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I was given this blog award by Wipneus Reisiger and also by Eilandkind which I really appreciate as blogger friends. I’ve thought to spoil you all with two pictures from the Lake District. This fell/mountain on the top pic is called..and I hope I’m right…”Mellbreak”. I do apologise…when I followed my notes I’ve made, I realised that fell is called Carling Knott and it’s the very same Carling Knott that we climbed the day before our return…the only complete day without rain! during our stay. It’s about 320 m – comparing to Mount Aux Sources in South Africa (in the Drakensberg mountains) which I climbed when I was 15 and which is about 4300m!  It’s very close to Mockerkin where we stayed and from where I took the picture,  it’s about 1/4 mile to Loweswater, the quietest Lake of all the lakes in the Lake District. You can see part of Loweswater on the picture! 

 I need to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers and I don’t think I will find 7 bloggers in total, as so many of them have received it already, but let me try and see how many I can dig up! First, I want to pass it on to Meghna! Meghna is a wise 13 year old blogger and she’s just brilliant! She writes stories and poems…all her own and she is so creative in her writing, that you would think she’s a professional writer! I think she’s on the brink of a fantastic career as a writer, she just needs that one publisher..Did you know that Beatrix Potter had about 4 publishers that sent her books/works back to her, telling her they were not interested! but she was determined and that’s what Meghna is like…she just keeps on writing…I think she’s got some sort of machine…spitting out all those wonderful stories. Do yourself a favour and read her blog.
Secondly…I’ve only recently started reading
Little Indian’s blog and I really enjoy reading his blog, please take a look at the wonderful writing and pics! Then, if you enjoy a good mix of humour, some chess, life and a bit of the current “politics” of America…jump into Ray’s blog…I do enjoy all his posts and he always has something interesting on his blog. Then I want to pass it on to The7new7ramanujan who’s blog I do enjoy too! He’s a student and sometimes shares the funny side of student life with us. I’ve also been reading Norrbu’s blog for quite a while and I love his blog too! Sometimes the entries are  just “short and sweet”, but it says a lot…if you know what I mean! And lastly Tony! He’s also one of my chess friends on the chess site and he lives near Bristol and makes me laugh a lot when we play chess, with his posts he sometimes puts a smile on my face too! He’s not afraid to call a spade a spade on his blog! and  I like that about him. Well done to you all…I’ve decided to choose mainly English bloggers, as my Afrikaans-blogger friends have received this award and thought to introduce my English blogger-friends too. If you feel to pass this award on to other bloggers, feel free to do so. Wow! I managed to dig up at least 6 blogs! think I need to dig a bit deeper! —I’ve found my 7th blogger-friend!… Jasper! His blog is an Afrikaans blog, so all you people looking for somebody that loves poetry, music – composing his own songs! – and also some wonderful IT-stuff and ideas, then Jasper is your very next stop! enjoy! Thanks Jasper for all your IT-links and you always show us wonderful software to be downloaded for free!

It’s already one day after I’ve done this entry and I really want to add Roosmaryn’s blog! I should have mentioned her blog first! Her blog is not on my blogroll – as it is so special! –  Roosmaryn’s blog is an educational blog and it’s all about South Africa’s history. If you love history like I do…and love is not really the word…I would like to say it in Afrikaans…as jy oor Geskiedenis VREK soos ek! ..well, now you know…please make an effort to visit her blog! She’s just amazing!!! Roosmaryn if you read here…I want to THANK you for all the effort and hard work you put into that blog of yours. I don’t know of any other blog with bits of our history like yours! I think your blog is brilliant!! Keep up the good work you’re doing!!
To my other Afrikaans blogger-friends, you all know how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your blogs too and I will keep reading all the wonderful posts I always find when visiting your blogs!
I’ve got a song here…”Green Green Grass of Home” by Tom Jones and I specially load this song to go with these images from the Lake District as I’ve thought that the English might sing…”green green grass of home” when travelling all along the Lakes! lol!
The pic of this tree was taken just about 5 min walk from the parking area on your way to Loweswater.

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