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I blogged in December HERE about chess boxing and you can see a video too on this link! Now it’s also in the UK! I’m glad I don’t have to box before I can play a game of chess! Wonder if they play some good chess games in this sport…or is it just for the fun…and because of the rules…that they make only a few moves to keep the organisers happy….hehehe…wonder if they have chess coaches…chess is about tactics…concentration…seems to me the skills these people need too…hehe… yeah yeah chess!! once again!

Opponents compete over the chessboard then hit each other in the boxing ring in a combination sport being introduced to north London.

Chessboxing features alternate rounds of chess and boxing, with the winner decided by either knockout, checkmate or a judge’s decision after 11 rounds.

The first UK chessboxing club has begun at Islington Boxing Club in Archway.

Founder Tim Woolgar said: “Boxing requires tactical thinking, a skill that is vital to playing chess.”

We train at a high level to ensure competitors learn how to fully defend themselves

Chessboxing originates from Berlin, where the world’s first tournament was held last November. Championships have also taken place in Amsterdam and Cologne.

“I’m interested in both chess and boxing, so I went to one of the Berlin championships and thought they combined the two perfectly,” said Mr Woolgar.

“Boxers need real strength of mind, which helps them compete in chess.”

Competitors are given 60 seconds to remove their gloves as they leave the ring to sit or stand at the chessboard.
Read the entire article HERE on the BBC’s site.

Image: National Geographic


To win, players must either checkmate or knock out their opponent within 11 rounds. 
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