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I’ve seen Romeo and Juliet ages ago, I can only recall certain parts of it, think I need to go and see it again. The Dance of the Knights is quite fresh in my mind…I’ve found the music for you to download too if you want to! Take a listen and enjoy the youtube movie. You can also read about the “Knight’s tour” in chess…almost like the “Dance of the Knights”;) The music was composed by Prokofiev and was also the theme music of the tv program  “The Apprentice”. If you click on links, it will open in a new window.

Download the music here.

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History..links open in a new window.
The pattern of a Knight’s Tour on a half-board has been presented in verse form (as a literary constraint) in the highly stylized Sanskrit  poem Kavyalankara written by the 9th century Kashmiri poet Rudrata, which discusses the art of poetry, especially with relation to theater (Natyashastra). As was often the practice in ornate Sanskrit poetry, the syllabic patterns of this poem elucidate a completely different motif, in this case an open knight’s tour on a half-chessboard.

The first algorithm for completing the Knight’s Tour was Warnsdorff’s algorithm, first described in 1823 by H. C. Warnsdorff. Read more on this link.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knight’s_tour


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On the  chess sites where I’m playing… Chess.com and sometimes Chesscube.com,  I’ve found myself sometimes in good positions and sometimes in less favourable positions… when it comes to chess, the game and the outcome lies completely with you and nobody else. You can only blame yourself for any faults/mistakes/blunders. That’s why this is such a good game to play! You can’t blame team mates! You take that blame upon yourself…and learn from that. This first image is from  one of my “better” games, black was in such a good position too! Can you see why? On the next two images you can see why I, once again, like to have Knights on my board instead of Bishops…perhaps I’m just a bit better with Knights, I do prefer them more….knight.gif




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