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I think we all know by now about Kate’s new family coat of arms. It was when I came across the article on the Daily Mail’s site, that I thought to have a look again at our families’ coat of arms. The second one is from my dad’s family [and his ancestors arrived in South Africa in the 160o’s from
  and the third one is from my mum’s side.  I must add that I’m not sure about my mum’s as my grandad left Holland at a young age. I know, till quite recently, there wasn’t a family coat of arms available and only found this one via a search. So I guess it’s still ‘new’ and I will have to find out more about it. According to South Africa’s Roman-Dutch law, everyone
enjoys the right to bear a personal coat of arms.
This is in contrast to English and Scottish laws, which restrict arms to ’eminent’ or ‘virtuous and well-deserving’ ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’, and require arms to be officially granted or recognised. 
You can read the meaning of Kate’s coat of arms on the site of the Daily Mail. The link will open in a new window. I’m not sure if I quite ‘like’ Kate’s. Maybe the idea of the oak tree as I grew up with huge oak trees in front of our house. [hehe] Also, I would like to see a mantle around the shield  from my mum’s family, as it looks ‘incomplete’ without the mantle. I have a short description of the coat of arms from the two families, but would like to add the descriptions if I have all the available information.

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