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I was a student, when some of my friends decided it was time to do something …..challenging ….again. We all went parachuting! Only once! It was SO exciting! Early that Saturday, at 7am, we all reported at Wonderboom Airport for “training”. Yes, I don’t think it was proper training, but the instructor was really harsh, I think he didn’t like the idea of girl-students wanting to do it….because he wasn’t very friendly towards us. Called us cockroaches! and we didn’t like it! Anyway…after about 2 hours (or 3…can’t remember exactly)….we were “ready” for our first jump! We all lined up with students from Pretoria Tech, they were a big group, about 30-40. So, very nervous! we sat kind of in silence and made some silly jokes to calm the nerves! All the jumps went quite well, everybody survived it! It was REALLY good! When you’re up there…it is SO quiet! Just you….the sky….everything “down under”….it was so amazing to use your toggles and to view the area from “up there”… you can’t describe the feeling to anyone else. I would like to do it again one day…but, I will have to get more guts to do it this time…it’s a bit scary if you know what really can go wrong!

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