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Rhino-Stop-Illegal-Wildlife-Trade Click on the poster for a  large view Mr Cameron/Mr Obama YOU are part of the poaching and the killing of rhinos! You are also fueling this horrible slaughtering that’s going on! You feel nothing for these animals. You turn a blind eye and look the other way! WHY? Because of GREED – money! Mr Cameron, why do you make it EASIER for the Chinese to come to Britain if you KNOW this is what they DO? I will answer your question for you, it’s simple. GREED. MONEY. Is that what matters to you? Yes, it is, simple. Common sense. You will never make a move to protect these animals. What can I do? – you are asking. Why don’t you ask the Chinese to stop the killing and poaching, before you relax the rules for them to come to Britain? Simple answer, you will not do it, simple reason: GREED. The same with Mr Obama. Our leaders DO NOT care. The rhino has only us as humans as its enemy. What do we do? Answer the question to yourself. Simple, easy. Poach them! All for GREED. You also don’t have the guts to tell the Chinese, in their faces! – that the rhino horn is like your finger nails, made of keratin, and has NO medicine-value for anything.  Are you too scared to tell them, what kind of ‘leader’ are you? Within 5 days the statistics: 825 – 850 rhinos poached in South Africa – ONLY – this is nearly 100 more than 2012. We have 1 month left. It is going to be 940 for 2013 – my prediction – or even more. rhinoshame rhinostats2013

All five kinds of rhino species alive today face some kind of threat, whether from poaching, loss of habitat through deforestation or human settlements encroaching on their land. Demand for rhino horn is driven by lucrative criminal trafficking and the belief in some Asian countries that it can cure cancer and other ailments, though experts say the horn has no special powers and is made of the same material as fingernails. “Despite the crisis, there is hope for rhinos,” Ms Ellis said. “We believe that the situation can be turned around. The sticking point is whether rhino countries like South Africa and consumer countries like Vietnam and China will enforce their laws and whether countries like Indonesia will take the bold actions needed to save Sumatran and Javan rhinos.” As few as 100 Sumatran rhinos are left, and there are around 44 Javan rhinos. Both are critically endangered and considered on the brink of extinction. The State of the Rhino report also warned of “recent increases in poaching activity in northeastern India,” home to the greater one-horned rhino of which about 3,300 remain in the world. Detailing steps forward in the worldwide effort to save the ancient creatures, it touted some successes in Botswana, Zimbabwe, India and Indonesia, and urged officials to ramp up their efforts to protect rhinos and their habitat. Source: http://www.news.com.au/world/rhino-killings-nearly-outnumber-births-international-rhino-foundation-says/story-fndir2ev-1226766652314

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You believe that a rhino horn is not made of the same substance as your finger nails and that it is able to cure any diseases like cancer. So start chewing your finger nail if you are a Chinese – you don’t need a rhino horn!

You do to rhinos what the Chinese and their poachers do.

You are the head of the Chinese Government and refuse to get rid of your ancient beliefs and you refuse to admit those beliefs are rubbish.

You are from Vietnam and use the horn as medicine. How insane.

You are one of the following and do this! 

In the Middle Eastern country of Yemen, the horn continues to be coveted by Muslim men, although imports were banned in 1982. The material, whose luster increases with age, is used for the handles of curved daggers called “jambiya,” which are presented to Yemeni boys at age 12. Jambiya are considered a sign of manhood and devotion to the Muslim religion, and are used for personal defense. Yemeni men place great value on the dagger handles, which are commonly studded with jewels. In China, the ornamental use of rhino horn dates back to at least the 7th century AD. Over the centuries, rhino horns have been carved into ceremonial cups, as well as buttons, belt buckles, hair pins, and paperweights.

You feel absolutely nothing for an animal, and allow them to suffer in any way. 


You are the President of South Africa and you feel nothing and don’t want to do anything, as you have a hand in the pie with the Chinese! You’re laughing your way to the bank. Your wives are more important to you, you have recently married another one!

You, as the President, allow these poachers and you are not moving a finger to do more than what you can do. We all know you can do more! Much more…. e.g. Ban those Chinese companies, popping up – suddenly – like mushrooms all over the country! Send them all home! Tell them in their faces what you think of them… Uhm, sorry forgot what this entry is all about…so you can’t do it…. Shame on you!



The art of Dolfi Stoki – this is what the R10 note should be looking like.


God will not forgive anyone for what you do to these animals, whatever the reason behind your motive. The rhinos do not deserve to suffer like they do!
If you want to see HOW these rhinos really suffer, visit this link on youtube, warning!! It is a grossly upsetting to look at, but that is REALITY!!!

Latest statistics: 11/10/2013 – 746 rhinos poached, 16 more after 5/10/2013: 730 – Rate of poaching: 2-5 per day.


SONY DSCOne of many posters for my class assembly that was yesterday. We had a mini-campaign about the rhinos. If you have my class blog link, you can read more and see a video clip as well. We are taking part in the travelling rhinos project.

A newspaper article about the Viatnamese to read.


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