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A beautiful song. Enjoy!

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Christmas Wishes to all in the world! Happy New Year too! May 2017 be filled with PEACE in the world to all!


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…and you …. and you… May you all be blessed with the blessings of God.

An Afrikaans song about Christmas – Somer Kersfees [Summer Christmas]

This is a video I created a few years ago, enjoy and Merry Christmas

Listen to John Lennon: ‘So this is Christmas’

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I couldn’t resist in going to take pictures in our town of all the beautiful Christmas lights this year. Some shops, like our local art shop, has really put themselves out to have a wonderful Christmas display in their display windows. I love this! It’s like a picture for a puzzle! You feel like standing by the window for hours and enjoy what is on display. It’s amazing, the detail – and so much effort has gone into this display to make it enjoyable to the visitor. I hope you enjoy it too.

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Image:Click HERE to view the beautiful image on Redbubble.

This is the very first Afrikaans Christmas song – composed in the Southern Hemisphere! ‘SomersKersfees’ – [Summer Christmas] as sung by the Vienna Boys’ Choir

2012- To all blog readers: GESEëNDE KERSFEES!! – Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year! 

2012 update: I have a couple of people who searched the past few days for the ‘Afrikaans for Merry Christmas’ and found my blog via their search engine terms. So, I’ve thought to add more Afrikaans to this entry.

Kersgroete aan almal! Gelukkige Kersfees! Geseënde Kersfees en Voorspoedige Nuwe Jaar! Seasons Greetings to all! Merry Christmas

Enjoy this video of my 2008 entry and the song by John Lennon.

Thank you to Dan, my old chess friend from the USA, for this beautiful e-card he’s sent me via greetingcards [2011]


Thank you to Dan, once again, for his 2012 e-card sent via Greetings123 

Thank you to my blog-friend: Norrbu for this beautiful card he’s sent me with a very special message! We’ve been blog-friends for about 4 years now. -2011

I had the priviledge to see Bob Fitts live in South Africa. I loved this song of him.

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This photo was taken yesterday about 4pm

The first Afrikaans Christmas song written in South Africa – about a Summer Christmas – and I’ve found a youtube video about it. It’s beautiful, the boys singing in this choir reminded me of the Drakensberg Boys Choir of years ago – beautiful singing. The translation of the song was found on the site of: openlanguages.net



Welkom o stille nag van vrede,
Onder die suiderkruis,
Wyl stemme uit die verlede
Oor sterrevelde ruis.


Hoor jy hoe sag die klokke beier
in eeue-oue taal.
Kyk, selfs die nagtelike swye
vertel die ou verhaal.


Voel jy ook nou Sy warm liefde
As ons die dag gedenk,
Toe Hy sy Seun aan ons gegee het –
Ons grootste Kersgeskenk.


Kersfees kom, Kersfees kom –
Gee aan God die eer.
Skenk ons ‘n helder Somerkersfees
In hierdie land, o Heer.



Enter in quiet peace filled night
beneath the Southern Cross
Lend now your ear this starlit night,
to whispers from the past.


Do you hear how softly the bells
are chiming, in ancient dialect
Even the evening’s starry silence,
on prescious history reflects.


Can you also feel the warmth of His love,
as we celebrate the day
God loved us so much He sent his son,
no other gift as great.


Christmas nears, Christmas nears
Bow before the King
Grant by Your grace in this great land
A bright summer’s Christmas Lord.

This next video is for everyone reading here and I do hope your Christmas will be a wonderful Christmas.
I want you also to think about South Africans and pray for my country and its people, you can see photos of how black kids are being trained how to kill/execute whites- and best of all, the WORLD is turning a BLIND eye. If it was whites killing blacks, it would be DIFFERENT story, but who cares, it’s blacks killing whites, even a three year old girl! I won’t go into the detail how she was killed as you won’t believe it. Read the link to know what is REALLY going on in South Africa. The British screwed up big time – with Zimbabwe and they screwed up ONCE again – not just the British, but America too – this time. And …oh please, don’t come to me with your Apartheid excuses, as Apartheid was nothing like this and has nothing to do with this – 1994 is …er…how many years ago? Using Apartheid as an excuse also shows how uninformed you actually are about South Africa and its past – as that’s the only thing most people know about – well, actually those who know something about South Africa – apart from lions and rhinos roaming the streets/cities of our country – like some people think. So, I would suggest to read the link if that was going to be your excuse too.  These people are demon possessed and they do not know about God and the love of God and Jesus. They need your prayers too and they need people to spread the love of God, so they can stop with their killings. If you are interested in more reading, follow the link on my sidebar – with the photo of Anthony LoBaido – to read more.

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It is today, 25th August, 4 months before Christmas. These pictures about soft toys were taken in London with my old Olympus and it was taken in a haste, so I do apologise for the poor quality. I had permission from the shop owner to take photos in this cute little shop, but you don’t want to bother other people by taking too long. I wonder if you can see the red giraffes and cows. The cows are on the left. I think the blue spotted animals are also giraffes. Do you think children get confused when looking at a blue giraffe and then suddenly, when spotting the giraffe in its natural environment wonder why it’s not red or blue? Then there’s lots of explaining to do…why not getting the child the animal in its natural colours straight from the start in order for them to learn straight away what the animals really look like. It’s like using baby-language and all sorts of jargon when talking to your todler and later on, you have to teach them the proper words again…double work, if you ask me and your todler get confused all the way. That’s my opinion. The same way your child’s general knowledge expands faster than other children’s. Think of a deprived child, sitting between 4 walls all day and never see those animals in their natural environment. I can use other examples too.

On the next image you can see some of my soft toys in the right corner. I love soft toys, but mostly bears.

samaritan's purse

November is the month for people to fill and deliver their shoe boxes for Operation Christmas box”. Maybe, if you have too many soft toys, you can think of filling your shoe box and add some of them in those boxes.

Ek het op die link van die Samaritan’s Purse gaan loer, hulle werk ook in SA, maar nie op hierdie manier van die skoenbokse nie. Is daar nie iemand in SA wat vir ons kindertjies daar so iets wil begin nie? Kerke kan die voortou neem en jy kan selfs by skole aanklop en hulle kan ‘n versamelpunt vir die kerke wees om dit af te haal soos by baie Laerskole hier in Engeland. Daar is spesifikasies vir seuns-bokse en meisie-bokse en hulle is baie streng daarop om geen speelgoed in te pak wat gevaarlik is of lyk soos wapens nie. Dis nogal pret om so iets te doen en dit voel dat jy darem vir kinders wat minder gegoed is iets beteken. Ek kan net dink aan die kindertjies in Danville en ander soortgelyke plekke in SA wat te bly sal wees om so ‘n skoenboks te ontvang!

Please click HERE for the site of the Samaritan’s Purse and for specifications on how to pack a shoe box.

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