort gelede
nog as ‘n klip so kaal,
Het nou vir welkomsgroetnis
hul mooiste voorgehaal.

Dit is die maand Oktober:
die akkerboom is groen;
Die bloekoms langs die paaie
is almal nuutgeboen;
En orals in die tuin rond
ruik jy sering en roos,
Jasmyn en katjiepiering,
lemoen en appelkoos.

Al was die dag soos yster,
lank in die vuur gesteek,
Die varings in die klofies
deur hitte geel verbleek,
Tog as die son daaronder
agter die berge gaan,
Dan word oor heel die wêreld
die mooiste geur geslaan.

Dit is die maand Oktober:
die kokewiet is uit;
Boomsingertjies en kriekies
die hoor jy orals fluit;
Fiskaal is op die oorlog:
daaronder by die sluis,
Daar is ‘n dor ou doringboom
sy spens en sy kombuis,

Dit is die maand Oktober:
ek dink, die mense vier
Vir ewig in die hemel
Oktobermaand soos hier!
Wat wens jy meer as blomme,
as helder dag en nag?
Wat kan jy beter, mooier,
of heerliker verwag?

Ek is nog in Oktober:
my tuin is nog so groen,
So wit met al wat mooi is,
met bloeisels van lemoen,
So pragtig in die môre.
so heerlik in die aand!
Ek is nog in Oktober,
die mooiste, mooiste maand!

Wat gee ek om die winter?
Wat praat jy nou van Mei?
Wat skeel dit, as ons later
weer donker dae kry?
Ek is nou in Oktober,
die mooiste, mooiste maand,
Met elke dag so helder,
so pragtig elke aand!

Viooltjies in die voorhuis,
Viooltjies blou en rooi!
Viooltjies orals op die veld,
En orals, ai, so mooi!



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Pretoria is the Capital of South Africa. One of 3 capitals actually! Cape Town and Bloemfontein are the other 2 Capitals of South Africa. Pretoria is the Admin Capital. The President’s Office is settled in the Union Buildings in Pretoria and for 6 months he spends his time in his office while the other 6 months, he’s in Cape Town in the Parliament! The Parliament is settled in Cape Town. Read more HERE on Wikipedia about Pretoria.

On THIS LINK on my blog, you can read more and see more pictures about Pretoria.

IT IS OCTOBER! and I can imagine….Pretoria…what you look like! Purple Jacarandas everywhere! You can’t hide yourself! This is the time when students are busy preparing for end-of-year exams…and…when they fall in love! I can remember how the men would come and visit with a bit of a Jacaranda branch! And..how you would go for a walk, bare feet…just to step on those blossoms and get your feet purple!

En jy dan ook saamstem met Louis Leipoldt se gedig…. hier..: OKTOBER MAAND!

Thunder…in the city!


South Africa’s Reserve Bank in Pretoria, the Capital City


Pretoria: Union Buildings


Pretoria: The Voortrekker Monument – build in 1938 – The Great Trek was in 1838.

Image: fotothing.com

Downtown Pretoria…image: pbase.com




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