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Kramnik overtakes Carlsen in the
 lead after dramatic 12th round FIDE Candidates. Follow the link to read the complete report on round 12.

Round 13
Round 13
candidatesround14Round 14
candidatesround14-1Round 14
candidatesround14-2Round 14 – Final moves

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striking song by Laurika. How many places and people can we add for a second song?

London Paris Rome Berlin
Barcelona Washington
Moscow Beijing Tokyo
Jerusalem Jericho
Waco Waco Bethlehem
Srebrenica Sebokeng
Sarajevo O Saigon
Hiroshima Rubicon
I can see a fiery, fiery glow
Even as the sun is sinking low
I can see a horseman on the run
Oh my daughter, oh my son

Dunkirk Dover Normandy
Frankfurt New York Lockerbie
Amajuba Bellevue
Chappaquiddick Waterloo

Bucharest St Petersburg
Heilbron Hobhouse Gettysburg
Belfast Budapest Baghdad
Berchtesgaden Stalingrad


Carthage Dresden Babylon
Sharpeville My Lai Boipatong
Delville Wood El Alamein
St Helena Mitchell’s Plain

Balaklava Austerlitz
Belsen Buchenwald Auschwitz
Nagasaki o Versailles
Armageddon Thermopylae


There’s another song that will be sung
There’s another bell that must be rung
There’s another city I’ve been told
Where the streets are paved with gold

There’s another city I’ve been told
Where the streets are paved with gold


Have you read The Hot Gates? The author of ‘Lord of the Flies‘ – which I had as a prescribed book at the age of 14 and found the story very upsetting at the time.

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Chess in the river?


Anyone for making their chess move in a freezing cold river? See the artist on this link of Deviantart – and a larger image.

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Saturday night choice

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