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Third time lucky



Since our topic is WW2 in school, I was looking for something for the children to do, which is more fun than the usual writing or ‘normal’ art. The idea of transferring WW2 images and newspaper clippings came to my mind and I immediately performed a search with the phrase: ‘how to transfer images to fabric‘ and voila! The first link was from the blog:  ‘A beautiful mess‘, which was easy to follow and fun to do. As always, I was too curious and couldn’t wait for the results, though I thought my first try wasn’t too bad. [first image]. Immediately after the first try, I started the second, still very excited and inspired. You can see my second try, looking a bit more ‘faded’ than the first one. I quite like it, as it gives you the impression of a very old piece dated from the war, but my two clear words at the bottom don’t serve it any good. Also, I covered with mod podge, which gives the glossy look, also not really what I originally planned or will do again. So, third try next – the Queen with princess Margaret, broadcasting a message during WW2 to the children, plus some other children – stamp images mixed with news headline bits. This time I applied more of the liquidtex and waited patiently till the following morning. Well, I was impressed. You can see it on the display image, but it’s there temporally, as I’m waiting for the school’s order to go through, so my children can do their own. On the display you can also see their collages, which they put together with paint.net. Some used a single picture and applied the ‘effects’-tool to enhance their pictures. The transferring was really fun and I can’t wait for the children to do theirs, so I can have fun again!  Click HERE for full instructions step-by-step explained by the blog of  ‘A beautiful mess’.



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