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This girl is a super sweet cool girl. Camille is an American girl married to a South African and she sings Afrikaans!  Her pronunciation and accent is far better than some Afrikaans born South Africans. She’s very much like a typical South African ‘farm’ girl and therefore, double super! By that I mean, she seems to be a down to earth and modest person without any fuss and hang-ups. She needs to sing more Afrikaans!


These are South African folk songs – beautiful songs describing South African nature and the ‘young’ (upcoming) South Africa (now the forlorn, dying South Africa where horrific things happen on a daily basis.

Ivan Rebroff – a Russian singer

Edit: Ivan Rebroff is not a Russian singer – Eugene, one of my blog readers,  just pointed it out to me in a message. Seems like I have to do some research about this singer that’s actually a German: Hans-Rolf Rippert and he took on a Russian acting name. 


chess stereotype
Chess research

This is an interesting read. Please click the above PDF link or visit this link:
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From this document and research: Female players outperformed expectations when facing male players, across the whole range of rating differences. 



After a few weeks into the new year and already a week break! Just in time. Enjoy the song Patches by Jody Wayne – a real golden oldie. In the video you can read where he is originally from!

A Picture of Patches

Another ‘patch’ – Gert Potgieter, a South African Tenor sings Bianca.


Still a beautiful voice – and song.

A Giant’s Game

Chess Players_Graphisoft_Park_Aquincum

Giants playing Chess – Graphisoft Park – Budapest

Image: Wikimedia


I saw this quote on twitter by ‘unknown’ and thought by myself, yes, I do know quite a few politicians’ names I can add here – not really in leading positions now, but those who think they can lead. 

Another giant step in Chess! Well done to Dorsa, you are brave! Women must be able to make their own decisions in this world. Other people and their beliefs should not stop women from doing what they want to do.

“It shouldn’t have become such a big deal,” she said in an interview Wednesday, her head uncovered and long braids hanging down her back. “What I think is right to do, I do it. I try to keep my conscience clear and my mind at peace. I don’t know why some people have enough free time to worry about what I wear.”


Dorsa Derakhshani, 19, at St. Louis University, poses for a portrait on campus on Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017. Photo by Christian Gooden.


apartheid America

Apartheid America 1

Apartheid America 2

Ruby Bridges, the first black student to integrate an elementary school in the South – of America – is 63 today.



Just wonder about this quote by Prince Bernhard, 1954? I haven’t seen this before. Interesting!

Apartheid America 3

Apartheid America 4

Sometimes things in the world happen and you just want to shake your head and sigh, tap your fingers and roll your eyes. If I mention ‘apartheid’ and you picture in your mind all the familiar images out there on the web that we all know so well and you look at these in this entry… well, I ‘m thinking, why do they look so very much like the ones you see about South Africa? 

Then, why is there so much hate between certain races in so many other countries, other than South Africa? And there I thought everybody loves one another to bits – all these years! – Really? Was I then in a coma all these years, thinking the world is such a wonderful place and everybody loves everybody else? Why then the hullabaloo about South Africa? We loved one another in South Africa. No? Yes, we did and we still do. Everybody knows we’re the rainbow nation and there’s love everywhere.

I’ve blogged before about my experience during the ‘apartheid’ years. If you want to know and you haven’t read about it on my blog, please feel free to ask and I can direct you to an entry. What really angers me is the fact that the outside world has no cooking clue what it really was like. #Irestmycase

USA colour

David Isom, 19 years old, broke the colour line in a segregated pool in Florida on June 8, 1958, which resulted in officials closing the facility. Well, well, well, this is the time – and early 60s – when the world were all shouting: APARTHEID! APARTHEID! RACISM in South Africa!! What??? What about the USA? What about the UK? The SAME there too!!! But no ‘shouting’ out?

apartheid america 5