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These are only random photos, taken in 2008 – we were in the vicinity of Mockerkin, Hadrian’s Wall, Cockermouth, – this is also William Wordsworth and Beatrix Pottercountry. Those who are regular readers, you def saw my B Potter entry – of a few years ago. We also visited Whitehaven – a coastal town with an interesting history – linking to America – see whitehaven.org.uk for some really interesting reading. I took these photos with my old olympus, so quality not great at all.

Ek maak verskoning vir die Olympus foto’s, was glad nie ‘n goeie kopie toe ek die kamera gekoop het nie, ek dink hy lê nou al ‘n paar jaar iewers op ‘n ashoop. Meeste van hierdie foto’s het ek nog nie voorheen geblog nie, ek wil nie regtig veel sê nie, want daar is nie baie om te sê as jy net na ‘n ou deur, murasie, posbus of iets dergeliks kyk nie. Ek hoop dit maak sin. Hadrian se murasie-foto’s sal ek eendag plaas, die weer was eintlik so sleg daardie paar dae, dat ek meer museum-foto’s van die besoek aan sy muur het, as regtig die muur self.

We stayed near Loweswater – one of the lakes in the Lake District.


Wonder who is behind this door? Story writing idea!

Hadrian’s Wall – Princess Anne 1999 – Hadrian’s Wall is where Carlisle is – see the map in this entry.

I like to photograph post boxes as well, don’t ask me why, I don’t know, it’s one of those things that attracts me. I have many photos of post boxes. I like gravestones, old doors, stone walls, – anything old with ‘character’. 

Gravestones can be quite interesting, look at the beautiful detail on this one. [click on the images for a large view]

On this gravestone there are a few family members’ names.


Note on doors: NO PARKING – some people never read such messages.

Another – narrow road – and wobbly too – if you ask me. Most of the time on roads like this one, people are allowed to park – ANY direction! – as long as there is only a single yellow line. Well, don’t ask how many times I had to manoeuvre myself around parked cars – on both sides of the road. In the UK there is not a rule that says you need to park – with your car –  facing the direction you’re driving. You can park the opposite way too. It’s just crazy.

Who lives here? Moomins? or… maybe the fairies!


All sorts of ‘tools’ found in this ‘building’ – someone is definitely using them – at some point.

Have you noticed what’s in the window?


Whitehaven – click on the image to read!

Whitehaven – looks like a painting 

A fine seat… for tired legs – beautiful animal carvings

Mockerkin/Cockermouth – somewhere – wonder who is behind this door and what he’s doing there?

Here is the Beatrix Potter-entry  if you have missed it.

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