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I love my country – and I love everything about the truth. I hate it when people lie about things. I hate lies. Just be honest, always. It doesn’t matter WHAT, just be honest. These ten lies were posted on a Facebook account and I believe in the truth of it as I’ve read it myself in a book on the Internet Archive site – quite a while ago. The book was about the history of South Africa since the early 1700s till roughly a few years ago. Dr Verwoerd wasn’t mentioned in it, obviously, but these facts of course. This is why I’ve decided to blog it here, they are true facts. If you use certain search engine terms, you will find the book too. Look it up, read it. Be informed. 

10 lies of apartheid loaded on DR VERWOERD by the British (Lord Renwick’s predecessors)
1) 1809 BRITISH Act established the Native Pass Law of British Government. It required that black people had to wear a Pass book. Dr Verwoerd was not even born.
2) 1865 Sir Shepstone Theophilis prohibits any black resident of Natal any voting rights. L Bruwer
Dr Verwoerd was still not born.
3) 1894 Cecil John Rhodes  prohibits Hendriks to play in the National Cricket Team.
Dr Verwoerd was a one year old baby boy.
4) 1905 (Date could be wrong) Cecil John Rhodes  give instructions that many black and White British people should be separate in school. L Bruwer
Dr Verwoerd was just a boy of 12.
5) 1913 British Country Act 2 bans any black man to own any land.
Dr Verwoerd step just out of his teens and is a 20 year student.
6) 1925 British Minister H. W. Samson implements the Act on “Labour Demarcation” to white and black to be separate from each other.
Dr Verwoerd hitting his 32nd year and still have had no political aspirations
7) Morality Act of 1927. In Natal no intimacy between white and black.
Dr Verwoerd was 34 and still not in politics. L Bruwer
1936 Separate representation was instigated by the UK’s one and only minion General Jan Smuts.
Dr Verwoerd was just 43, an Editor of newspaper and still has nothing to do with politics.
9) 1945 “Native Urban Area Act” prohibits many blacks to be not longer than 72 hours in white areas.
Dr Verwoerd now 52 and began his political career. Hopelessly too short a period in politics to have ANY decision making power in the Parliament. He became Prime Minister in 1958.
LIE NO. 10
10) the term “APARTHEID” was first used by Dr DF Malan. Dr Verwoerd used it secondly. Therefore he was not the ‘architect’ of “Apartheid”.

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We know apartheid was instilled by the British – the introducing of pass laws, before it was an actual law written in the law books of South Africa. This case study seems to be very interesting. For so many years many countries were shouting ‘apartheid’ – but did they know what was really going on in the country? Did America or Britain look at themselves to see what was actually going on in their own countries, the same time? What is happening in America at the moment? Why is there still so much ‘hate’ between black and white – after all these years? I rest my case. We all know the rules of the (chess) games people and politicians play. They change the rules to suit them only. They instigate events to suit them as and when necessary to avoid checkmate. Just look around the world and you will (probably) notice what they (still) do. This was just one more, but one more too many.

Please click HERE for the first resource link.

Abstracts from the ‘Introduction’ of the book:

“Afrikaners, my people, have long been accused of being the originators and engineers of apartheid, one of the most disreputable institutions in modern history. Yet the accusers have, on the whole, not taken the trouble to understand the historical genesis of apartheid. That is the purpose of this book.

My aim is not to justify apartheid, but to shed light on the historical events and psychological factors which informed its origination. It is not a history, but rather a case study steeped in history.”


“What compelled the Afrikaners, a people traumatised by British barbarism, to inflict the legalised racism of apartheid on their black countrymen? In other words, what does trauma do to a people?

This question constantly ringing in my head would eventually lead me on the most unexpected of paths, and keep me busy for nearly 15 years, something I couldn’t foresee even in my wildest dreams. It led me to the discovery of the abusive relationship between Englishman and Afrikaner, one of unrelenting humiliation of the Afrikaner by the English, since the British arrival in Southern Africa in 1795, and the tragic consequences this relationship had for South Africa, including, inter alia apartheid.”


