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One day at a time


English readers: scroll down a bit please. Ek is ‘n groot aanhanger van Country musiek and het die countrymusicartistfoundation co za gekry met die foto’s van ‘n paar legendes in Suid-Afrika se musiekwêreld van die (nie so ver) verlede. Nadat ek op twitter sommige mense se ‘tweets’ gesien het, het ek onthou van die mooi stem van Marie Gibson met ‘One day at a time’ en onthou hoe hierdie lied jou laat dink om die lewe ‘een dag per slag’ te neem. 

Sommige van my ‘volgelinge’ (Onderwysers – in alle kategorieë van die Onderwys) het ge-‘tweet’ oor hoe ‘alleen’ hulle voel en dan was daar selfs van hulle wat beskryf hoe hartseer hulle voel en in trane is – omdat hulle alleen is en voel. Dis ongelooflik waar dat baie mense, in hierdie tyd waarin ons leef, alleen is en alleen voel. Mense is alleen om verskillende (baie) redes.

Jy moet net nie dat die alleenheid of die gevoel van alleenheid die oorhand kry en jou tot drastiese stappe laat lei nie. Besig bly en jou aandag aftrek is belangrik. Gelukkig is daar baie mense wat op hierdie ‘tweets’ van mense reageer en hulle aanmoedig of wat positiewe boodskappe terugstuur en selfs offer om die dag/aand met hulle te spandeer. Meeste mense, wie se ‘tweets’ ek gelees het, spandeer die aand in hul huise met die heel naaste familie, slaap vroeg en staan vroeg op en raak besig. Waarom moet daar nou spesifiek ‘n verskriklike groot partytjie, met ‘n paar hondered mense wees? Is dit regtig nodig? Skep mense ‘n idee wat ander laat voel hulle moet dit ook doen anders is hulle ‘uit’ of laat hulle voel hulle is ‘alleen’?  Wat dink jy? O ja, Gelukkige Nuwe Jaar vir jou -wat hier lees – en ek hoop dat dinge vir jou ook positief sal uitwerk hierdie jaar en dat God jou sal seën!

I’m a big fan of country music and after reading some of my teacher-follower tweets, I remembered this song sung by a South African country singer – Marie Gibson. This song is about taking one day at a time.

Some tweets were about people feeling alone or lonely on a day like today. Luckily, many other of my followers encouraged them to be active, to do things and in this way, to get distracted by their thoughts of being alone.

My question is: do we need to have or attend parties of 50/100 people this time of the year? What is really important in your life? Many people tweeted about them just being with their closest relatives/family members, sleep early, get up and do the ‘normal’ things all people always do. This sounds great to me. Yes, we are all happy to start a new year. Yes, we are happy for everyone else for things that went well the previous year and for new resolutions and to get better at certain other things. But, do we have to attend this massive party  to ‘show’ it? Are we letting other people feeling ‘left out’ with what we share in public? It’s the same with photos being altered by all sorts of apps and you let other people feel that they are not as beautiful as you are – whilst your photo was actually being photo-shopped? I really think we need to think about what we try to achieve with what we share and think about other people’s well-being too. What do you think? Btw – Happy New Year to you and I hope you will be blessed by God and that you will have a positive year this year!

Joanna Field

Marie Gibson

Jody Wayne

Caroline Du Preez

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Man on the moon

Whilst we’re celebrating the moon landing of 50 years ago… let’s listen to Ballyhoo with ‘Man on the moon.’ 

man on the moon

man on the moon…

man on the moon 1


From twitter

man on the moon 2

Without these women, man would not have walked on the moon

man on the moon3

The code that put the first man on the moon, next to the woman that wrote it.

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Sailor Malan interview

Edit: October 2019 – Unfortunately, the original video was made private on youtube, so I had to find another video about Salor Malan.
WW2 will always be my favourite history topic. This is amazing what Sailor Malan had achieved. Many South Africans fought alongside the British during this time. Not just in England, but everywhere! Sailor (not his real name) was a true hero as a WW2 pilot during the Battle of Britain.

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First performance

Beautiful song and dance. Most of these choir members are orphans from a rural area in South Africa. These children are from the poorest part of South Africa – the Limpopo. For the past 10 years, they have been together and as they said in the first video (of Americans got talent), there was nothing to smile or laugh about. The choir, the singing, the dancing brought it all back. I cross my fingers and hope that they will come out top! They deserve it. Well done to Ralf Schmitt, the conductor of the choir. 

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Grand Chess Tour 2019

chess grandchesstour Ivorycoast 2019

Grand Chess Tour – first leg: Ivory Coast – Congratulations to Magnus as the winner.

Chess grandchesstourCotedIvoire 2019

The trophy – and you can see why the elephant-head has been used.

Ivory coast coat of arms

Coat of arms of Ivory Coast.

chess grandchesstour20192

chess grandchesstour20191

chess grandchesstour 2019_1

The participants at the Grand Chess Tour at Abidjan,  Ivory Coast.  all photos: credit to: @ Grand Chess Tour’s twitter account.

chess grandchesstour2019


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Amira sings

Amira now lives in South Africa and what a great place for her to be! This girl is just amazing! Just the right music for a good chess game.

Now over to chess – for a change! The 2019 Grand Chess Tour is this year in Africa – for a change! Magnus is playing too. I hope to follow this tournament this year.

chess grand tour 2019 Ivory coast ratings

chess grand tour 2019

The Côte D’Ivoire Rapid&Blitz, the 1st stage of the 2019 , is held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast from May 8-12. Ten 2700+ GMs headed by Magnus Carlsen will compete for a total of $150,000 prize fund over 9 rapid and 18 blitz rounds.

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Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen (Cover) by Wouter Kellerman (flute) ft. Charl du Plessis Piano Trio

Beautiful music! Now for the chess game!


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