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chess kasparov vs anand

The two legends – finally playing each other. #GrandChessTour2017

Images: Twitter

chess kasparov anand

Anand vs Kasparov

chess kasparov

Kasparov vs Nakamura

chess kasparov vs anand draw

Anand vs Kasparov  1/2-1/2

chess kasparov 1

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George Santayana

George Santayana said, “Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it.”  We can forgive other nations for the past and for the wrong doings, but you should never forget. Memories should be kept alive in order not to repeat what happened and to always remind us not to repeat it. Warsaw uprise is a good example where Poland commemorated what happened 70 years ago last week. What are your thoughts? 

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R.I.P. – Cowboy

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What a beautiful voice from Refentse and he is singing in the most beautiful language – Afrikaans, the second easiest language in the world to learn – after Dutch. This song is called: Sonvanger – suncatcher. 

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