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My blog is now 2 years old – taking in account the start at blogger before the move to WordPress – and I want to celebrate it with some blues music of Katie Melua… Far away…Also some chess! I’ve come across this beautiful Alice in Wonderland Chess set and was wondering if someone could buy it as a pressie for me – a blog pressie…hahaI apologise, I had to remove the movie I had uploaded here due to problems it caused for some people in their web browsers. I have the music file of Katie to listen to.
Read on this link on my blog about Alice and my visit to the Old Sheep shop in Oxford. You can also read about the chess game in Alice on this link. The link will open in a new window.

Alice Liddell Alice’s name in real life was Alice too… in case you didn’t know it!…uhm…

Lewis Carrol…alias …Charles Dodgon

Alice Pleasance LIDDELL (1852-1934), inspired L. CARROLL for Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. She was the daughter of the Dean LIDDELL, manager of the Christ Church College from 1855, which he supervised in a tough way. L.CARROLL met her in 1856. In 1862, Lewis and a friend of his offer a boat walk to 3 LIDDELL sisters, during which he established the guidelines of the stories that Alice will ask him to write. But in 1863, L. CARROLL and the LIDDELLS parted.
Read more on the link I’ve given about Alice.

Chess Alice in W

See this link for more info about this chess set.

Read on the given link in the top of this post more about this game.
John Tenniel alice-queen-hearts

Sir John Tenniel: Alice Queen of hearts

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