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I’m not feeling well, all week. I feel rotten today and have a flu/cold since Tuesday. Many colleagues absent too this week and I’m just in a mood to sit and soak up some opera music – to suit my mood! First you can listen to The Coachman of Lonjumeau sung by South African Tenor, Gert Potgieter. Next video – Gé Korsten sings Di Quella Pira from Il Trovatore – The Troubadour. I hope it’s not too depressing for you…lol. If you’re an opera lover and you want to listen to heavenly music, do a search on Mimi Coertse on youtube and you’ll find plenty videos of her to listen to. She’s got the perfect voice! She’s a soprano. Make sure you listen to: Caro Nome from Rigoletto sung by her. Don’t forget to listen to Werner Nel too.

En ja! Wie sal nie die berge mis nie!

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