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Vaibhav Suri – image: chessdom

Thank you to BiB  for the link sent to me. It’s great if you have someone who likes to share some great news like this! This boy is only 15, this is a big WOW for him. Is it my imagination, or are there more and more younger players who achieve this GrandMaster status in the last ten years? It’s fantastic, more and more children are getting exposed to chess at a very young age, which is great! Well done to India!

May 8, 2012, 2:12 am
India Gets a New Grandmaster

Vaibhav Suri became India’s newest grandmaster last Sunday when he won the Luc Open in Lille, France, Dylan Loeb McClain writes in The New York Times. At 15 years, he is the 27th youngest grandmaster in history.

“Some players who have become a grandmaster at such a young age have gone on to join the elite, but others have floundered,” Mr. McClain writes. “And some relatively late bloomers have risen to the top.”

The world champion, Viswanathan Anand, 42, who inspired a generation of Indian players, was 18 when he became a grandmaster, Mr. McClain writes. (Mr. Anand began his defense of the title on April 28 against Boris Gelfand of Israel.)

Suri has a classical style of play, “but he is also opportunistic,” he writes. A good example of his ability was his win over Artashes Minasian of Armenia in the Aeroflot Open in February.

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