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Image: End Poverty 2015

Fact sheet…click for a larger view.

Fact sheet about poverty…click for a larger readable view!

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I know why the Goverments of these countries do what they do, but my first thought was, IF they can take our hardworking tax payers’ money to cover the greed of  rich people, why could they NOT do the same with the POOR peoples of this world!!! What if they add only ONE hundred thousand pounds…not millions..not zillions…not trillions…no…read my words again…to help the people in poorer countries too…education!! health/aids!! and don’t shout at me and say that they are doing it already…and I will shout back and say they aren’t! they are not doing enough! They don’t care! they pretend that they are caring…some of those people working for the organisations might care, but the goverments themselves?…no! If there’s not oil involved or anything else for them…why would they care more? To “solve” the economic crisis in the America/UK…..UK taxpayers’ money + American’s = 37 billion pounds…+ 250 billion dollar = roughly… 162 billion pounds! and that =£288 per person in the whole wide world…every single person…adult/child! Then, no European Government (apart from the UK) has been included in this calculation…as I know there are more countries involved! And this crisis is all because of the greed of rich people!


Bank bail-out to take big stakes in RBS and HBOS
By Jodie Ginsberg and Steve Slater

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain waded in with 37 billion pounds of taxpayers’ cash to bail out three major banks on Monday, in a move that could leave it as the main shareholder in at least two of them.

In return for the government’s money, the banks will be forced to curtail the bonuses that many believe encouraged a risk-taking culture that precipitated the global financial crisis. They will also have to scrap dividends….read more  HERE….the link will open in a new window.

and in another rich country….the following

America…Bush, Paulson to unveil new rescue package details
By Michael Mathes

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US President George W. Bush and his Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson were Tuesday to unveil details of a comprehensive financial rescue package that includes investing hundreds of billions of government dollars into several troubled banks.

In its boldest move yet to fend off a mounting financial crisis, the US Treasury is expected to announce a plan to invest 250 billion dollars in potentially thousands of American banks, including the nation’s largest….read more here on this source: HERE link will open in a new window.

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