If you ever want to visit the British Museum and you can visit the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford instead, you should give it a serious thought! I’ve been to both and from my experience at the British Museum, I can just say that it’s way too busy to my taste. I definitely prefer the Ashmolean Museum where it’s much quieter and you can enjoy the exhibitions and the information in your own time and space. We found that there’s a lot more on display at this museum about Ancient Egypt. As we visited quite a few other places in Oxford, sadly, we couldn’t go through the complete museum and had to leave after visiting the two sections: Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. At the British Museum, I feel ‘pushed‘ by the crowd and it’s really not a pleasure. Maybe I’m too much of a ‘reader of information‘ than some other people who just go to ‘look’. Also, I try to avoid crowded places and this is my experience at the British Museum. When you’re finished with your visit to the Ashmolean in Oxford, you surely need to find the Formosan tea bar, which is an independent business established in Oxford by a local Taiwanese entrepreneur. Enjoy your visit!

Bohemian Rhapsody

What an amazing and incredible effort by this talented choir of Rustenburg High School in South Africa.

Man on the moon

Whilst we’re celebrating the moon landing of 50 years ago… let’s listen to Ballyhoo with ‘Man on the moon.’ 

man on the moon

man on the moon…

man on the moon 1


From twitter

man on the moon 2

Without these women, man would not have walked on the moon

man on the moon3

The code that put the first man on the moon, next to the woman that wrote it.

Sailor Malan interview

Edit: October 2019 – Unfortunately, the original video was made private on youtube, so I had to find another video about Salor Malan.
WW2 will always be my favourite history topic. This is amazing what Sailor Malan had achieved. Many South Africans fought alongside the British during this time. Not just in England, but everywhere! Sailor (not his real name) was a true hero as a WW2 pilot during the Battle of Britain.

First performance

Beautiful song and dance. Most of these choir members are orphans from a rural area in South Africa. These children are from the poorest part of South Africa – the Limpopo. For the past 10 years, they have been together and as they said in the first video (of Americans got talent), there was nothing to smile or laugh about. The choir, the singing, the dancing brought it all back. I cross my fingers and hope that they will come out top! They deserve it. Well done to Ralf Schmitt, the conductor of the choir. 

chess grandchesstour Ivorycoast 2019

Grand Chess Tour – first leg: Ivory Coast – Congratulations to Magnus as the winner.

Chess grandchesstourCotedIvoire 2019

The trophy – and you can see why the elephant-head has been used.

Ivory coast coat of arms

Coat of arms of Ivory Coast.

chess grandchesstour20192

chess grandchesstour20191

chess grandchesstour 2019_1

The participants at the Grand Chess Tour at Abidjan,  Ivory Coast.  all photos: credit to: @ Grand Chess Tour’s twitter account.

chess grandchesstour2019


I love my country – and I love everything about the truth. I hate it when people lie about things. I hate lies. Just be honest, always. It doesn’t matter WHAT, just be honest. These ten lies were posted on a Facebook account and I believe in the truth of it as I’ve read it myself in a book on the Internet Archive site – quite a while ago. The book was about the history of South Africa since the early 1700s till roughly a few years ago. Dr Verwoerd wasn’t mentioned in it, obviously, but these facts of course. This is why I’ve decided to blog it here, they are true facts. If you use certain search engine terms, you will find the book too. Look it up, read it. Be informed. 

10 lies of apartheid loaded on DR VERWOERD by the British (Lord Renwick’s predecessors)
1) 1809 BRITISH Act established the Native Pass Law of British Government. It required that black people had to wear a Pass book. Dr Verwoerd was not even born.
2) 1865 Sir Shepstone Theophilis prohibits any black resident of Natal any voting rights. L Bruwer
Dr Verwoerd was still not born.
3) 1894 Cecil John Rhodes  prohibits Hendriks to play in the National Cricket Team.
Dr Verwoerd was a one year old baby boy.
4) 1905 (Date could be wrong) Cecil John Rhodes  give instructions that many black and White British people should be separate in school. L Bruwer
Dr Verwoerd was just a boy of 12.
5) 1913 British Country Act 2 bans any black man to own any land.
Dr Verwoerd step just out of his teens and is a 20 year student.
6) 1925 British Minister H. W. Samson implements the Act on “Labour Demarcation” to white and black to be separate from each other.
Dr Verwoerd hitting his 32nd year and still have had no political aspirations
7) Morality Act of 1927. In Natal no intimacy between white and black.
Dr Verwoerd was 34 and still not in politics. L Bruwer
1936 Separate representation was instigated by the UK’s one and only minion General Jan Smuts.
Dr Verwoerd was just 43, an Editor of newspaper and still has nothing to do with politics.
9) 1945 “Native Urban Area Act” prohibits many blacks to be not longer than 72 hours in white areas.
Dr Verwoerd now 52 and began his political career. Hopelessly too short a period in politics to have ANY decision making power in the Parliament. He became Prime Minister in 1958.
LIE NO. 10
10) the term “APARTHEID” was first used by Dr DF Malan. Dr Verwoerd used it secondly. Therefore he was not the ‘architect’ of “Apartheid”.