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A few wonderful days in Falmouth started with a fantastic meal at a Restaurant where we’d been showered with some splendid food and barrels of hospitality.

Dining out is not one of our favourite hobbies, but when going, we do like to enjoy a good meal and leave the restaurant satisfied, knowing it was worth spending good time and money and not good money for a mediocre experience. Finding a restaurant that satisfies your ‘needs‘, can also be quite a daunting job. Amanzi – in Falmouth – is definitely a restaurant I can recommend to anyone with any ‘need‘. Arriving at Falmouth, after 8 hours on the road – due to traffic incidents and curious drivers blocking the flow of the traffic -we were quite hungry! Quenching our thirst with some Elder Flower, one of my favourites, was a first choice when Carolyn – Amanzi’s friendly owner, made a suggestion. Amanzi’s menu has a variety of scrumptious meals, difficult to choose from, but at the end trio of sautéed locally caught fresh fish, with a lemon butter sauce and new potatoes and whole crab, mussels and tiger prawns platter in a white wine and cream sauce with salad and bread won! Sometimes you like to stick to what you know. When our food arrived, we were pleasantly surprised! You could almost feed a small army with what you can see on our plates! Hmmmm this is yummy….wow, this is so delicious…were phrases horribly overused at least in the first ten minutes of munching and scrunching.



The atmostphere in Amanzi is very relaxed and you enjoy having your meal in a restaurant where you know you don’t feel the waiters can’t wait for you to leave, so waiting costumers could be seated. Rhythmic, though relaxed music smuggled you further into your meal and it doesn’t interrupt your conversation.  If Carolyn – picture at the bottom – knows you are a South African, you will surely get a special treat. If you don’t know what this treat -in the little bowl in one of the pictures- is you surely are not calling yourself ‘South African‘.[lol] If you truly areSouth African‘, but still don’t know, just complete the next line….’Braaivleis, pap, Chevrolet, sonneskyn en b….’ If you ever travel to Falmouth, or surrounding areas, do make sure to visit Amanzi to meet Carolyn. You will not be disappointed in enjoying a great meal.Click HERE to visit Amanzi’s website.



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