“Fifteen years of research for this book has yielded evidence of at least 200 years of prejudice against Afrikaners. My psychotherapy practice in Cape Town and Swellendam continues to uncover many stories of humiliation. It is important that Afrikaners understand their own history. Otherwise how do you live with the guilt? How do you explain the past to your children – without creating new ghosts and falsehoods? How do you mourn and heal without knowing about the past which has shaped who you are today?

Although this analysis focuses on one group, the Afrikaners, the fact is that trans-generational re-enactment of trauma and humiliation is a universal theme, playing itself out all over the world. A lack of understanding of trans-generational trauma and the impact of humiliation on nations is one reason why ‘people never learn from history’. This book is an attempt to learn from ours.”

Another link:

The myth that there has never been democracy in South Africa is linked to a second myth. Most people think they know that apartheid was an invention of the Afrikaners and their belief that South Africa should be ruled exclusively by whites. Conversely, it is usually thought that the English tradition in South Africa was non-racial and democratic. In fact, the British tradition, as purveyed by both English-speaking South Africans and the parliament at Westminster, has played a less than glorious role in establishing democracy.
Read more on the link of the Independent.

One more…
Link here to read. If you do some in depth research, you will find many more…

Britains bastard child

An actual fact many of these were a formalisation and extension of existing British pass laws and land acts that kept blacks from travelling freely, obtaining employment, and owning land.

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I’m not in a good mood… so, don’t expect me to be goodie-goodie today…I’m furious when it comes to people like the Montys of this world…and I know there are many of them…please, don’t be a Monty! Last night…or should I rather say…early this morning…1:35am… I turned the tele on…and was just in time to follow the last 2-3 minutes of this program on BBC 1…and Monty was in South Africa…wow! how “dare” he go there…it’s such a “dangerous” place…!! wonder if he had taken a private guard with him…. he used a word/phrase that immediately upset me… “the horrors of the apartheids-era”. He also said: “…because of those horrors… I didn’t want to go there, but when I arrived here, I was glad I came” … and I thought by myself, poor man!! what a narrowminded soul….Why are people so misinformed about “Apartheid”…ok…I don’t say everything was ok, as in every other country…things were also NOT ok! Take Australia with the Aborogines…even England started with news readers from other ethnic groups only about a year or two ago! What about America with their racism-issues in the 60’s! Look at more countries…SA was only a minor when you look at all those other countries, but it was easy to blow things up to take the attention away from them!! PS: All links in this post will open in a new window.

One of our best leaders…Dr Hendrik Verwoerd had decided it’s good for different black culture groups to have their own countries and to rule themselves…but the world called his vision “apartheid”… ..in a place like London…you get Turkish people in some areas…Somalians living mainly in another…Africans in a certain area….etc etc…Chinese in this..Polish in that part… and they reason it’s better for the different “culture groups” to be together in a particular area…..to find friendship amongst “their own” and to settle in the community…..and you get that in the USA/Canada too… certain areas were/are  allocated for certain groups…to settle in……In South Africa some people were less tolerant than other people…but there wasn’t “horrors” around every corner…and please, not ALL people were racists!! And, if you think it was only some Afrikaans speaking people that were “racists”….you make a big, big mistake…racists are amongst every language group in any country… I know more English speaking racists – even here in the UK …than Afrikaans speaking so-called “racists”. Full Stop!  How unintelligent is it to reason like that!! You get racism all over the world!! Some cases even worse than in SA! wow, if I have to start telling you how much racism I’ve seen/heard here in London…then I have to say that people in London are less tolerant towards other races than people in SA during “those” years or even today! We in South Africa lived in harmony and peace…(there wasn’t even ONE single gun shot in 1994!!) We lived in more peace than even today… believe it or not.. I lived there…all my live…I grew up on a farm… since my fifth birthday… I had black children as my BEST friends on the farm…Sannie is on my blog… she was one of them, she died recently and my mum and sisters went to her funeral on that very same farm! We used to love one another like brother/sister… Monty spoke in general as if SA is this country FULL of horrors…around each and every corner… hey… we are a peaceful nation…surely you – Monty – haven’t met South Africans here in the UK? You haven’t spoken to anyone… wake up Monty… widen your views… you should travel more to South Africa, meet more South Africans to get behind the real story…don’t read books/newspapers…they all blew up the stories about the past..to support certain groups…and hopefully your teachers were more informed too?? I guess not…… and those people who supported certain groups in the past.. you didn’t have a cooking clue what SA was really like… you just toi-toi with the others …like a lot of sheep…narrowminded/closeminded….you, reading here, did you also toi-toi on Trafalgar Square in 1980 when Mugabe was put in charge in Zimbabwe? and now?… No, don’t pull up your shoulders…and Monty…I’ve got a link for you…click HERE to see what horrors are taking place at the MOMENT in South Africa…this is far worse than the “horrors” you are referring to…wonder if you’ve seen any of it during your visit…no, you won’t, because it doesn’t get published! You won’t see it on TV either…all I ask you, Monty…don’t judge South Africa and South Africans…we are people like you…and most other people in the world…it’s only the small minority that was really racists…like in the UK too…and in the US and everywhere else…yes, I work with British people and we have conversations and from that…I can tell you the truth…I know Monty won’t read here…but this is also for all the “other Montys” reading here too…I play chess online against all sorts of people all over the world and I have play a lot of Americans…racists…and they say it to you as if there’s nothing wrong being a racist.
The following comes from the BBC’s site…about the program..
Around the World in 80 Gardens
Mon 7 Apr, 12:40 am – 1:40 am 60mins

South Africa

Monty Don continues his extraordinary journey Around the World in 80 Gardens with a journey to South Africa, one of the most plant-rich zones in the world.

At Cape Town’s world-famous Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens he revels in the impressive display of native flora, including the strange King Proteus, South Africa’s national plant before taking a journey to the Drakensberg Mountains to see some native botanical treasures in their natural environment. Along the way, he traces the garden-story of the Dutch colonists who settled in the nineteenth century and looks at what some of South Africa’s gardeners are doing today.

Monty’s discoveries leave him excited to find that South Africa is forging a new identity for itself through a fresh appreciation of its environmental wonders.

Source: Click HERE to read about his program.

Update: News about Africa… and I’m wondering… wonder if you wonder about the same thing….read this article and see if you can work out about what I’m wondering.


This next song on the Youtube video is sung by Machiel Roets. One night I listened to a radio station and he was interviewed and asked a question..it’s about 2 years ago and I can’t even remember the radio station nor the question! but anyway…I sent the answer by email and was lucky to be one of the winners and received his cd…called “Afrika Kind”.. this song is on the cd and I translated it quickly so you can follow the words and see what a beautiful song it is. It’s just to give you an idea what it’s about. On the video there’s some beautiful images to see of South Africa. — enjoy… and if you want to go to South Africa…DON’T be a Monty…go there!! you will NOT regret it…just follow the rules of every country…don’t walk the streets at night, don’t go to “dark” places at night… be aware what’s going on around you…those kind of rules are the basic for any country…a bit common sense..hey..like in every other country.

As I’ve said before… I’m no translater… but do like to translate good poetry/songs so that English visitors can also enjoy the good/brilliant Afrikaans poetry/songs…

Child of Africa

Come take my hand
through this country of hardship
come let’s laugh
’bout the day of tomorrow
walk with me
through this wetland-region
hear the song
nature poured over you

‘ts here where the wind speaks to you
by the rhythm of the earth
and water that flows
and soothes you
suddenly there’s a voice that says
You’re my child!

Come take my hand
here in sunshine land
let’s carry together
what’s going on around us
walk hand-by-hand
here on Africa soil
come breathe the air
that soothes your soul

It’s here where the wind speaks to you
by the rhythm of the earth
and water that flows
that soothes you
suddenly there’s a voice that says
You’re my child!
Repeat chorus again..
You’re my child!(2x)
My African child.

 Translated by: nikita (c)

Afrikakind 001

Another video about South Africa….enjoy…..
also for the Montys of this world!


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